How to MTS to check the balance

Mobile phones, smartphones, tablets have become an integral part of human life. With the help of innovative technology is a set of functions: calls, surfing on social networks, watching videos or listening to music. Despite the versatility of the apparatus, incomprehensible for many, the question remains as to MTS to check your balance. The operator took care of their customers by providing multiple options for tracking Finance, and not only his but also other cellular subscribers. Below are detailed instructions on how to control the accounts of MTS.

How to verify account in MTS Russia

Users of cellular communication in Russia always want to be aware of the amount of Finance into their accounts. Many customers do not always know how to MTS to check the balance and there are ways, which complicates the task. The operator has ensured that clients were able to learn about the availability of money without much effort, leaving few opportunities for such monitoring:

How to MTS to check the balance

  • The classic way is to dial from a mobile phone combination *100# and call button and the screen will display interesting information. Similarly, to find the desired data possible while in a roaming area, for example, in Belarus and Ukraine.
  • With the help of SMS that is sent to 111 with text 11. In that notification will be data about the balance of Finance.
  • Through personal Cabinet on the website of the operator.
  • With mobile assistant. For this you need to call the 111 number and, guided by the voice instruction to get information.
  • Contact the representatives of the operator to the number 0890. During the test, you need to provide certain information about yourself (the secret word or passport number) to get the data.

Bonus or additional account on the phone

The operator cares about their customers and as a reward conducts a loyalty program by providing bonuses. This gives you the chance to keep the old users and attract new ones, without loss to the company. Accrued rewards for sent messages (MMS, SMS), outgoing calls and use the Internet traffic. Many do not know how to MTS to check bonus balance and available four ways thanks to which every client can choose the most convenient option:

  1. To check the number of points on the personal page of the site operator Using this service, you will be able to see where it can be spent on promotion, or to share other information about the loyalty program.
  2. Using text messages to send to a short number 4555, pre-text «Bal». In response to the letter will receive information about the amount of bonuses.
  3. Easiest way is to dial the technical support number and the operator to clarify the status of additional or bonus balance.
  4. Another option from the mobile device to dial the combination *111*455*0# and the call button. Then the response message will receive information about the amount of bonuses.

Balance under control

For many people, it is important to control the flow of Finance from a mobile device. Especially it concerns businessmen, entrepreneurs, who by the number of calls can’t keep track of the correctness of payment accounts and want to get a detailed report, controlling money. Russian mobile operator took care of this possibility by providing the service of «Balance under control,» which is available in the following tariff plans: Super Zero, a Cool Lineup of guest, a Lot of calls, Long conversations, RED Energy.

In order to use the service, you must:

Connecting MTS services for balance control

  • To activate the service on your gadget, gaining from him the following combination: *152*3# and press the call button. To connect perhaps with the help of «Internet helper» instructions.
  • After activation, every day will be charged a fee, which is 0.10 rubles.
  • At the end of each chargeable call to the user’s device will receive a message that displays the duration of the conversation, how much money is spent and the balance Finance. It must be remembered that information is not stored on your phone as SMS messages.

Live balance

In order for the mobile users could get information about the status of the account, the operator provides the service «live balance». Connecting service, you will be able to obtain data on the flow of funds after each call or other costs. In order to activate the service and receive the ability to control the consumption of resources, is to use one of the methods:

  • Dial on the telephone *500*1# press call button.
  • Call the number 500 and to activate the service or to send SMS-message with text «A».

To find out the balance on the account of another subscriber of MTS

In life there are different situations, so sometimes it is necessary to know the state of another person’s account. Typically, such a life situation arises from parents to children, friends or relatives. How to MTS to check someone else’s balance is a topical issue for many users, so here are a few options for how to do it:

  • The service «another account» to connect which you need to dial *111*2337# and dial the call button. After connecting the service to know the financial status of the mobile account of another subscriber of cellular communication to send commands: *140*customer number*# and press the call button. Making simple manipulations, you will get the phone SMS with the information you need.
  • The service «Balance sheet of each» active for the tariff plan «beacon» that lets you know the status of the account of a friend at any time with a query *140*phone number*#. This service is free (freebie) that does not require subscription fees or other financial costs.

The balance on the tablet MTS

Man is going to check balance of MTS on the tablet

Users of tablets with different operating systems can easily find out the balance of funds, after completing a series of simple steps. In most gadgets has a GSM module, by which there is a possibility in the classical way (through yusd-request) to find interesting information. But if no such service, there are several other ways to obtain these data. How to MTS to check your balance on the tablet:

  • Send gadget, where installed SIM card of mobile operator, the request to *100# and call. Some time later the subscriber will receive a message with information about the status of the account and availability of funds.
  • Send SMS-message with the text 11 to 111, after comes a reply with the rest of the money.
  • Entrance to personal Cabinet, where it is possible to obtain interesting information.
  • To install a special application and widget on the screen to monitor the financial condition of the SIM card. For example, it may be the Balance widget, once activated, which at any time without any additional manipulations will be able to check the rest of the money.

The expense of MTS connect

For customers that use an Internet connection (contract or not) via a modem, there is an opportunity at any time to check the balance one way:

  • To go through the computer to the personal account of the site operator ( where on the right side at the top displays the amount of available money.
  • Dialing *100# through the program «connection Manager».

How to recharge MTS

To be always connected and be able to make outgoing calls, surf the Internet or send SMS, you must have sufficient funds. How to control residue, as described above, and if after verification the Finance amount of money is insufficient, you will have to recharge. But besides that, the user can increase the amount of money in his account, he has the ability to send funds to another subscriber of the operator, to restore the ability of communication with him.

Your account

To recharge your phone and get the ability to make outgoing calls and use the gadget to complete, select one of the following ways:

The interface of the payment terminal for account replenishment MTS

  • Online through the official website, using a Bank card.
  • Regular auto-refill from a credit card (e.g., salary), which will be performed with a certain periodicity, and the translation will be carried out at a predetermined amount.
  • Through the salons, shops where it is possible to replenish the balance one way: in cash, via a special card for mobile payment or credit card.
  • The number of the personal account through the terminals, ticket offices or through banks that are partners with your cellular company.
  • To send money through online services that provide this service.

The account of another subscriber of MTS

To recharge any device (iPad, tablet, phone) of another user cellular one operator is possible from your room. Optionally, such updating may be regular – the funds will take a certain period of time at a specific amount. To replenish the account of another subscriber easily in several ways:

  • On the device, dial: *112* the number of subscriber (or account, where funds are being sent) * transfer amount in rubles #, press the call button. After the manipulation on your gadget will come with the text message to confirm the operation. Dial: *112*code of SMS# and press the call button.
  • To make a regular transfer, the combination should be: *114*phone number*a number that indicates the regularity of payment(1 – daily, 2 – weekly, 3 – every month) * the amount of money in rubles# and call. Waiting for an SMS with a confirmation code you need to dial the following combination: *114*secret numbers message# and call button.

Video how to check balance on MTS

To know the account balance of the subscriber of cellular communication of MTS, not difficult, this can be used different ways, and each user can choose the most convenient option. Besides, with the help of special services have the opportunity to monitor the presence of money in the balance of others (children, parents, friends) and, if necessary, to replenish financial reserves. See below the selection of videos with visual instructions for testing on different gadgets.

Easy and simple to know the balance of MTS

How to check account balance on modem MTS

Check balance of MTS on iPad

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