How to recover and read deleted messages

Using third-party programs to access your account in the VC, as well as acts of negligence on one of the pages of the website can lead to unwanted deletion of history of correspondence with friends or relatives. The question arises: how to recover and read deleted messages if this happened?

How to recover deleted messages on Facebook

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To learn whether you can recover deleted messages Vkontakte, preferably in support of a social network. There are, however, methods of self-recovering deleted data. It is important to hurry – if in the first few hours of the server VC can still save the history of text messages, which is formally removed, in the future information will be completely erased. If the delete function is used only seconds ago and you are not out of the dialog menu, you can use the link on the return. It is located on the former site of dialogue.

Users who want to know how to recover deleted emails Vkontakte, have resorted to third party programs more often than contact the technical support. Although third-party software offers many features for your account, this does not mean that you will be able to access the erased information. Use vkbot and similar programs are not prohibited, but do not rely on them as the main tool restore erased, and read the dialogues.

Through the settings of the VC

Switching to any other menu immediately to prevent return worn out lines of text, so use the alternative method. Check account settings, then the tab with the alerts about the update of the correspondence. Inform the caller that accidentally deleted the dialogue that you want to watch. Each SMS are saved by default in the accounts of the sender and recipient. There are other ways how to recover and read deleted messages accidentally.

In the email

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If enabled in the settings of the alert to the email address, find it in your mail a letter with a reference to the well-worn dialogue. This is another way to restore the correspondence Vkontakte. The link you will be able to return individual lines or the entire conversation with a particular contact. Restored records can be read in the same way as any other correspondence in the dialogs menu.

To contact the technical support of VK

Support VC answers a question about how to restore the dialog in the VC to re-read it. The support staff have tools in order to find and restore the data on request, if you contacted us immediately after removal. The query may be sent using menu «help» which is at the bottom of the website. For convenience, use the page with the minimum of information – you don’t have to scroll a long. If the answer to your query read the instructions that you will provide a technical support staff member, and follow them.

Programs to restore deleted messages in Vkontakte

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Reading, sending, deleting and restoring the correspondences can be accessed in third-party programs to work with a VK account. The program will host the website, allowing directly from the electronic device to control activity on the social network. Many software products available for download, so it’s hard to choose something specific. Foreign products to the same can not only help restore and read the data, but to facilitate their removal due to improper performance of several functions.

It is recommended to resort to special software or browser extension only in the case of silence from the tech support. Independent manipulation of VK account through the software by third parties may cause access restrictions in a social network. Careful navigation of the social network, will allow you to search the way how to recover and read deleted messages. The problem is relevant on PCs and mobile devices – phones and tablets.

Video: how to recover deleted messages on Facebook

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