How to make an album sheet in Word

People used to make all office and working documents using Microsoft Word. Beginners often wonder how to turn the sheet in word horizontally. Typically, the program produces a vertical, or portrait pages long, but narrow. Learn how to turn the page in word different versions.

How to make landscape page in word for the entire document

Logo programs include

To print a wide table, chart, or insert images, it is best to use a horizontal view of the page. For plain text on a standard book format. To change the paper orientation, no need to install additional programs or applications, just need to execute the steps according to the instructions below. It is important to remember that using different versions of the program, should refer to the different sequences and algorithms. Understand steps how to make landscape in word.

In word 2003

The oldest, but no less popular still version of a text editor is not functional on the latest. More options new fonts and beautiful design is added each year, and the base remains unchanged. The document is one of the main criteria editor. How to make an album sheet in word 2003? To carry out these changes easily, it is necessary to remember the algorithm once:

  1. Open the File tab. To find it, look at the top left corner.
  2. Among the menu that opens, find and click «page setup».
  3. On the «page Orientation» select the icon that represents the desired orientation.
  4. Using this menu, you can return to the classic position of the page.

For Word 2007

The algorithm is simple:

  1. So how to make an album sheet in word you can only use the menu, you must deploy the column «page Layout» in the top menu bar.
  2. On the bottom where it says is the word «Orientation», it should be the leftmost. It is necessary to click on it.
  3. Opens «Portrait» and «Landscape». After you select will be able to change the location of pages in the entire document.

In Word 2010

New and latest version of word are not much different from seven: slightly changed the design, changed the colors, but the functionality meets the highest requirements. Change the position of the sheet using a version of the tenth year, as well as in older. To do this:

  1. In the navigation Pane, select «page Layout».
  2. Among all functions: subject, color, effects, margins, size, padding, border color, line numbers, breaks or other – need to find the «Orientation». It will be closer to the left edge, but do not look for, looking at the angle menu.
  3. After clicking on this button you should select from two options appeared: «Portrait» or «Landscape». The first vertical and the second horizontal. After these simple steps, the document will get the desired look, and to place the desired information much easier.

How to make one page landscape in word

The procedure to change the position of one sheet

If you figured out how to turn vertical sheet in landscape, left to learn only the last secret of how to differentiate between each page and to provide it with its location. For new mail you can set the orientation, different from its neighbors. Here are the steps to do:

  1. You have to make it active. Simply place the cursor on the worksheet by selecting any line or word.
  2. Open familiar the tab «page Layout».
  3. In the ensuing window, among all of the options you should click on the little «deploys» the arrow – «page setup». It will be in the lower right corner.
  4. The window characteristics. Check the desired position.
  5. For the bottom of the column «Apply» it is necessary to stop the choice on «to the end of the document.»
  6. Click «OK».
  7. After that all pages, starting with the selected change in orientation.
  8. Make only one sheet is horizontal, it is necessary to continue to follow that instructions.
  9. Activate the next sheet of document. And follow all the steps from second to sixth, just changing from landscape to portrait, and not Vice versa, as you did from the beginning.
  10. As a result, only one page stands out above the rest.

Video: how to turn a sheet in word

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