How to register in the personal Cabinet Rostelecom

Rostelecom took care of their customers, providing the opportunity to monitor and manage the Spa yourself online. You must register in the personal Cabinet. So the customer gets round the clock access to distribution, Finance, IP-TV and telephony, the use of payment systems other activities. However, not everyone is able successfully to register – there are many strange moments that don’t give the caller to complete the procedure. This question is worthy of attention, so please read it in detail later.

What is a personal account Rostelecom

This service was developed by Rostelecom in order to ensure that all users were able to use 100% of rendered communication services, ranging from home phone to Internet or interactive television. Each can independently carry out any changes, control costs, etc moreover, there is no need of personal visit to the offices of the company, to find out certain information. Review the list of actions that may be performed by registering in myalpari Rostelecom:

  • Make payment for any service.
  • View their account balance, run the query on the full statement of all your transactions.
  • Transfer money from one connected function to another.
  • Connect any menu services tariff option.
  • Read your credit history and statistics of used services.
  • To order any network service and pay for it online.
  • Manage your account at any time of the day.
  • Send SMS and MMS.
  • To find the desired information with the help of convenient website navigation.
  • If you are not sure of the objectivity of any information that you have invited, always ready to help technical support site works online around the clock.
  • Both legal and natural persons have the same conditions of use (in terms of endowed opportunities) personal account Rostelecom.

The login page of the personal Cabinet of Rostelecom

Step-by-step registration in the personal Cabinet Rostelecom

As you can see, created a personal account Rostelecom gives a lot of benefits for each subscriber. All you need to do is just register on the official website of the company. To the process of creating an account was quick and without problems, examine the below step-by-step instructions with detailed points on (if you are a legal entity, registration rules are a little different).

  • Go to the official website. Use the official website of the company Rostelecom On the main menu, click top right tab «my account» or:
  • Trying to drive in the address bar A shorter way is to kill the specified links to a personal account, you get to the place where you must enter your details to register and open an individual account. Alternative – enter the link
  • Click on the link «Register». The next action on the same page – click on the button «Register» under «Log in»button.
  • Fill in the fields «Username» and «Password». In the field «Login» you must enter your name or email address, for example. Next to the line «Password» enter the secret word that you will protect their privacy. Tip: the password must be at least 6 characters, no one will be able to decode it, use letters with numbers, use a language other than English, use capital letters. Under «Repeat password» you will have to duplicate you enter the code word above. Click «Next».
  • To enter your personal data. At this stage, specify in the Russian language surname, name, patronymic name, day of birth and the region in which they live. Click «Next».
  • Fill out the contact information. Opens a page where you must fill your e-mail address, mobile. Your phone number entered, in accordance with such rules: «79ххххххххх» or «735190ххххх».
  • Select the type of confirmation of your actions. Being on the same page, you need to confirm or to cancel the agreement after reading it. If you agree, put a tick in the box next to that says «I accept the terms of user agreement».
  • Click «Register». You have filled all the data that are required from you – click on the «Register» button below. After several seconds of waiting to congratulate you on the successful registration of personal account on the website, the company Rostelecom .

Registration in the personal Cabinet Rostelecom

How to register using the mobile app

If you prefer to register in the personal Cabinet Rostelecom, without reaching your personal computer, you can use your smartphone. For such cases, the company provides a special mobile application «RTkabinet», which is available for any operating system. You just download the program to your phone, register and safely use personal account directly from the mobile. Please read how to download this app at one time or another smartphone with a different operating system:

  • For Android you will find mobile app Rostelecom in Google Play.
  • If you are using iOS, you will find RTkabinet easily in the AppStore.

By completing the registration form once by any method (via mobile app or computer), you will be able to login to your account from the phone, and a personal computer. The opportunity to use all the options you get are exactly the same. Next, read the instructions, which describes in detail how to register using a mobile device.

  1. Download and install RTkabinet on your smartphone.
  2. Run the program, where you will see the start page.
  3. Here is a link called «Register» click.
  4. Follow the standard registration procedure in the personal Cabinet Rostelecom according to the previously described step-by-step pattern.
  5. Don’t forget to confirm the registration by clicking on the button «Register».

Video: one personal account for subscribers of Rostelecom

Russia is a big country divided by a huge geographical district. Company Rostelecom has allowed all residents of the United States who are subscribers of the network, to a single personal account, creating one form for all. If you are a representative of Ryazan and the Siberian region, the registration form and use a personal account for you have the same conditions as for residents of the Moscow district. View the video that is attached below, with more detailed information on this topic.

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