How to renew license Kaspersky

Every computer needs protection from threats that could be «caught» while on the Internet. Popular among users of the CIS is a product from Kaspersky lab with the same name. The program effectively monitors viruses and malicious files. To use it fully, you will need a license for Kaspersky.

What is the magazine keys for antivirus Kaspersky


Keys of Kaspersky are a kind of subscription that is valid for a year, after which it again need to buy. If you divide the cost per month, a relatively modest sum. However, some people (especially young people) try to find different ways on how to prolong the licence of Kaspersky and not to pay for the product. Such a method exists, it is legal, but has some nuances.

Every month in the large magazine publications dedicated to games, activation virus, the duration of which was 30 days. This is done to promote as software and gaming magazines. Such a proposal looks very attractive, if you are a fan and still going to buy the latest issue of CHIP, ComputerBild, MIBK, etc. This is a legal option to extend the license of Kaspersky on 1 computer, you can use it for any version of the program (Internet security, Small office security, Total, Crystal, etc.).

How to get activation code for Kaspersky

For the proper functioning of Kaspersky antivirus, you must enter a special code that will allow access to the server to update the database, all functions of the program and the opportunity to get advice from technical support. To buy, you can choose any of the ways below:

  • via a button in the program itself;
  • using the list online stores on the website of the antivirus.
  • using card (purchased in a physical store).

The easiest option, how to renew license Kaspersky – you can buy it from official dealers. You can find a list of representatives in a special section on the website of the company. If you have already downloaded and installed the program, then right inside it look for the «Buy» button, when clicked, the system will transfer you to the page purchasing a license.

In the network are large or small Internet sites, which offer to extend the license by using the keys and sometimes you can find a relatively low price of the goods. These licenses are no different from those who sells itself laboratory of Kaspersky, but sometimes the scammers are trying to sell the wrong codes or those whose validity period has ended. Buy only to trusted sites, which have reviews on the Internet.


How to extend trial version of Kaspersky

When you first install any version of Kaspersky will give you a month trial of the program. All functions will be available, so you can ensure that the product is worth the money. If you want you can avoid the cost code and try to resume a trial period with this program, Trial Reset. During download be sure to disable your antivirus, otherwise it will self-defense, and it just removes the installer resetter. Previous utility resets the trial period and helps to get a new one. Need to do the following:

  1. Go to the antivirus section in «Settings» and in the tab «Settings» check the «Disable self protection». The program will to resist, but you agree with all the warnings.
  2. Turn off the program, better to do it via «task Manager» and end the process of antivirus.
  3. Run Trial Reset, wait until he will spend the necessary action.
  4. Re-enable antivirus and activate trial period.
  5. A month later again, repeat the steps above.

How many times to use this method, to solve to you personally. This method is illegal, so it is better to avoid such «piracy», once to spend some money and get a real license key. This can be useful if you use two computers (home and work), because modern licenses are available immediately for the two devices.

Renewal of the license card 2 PC

For people who do not have the ability to pay for goods online or for some reason can’t do that, there are maps of license renewal. They are often sold in computer stores or supermarkets engineering. To renew your license Kaspersky on 2 computers:

  1. Run the program in the bottom right corner, locate the line «Enter activation code».
  2. In the appeared window enter the code from the card.
  3. Click «Add» and wait for the message about the successful activation of the product.
  4. Clicking the «Finish» button, repeat the procedure on the second PC. Use the same code (it is the same for both devices).


If you bought the card renewal in advance, when the old license is still active, can carry out the registration code backup. To add, do the following:

  1. In the lower right corner click on «License».
  2. Go to the block «Backup code» and click on the «Enter activation code». It can also be called «license validity Period expires soon», unless the licence period comes to an end.
  3. Enter the code into the appropriate box, click the word «Add».
  4. Click «Finish» and repeat the procedure on the second PC.

Videotutorial: free activation Kaspersky

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