How to reinstall Windows 7 from a flash drive

Sooner or later every user of gadgets on the Windows operating system faces different kinds of problems that can be solved by reinstalling the OS. Often the need arises when you defeat the viruses, cluttering the device software, even after uninstalling leave their mark. Problem with reinstalling Windows 7 from a USB drive is solved with the help of a professional craftsman, but in order to save, you can do this yourself without assistance using the instructions below.

Prepare your computer for installation

To properly prepare the netbook, or notebook computer to reinstall Windows 7, you must perform some preparatory steps:

  • To save the data, all information from the hard disk into which you will install the system, you need to transfer to other digital media (flash drive, DVD).
  • Often it is necessary to save links to sites, bookmarks, online information. The process of storing such data is different in different browsers:
    • Internet Explorer (Explorer). To avoid losing data, save to another disk the favorites folder, located at: Local disk – Users – username.
    • Opera. In the AppData folder find the file bookmarks.adr and save it.
    • Google Chrome. Find and save the User Data folder, which is located at AppData – Local – Google – Chrome.
  • Next, select the operating system that you will install on your computer or laptop. You can do this: buy a license disk or download the paid analogue from the official website free to find «pirated version on the Internet and download onto a flash drive.
  • Before you reinstall the it is important to check whether the data of the computer or laptop requirements operating system. For Windows 7 they are: RAM – 1 GB, physical – at least 16 GB; processor frequency is 1 GHz.

Prepare USB stick with Windows 7

To start the reinstallation of Windows 7, it is important to prepare a bootable USB flash drive, then the process of upgrading the operating system is no problem. It must have a memory capacity of 4 GB, ideally 16 GB. Digital media need to be formatted to start to delete all data and prepare the asset record. Here are step by step instructions for the preparation of the stick is to record Windows 7:

  1. On your home computer or laptop, install a special program (utility) to work with operating system images. For such purposes suitable Ultra Iso or Daemon Tools, the installation behavior and which are practically identical.
  2. Download network Windows 7 or buy a license disk at the point of sale? That is, in large Russian cities (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov).
  3. Pre-formatted insert USB flash drive into a USB 2 (USB 3 for such purposes is not suitable, the program may simply not recognize the presence of connected devices using this port, so be careful).
  4. The download program open the OS image.
  5. Click «Samovyvoza» and from the menu select: «Burn image hard disk».
  6. In the window, from the options where to load the image, select format the USB flash drive.
  7. Next, confirm the test and select write method USB-HDD+.
  8. Click the «Burn»button.
  9. Confirm your choice to remove all files from media (a warning occurs, even if it was done formatting). This will start recording automatically.
  10. The appearance of the inscription «flash completed» indicates the end of the download. Once that happens, go to the next step – reinstall system.
  11. To reinstall the OS, restart the device and enter the BIOS.

BIOS setup

Reinstall windows 7 from a flash drive via the bios possibly after conducting some simple settings, thanks to which the device is loaded with digital media. Such changes are made in BIOS, to get to that you have when starting the computer or laptop. To enter the Bios you can use a key or key combination. To get a hint about the combination will help the bottom line of the screen: «Press Del/ F12 Esc/F8 to enter setup». Button combination to enter in BIOS by different manufacturers look at the photo:

Once you have logged into the BIOS, select the USB flash drive as a source from which to boot the system. Do it in the tab «download Mode», then restart the device. If all the settings have been made correctly, the next time the laptop or computer to boot from the USB drive. After reinstalling the system, be sure to return to your previous settings, otherwise download each time will be with digital media, not from the hard drive.

Shortcuts BIOS manufacturers

Installing the Windows 7 operating system

If the image is Windows 7 (32 or 64 bite) recorded on the stick right and all Bios settings correctly, the next time that the download will start with digital media. Consider the instructions as a step by step reinstall OS:

  1. When you download the laptop or desktop computer with USB sticks on a black screen appears the phrase «Press any key to boot from CD or DV». After that, press any key on the keyboard. If a label is missing, go back to the bios, or capture the image on the medium.
  2. The next step is the selection of the interface language.
  3. To start download, click «Install».
  4. In the drop-down list, select the version of windows that has the keys. It can be: the maximum (Ultimate) home basic or premium, professional, initial. If you want to expand the capabilities of the system, install a newer full version.
  5. Accept the license terms and click on continue installation.
  6. Select installation type – upgrade or full. Better to give preference to the second embodiment. This will provide full system upgrade that will contribute to the normal functioning of the computer or laptop. To upgrade can use Windows Installer.
  7. Specify the location where you want to install the operating system. Typically, this is drive «C».
  8. The next step is formatting the disk under system (so all the valuable information you need to save to other media).
  9. After formatting it will start the installation of Windows 7 that will take some time (from 15 to 35 minutes).
  10. After installation, a new window will appear line to enter a username and password. Fill them out and enter the activation key listed on the sticker on the laptop.
  11. Install usual settings: time and date, security mode.
  12. After installing classic settings restart the device. Then check the sound, network connection and other settings. If necessary, install the required drivers and programs for work, directs.
  13. Return the settings of the BIOS to continue to boot from the hard drive. Restart the device. The reinstallation will be complete.

Install drivers

Often after reinstalling system user, a number of problems. For example, there is no sound, the computer or the laptop does not see the connected device, or not load the video. Such problems occur if you used an unofficial, incomplete version of the OS. To fix this trouble is simple – you only need to install the driver designed for a specific device. You can download them from the official website of the manufacturer (e.g. for a laptop «ASUS» they are placed on

To search for and install drivers follow a series of simple steps:

  1. In the search bar, type your query, including the device’s model name and the phrase «download drivers».
  2. Open the official website of the manufacturer, look for a specific laptop model and the driver to it.
  3. Download the necessary programs to the laptop or computer and after you download all to the device. This procedure does not require any special effort to cope with the task even a novice programmer.
  4. After installing all components, restart the laptop if the system has not done it yourself.
  5. Sometimes the drivers just need to update through «device Manager» or make their activation.

Video tutorial: how to reinstall Windows 7 from a flash drive

Download Windows 7 installation USB drive does not require special skills and experience. Requires only a digital media loaded by the operating system, proper preparation of the device to manipulation (storing the data on the other drives before formatting), a little patience and free time. For the installation to work as fast as possible, without losing information, view video below from YouTube. This will help you to find secrets reinstall Windows 7.

How to reinstall Windows 7 on a computer

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