How to earn on YouTube

The dream of many people – with a minimum of effort to get a lot of money. Active Internet users can do it. The famous American service for videos willing to pay for good stories that are gaining a lot of views. Find out how much you can earn on YouTube.

How much to pay YouTube for views


First, it is important to note that Google, which owns YouTube) pays for clicks on ads, views, video in, at the beginning or at the end of the video. To monetize your channel – convert the number of hits finances – you need to become a partner of the company. This channel needs to exist longer than one month should be more than ten videos, and the owner must submit a request to the group YouPartnerwsp.

If the channel significant subscriber base, we can safely add ads and earn money. Half of the income the website will take, but even under these conditions, 0.3$ per click with a million views can bring 1500$. However, the advertisers are putting their condition, so the income from the various rollers can differ. The main thing – to find their niche and their audience. Regular users will watch videos and ads before them, and the channel owner will be able to earn money. No one blogger will not tell you significantly, how to earn on YouTube, not wanting competition.

How to make money on YouTube money

Advertising can be of different types: context or rollers. For the first kind of partner is willing to pay from one cent to one dollar (from five to fifty rubles for Russia). Fees and payment depends on the content of stories themselves. In case of using ads program gives you money only when they saw the end, and not pressed the «Skip»button.

Advertising can be added to the description of the video, where it will be attached a link that leads to the desired goods or services. It is difficult to guess how to earn on YouTube, a resourceful father. Correct answer: more than a million. On the eve of Halloween he came up with his daughter’s unusual costume, posted the video, I asked everyone to buy the same outfit for the occasion. Earnings on YouTube for popular channels is an easy task. Just wear clothes with the label of a sponsor who will pay good money to do a mailing to your subscribers.

How to calculate the profit yourself

To all eager to learn how to get the youtubers, programmers assist in the free services of the Internet portal you can view statistics and income popular video channels. To calculate the salary by using special calculators. How to use:

  • enter the number of views (likes do not affect);
  • to get an approximate amount of how much you earn on YouTube videos.


How to earn a popular videoblogger and what

Blogger No. 1 is Swedish PewDiePie (get). He earns more than $ 8 million a year, according to his info. It relieves related how he runs the game, sometimes they say funny things and testing the products. His channel six years earned an excellent reputation among viewers who are willing to see what he comes up with. Often the Swede makes a video with his girlfriend, where they play together. Sometimes blogger puts videos that tell you how and how much youtubers earn.

How to earn on YouTube with us? Popular videoblogger Eeoneguy not far behind the Swedish colleagues. In April 2016 he earned more than 20 thousand dollars. The content of his channel is the same as: he commented during computer games, singing karaoke, describes the movies, meets subscribers. There is a place among bloggers and girls. For example, a popular streamer Karina earned a lot. In January of this year amounted to 860 thousand rubles. Earnings in YouTube it has increased, thanks to other resources. The girl set fee for writing abusive reviews yourself.

Video: how to pay on youtube for 1000 views

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