How to switch graphics card on a laptop

Many models of modern portable computers have two graphic video adapter: integrated and discrete. The system itself decides which one to use for a specific task. There are several options how to configure the video card on the laptop to a weaker chip erroneously was not included in the games.

How do I switch between graphics cards on a laptop

Those who do not know what the video card in the laptop, you have to remember that at the moment use two types of this element of the system. The first built-in CPU adapter can not boast high performance, but consumes little energy. PC model with this combined option are usually cheaper. There are models of such processors in the two manufacturers: Intel and AMD.

The second type of video card – discrete or separate. These cards are good for games, video processing, but more expensive, have higher consumption and stronger heat. Necessarily, the system should be only one graphic chip. Many laptops have both types of adapters at the same time. By default, the operating system itself makes the choice which one to run in this particular task. Sometimes she’s wrong and the desired setting by the user.

If the video card one generation from one company, you can set the parameters under which they will operate simultaneously, increasing the performance of your computer. However, the developers recommend to choose one main option. This can be done using:

  • task Manager;
  • in the BIOS;
  • special programs.

Gaming laptop

How to switch graphics card in BIOS

This option always works on stationary machines, but not always present in laptops. Some models do not support it, so you just need to check. Below are instructions on how to enable the graphics card on my laptop and set it as default:

  1. Start or restart your PC.
  2. During the first screen press DEL or F2 (for different versions).
  3. When you get into the BIOS, will be controlled with the arrow keys on the keyboard.
  4. To change the priority of cards, find the item called «Advanced» or «Config».
  5. Here, you’ll need a partition that contains the word «Graphics». The names of the models from Asus, Lenovo or HP can vary, but it is always present.
  6. You either need to disable the second chip, putting a value of Disabled, or move the primary adapter to the top step.
  7. Save the changes and exit the BIOS.

How to change graphics card on a laptop through the device Manager

The second option, how to switch graphics card on a laptop is to use the Windows «device Manager». This menu contains all the system components that are installed on the laptop. Here you cannot change the configuration, but you can disable some of the devices. To access the control panel, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click on the icon «My computer».
  2. Select «Manage».
  3. In the left menu, find «device Manager».
  4. Expand «display Adapters». There are those chipsets that are installed in the system.
  5. Click integrated adapter, right click, select «Disable».

Such manipulation will turn off the extra chip and only one primary. This is a temporary measure, because after the computer restarts, the device will be restored. To switch permanently the priority of the run, you should use specialized software that comes with the adapters AMD Radeon, Nvidia GeForce. This method to change the priority much safer and easier.

A screenshot of the task Manager

Switching graphics cards notebook special programs

Two main control cards are issued only with a discrete type of adapter. For products from AMD’s Catalyst Control Center and Nvidia – NVIDIA Control Center. These programmes offer the opportunity to more finely control devices, set priority, enable or disable collaboration, set the automatic change of the chip depending on the running game or program.

How to choose the primary graphics card on laptop NVIDIA

With the adapter included is a disk with special software for the item. It contains the driver, some specialized programs to adjust the frequency of the chip, fan speed, and the program for the General control of graphical parameters of the system. In Nvidia performs this function section of the Control Center. Inside this app you can set custom parameters. Instructions on how to switch graphics card on a laptop:

  1. Click in the system tray on the icon of the company NVIDIA (lower right corner of the screen) and click on «Open control panel».
  2. Click on left menu «Manage 3D settings».
  3. On the right, select the tab «Program settings».
  4. The system will find all possible applications that you can get the best graphics adapter.
  5. Find a game or program that starts, not with the chip, with the drop-down list.
  6. Below that is the section through which it is given the necessary video card.
  7. If through the list to find the desired file failed, it can be entered manually through the «Add»button.


How to switch to the discrete graphics card in the laptop Catalyst

Best to change the adapter and across from the company’s Radeon. It also goes along with the map, if you lost the disk then the latest version should be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. Remember that you can configure a mode in which both cards will run at the same time. Instructions on how to switch the AMD graphics card on laptop:

  1. Run the tool as Catalyst.
  2. The desired menu item under «Power» called «Switchable graphics».
  3. Click on the «High performance GPU». If you have a PC connected to your network, we will always run the discrete card. If you want to switch to integrated, then choose the words «Low consumption of the GPU.»

Video: how to switch between video cards on a laptop

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