How to run safe mode Windows 7

In the event of major computer failure, you may need to login via safe mode. With the right launch, this feature will enable you to download PC basic drivers, mouse, monitor, keyboard, video adapter, drives. Standard services that help to operate the system software. Using this method, it is possible to eliminate most of the failures related to computer work. Learn how to implement correctly this procedure.

What is safe mode Windows

Safe mode is essentially a diagnostic tool, it helps to identify problems with the device drivers. If in normal the PC starts having problems, you should try to include it with a basic set of services. If the device is working fine with these parameters, the essence of the failures must be sought in the recently introduced additional elements. This Windows allows you to remove the software that prevents the proper functioning of the laptop or desktop.

The user selects the secure boot mode of Windows

If the computer is turned on immediately happens in safe mode, then there is a problem that prevents the operating system from starting. Usually, it affects the programs you installed lately. To solve the problem, you can use the function «system restore» that you will find in the tab «start» «control Panel».

How to load windows 7 in safe mode: instructions

Two methods is running in safe mode, they differ from one another fundamentally. In the first embodiment, the procedure happens while booting, and installed Windows seven does not start, so you can easily make the appropriate changes in the operation of the devices. In the second case, the inclusion of a core set of services on the OS environment that imposes certain restrictions and does not allow to carry out the repair procedure. However, both these methods are capable of solving some problems arising at work. Read more about them on.

Login in safe mode windows 7 as the operating system starts

If you encounter problems with your PC, you need to know how to enter safe mode in windows 7. If the device is turned on, click on the tab «start» button the «reset». A special mode you need to switch computer off. Before the icon will appear, indicating the starting of Windows, you should a few clicks by pressing F8. Try not to miss the moment, otherwise, the OS starts and will have to restart the device. On the screen you should see a window with the following connection settings:

Key to enter safe mode Windows 7

  • Safe mode. With it, you will be able to start using a set of standard driver programs. Includes only those services that are required to run and operate the computer.
  • With the networking. You will need to choose this method if you want to use the Internet or connect via LAN.
  • With command line support. Familiar desktop interface will not run. Selecting this option assumes the appearance instead of the command line.

In addition to the tabs described above, you will see other possibilities. For example, enabling logging of the boot creates a special file that records all the driver, which is in the Startup. This helps to identify the broken program. Running VGA will help you set the ideal resolution of the monitor. Select last known good configuration will restore the windows with the settings that were functional during the download. Other options (directory services restore mode, the delay) is designed for professionals in the field of IT.

Use the arrow keys to select a tab, which is optimal to solve the task. Once the choice is made, press the Enter button on the keyboard. Then you can log into windose and to understand the causes of the problem. Using this method, you will have to restore the system, making the rollback to the moment when the device worked fine to remove virus programs, dead drivers and many more.

Possible problems with activation:

Fn button to activate the necessary keys

  • Start the window, which means the inclusion of Windows. This can happen if you are too slow or inadequate the number of times you press F8. Repeat the procedure by rebooting the computer.
  • Disabled buttons F1 through F12. If this happens, you need to know what key was includes them. Press and hold the Fn button, and then press F8, and the device will boot.

How to get into safe mode from an operating system environment

In some cases, can be made the system entry using a minimum number of services from the operating system environment. This method can assist in solving many problems, although are less popular. If the operation fails windows too serious is the inclusion of OS may not yield proper results. How to get to the desired mode (safe), using the operating system:

  • Find the key Win (it can be shown windose appears when you turn on). Hold it with the button R.
  • Command prompt appears. Enter the following letters without quotes. Press «OK».
  • So you will be able to call the settings window. Among the tabs open a section called «download».
  • Choose the correct operating system. As a rule, on most computers there is one OS – in your case windows 7, which is loaded by default.

Settings start safe mode in Windows

  • Below you will see a section called «boot Parameters». Select «Safe mode», check the values of «Minimum».
  • Click «Apply» then «OK».
  • Next will be a small window where you will see two tabs «Restart» and «Exit without restart». If you want to reboot computer now, select the first option. In the second case, the next time you turn your PC the device will launch with a basic set of programs.

What to do if does not start safe mode on a laptop

On some models the problem arises that prevents to turn on the device with minimal set of services. Then, with several pressing F8 a window where you can select this feature does not appear, and the operating system begins to boot. This may be due to the default combination of keys that provides for simultaneous clamping of the button Fn + F8. If this does not work, the problem may be associated with damage to the keyboard.

Key to start safe mode on a laptop

Under normal load the operating system, you can include the minimum set required for operation of the services using the command line:

  1. To do this, press «Win + R», type the letters «msconfig» without the quotes. Click «OK».
  2. Then you can go to the tab where you choose «Boot», mark the desired OS.
  3. In the section below the «boot Options» select «Safe mode» and select «Minimal». At the end click «Apply», «OK».
  4. Select «Restart» or «Exit without restart» if running with a minimal set of programs will be needed later.

Video: how to enable safe mode windows 7

If you have never logged into safe mode using the operating system, the first time I can not understand how to do it according to instructions. Learn step-by-step video below an experienced PC user that will help you to solve this issue and eliminate the problem. Leading roller for a few minutes tells how to turn a basic software set without effort. The method is simple, deal with it, even those people who never faced such a problem. View step-by-step video instructions:

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