How to make a hat channel for youtube

Youtube channel is a page which anyone is able to share information with other users. This can be a fun vlog for friends and random followers or a serious business project, bringing the channel owner money. To page on youtube to look attractive, it is important to create a good design that attracts attention – this task is handled by the cap. Those who have never engaged in editing images, the question may arise, how to make and what it should be. Please see more details below.

How to look like a hat on YouTube

Every person who deliberately creates a youtube channel to attract the maximum number of subscribers want the page look nice and interesting. Every day creates a lot of vlogging on similar topics, so it is important to do not just a pretty design, but stand out among others. This does not mean that you need to do the cap too unusual, the ideal option would be concise, clear and bright design. Some tips for visual design in the top of the page:

  • Do not choose to cap the background with many details, from this users will have to ruffle in the eyes. Besides, it is important that the text is clearly readable.
  • The picture should be bright, but not flashy. In acid colors long look generally unpleasant.
  • Avoid large amounts of textual information. To future subscribers formed the correct impression of the channel, enough with the blog title and the description of several words. For example, if the page talks about the intricacies of wedding preparation, it might look like this: «the Wedding A to z: planning, preparation, celebration!».
  • The image should reflect the topic of the channel. If we are talking about training, suitable stationery, photo students, for a blog about needlework – pictures of tools.

Knowing the details of cap design, to create it much easier, but also should take into account the technical characteristics of the image. Remember that the picture must be in high resolution, which requests that youtube is 2560 x 1440 pixels. This requirement is due to the fact that the image quality may look blurry. If this happens, the cap will look ugly, and draws proper attention to the channel. Keep in mind that on different devices the picture will be displayed in different ways. For which devices of different size fields in the header:

  • 1546 at 423. This part will see users who are accessing youtube through the phone.
  • 1855, at 423. In this rectangle will display the information for users of tablets.
  • 2560 by 423. So will see the picture the owners of large monitors with high resolution.
  • 2560 by 1440. Full picture will be visible to those who are viewing a channel through a large TV.

Knowing the characteristics of the display of hats on different devices, it becomes apparent that it is desirable to place text information in the rectangle on 1546 423. This ensures that it will see the phone users and subscribers who watch the channel through the screen of the widescreen TV. «Weight» is selected for the page image should not exceed two megabytes in size, and perfect for him jpg format. Picture this permission will not lose quality when you download the cap, what will provide a beautiful view of the canal for youtube.

A sample of the beautiful hats

Where to find a good picture for a YouTube channel

Find a beautiful picture that can be decorated for the channel, is not difficult, in the Internet there are many free images. If you want this background were not more than none, you can buy it in a special database of photos. Another good option is to order the production of individual caps from a professional designer. Read more about these methods, you can read below.

Download templates on the Internet for free

To download a ready template, you need to use search engine. Go to her page, click «Pictures», and under «search Tools» under the input line, find the tab «Size». Click it, enter the desired value of the desired background, it needs to be 2560 by 1440. You will be given lots of search results, among which there are the image of the soul. If you need a specific theme for caps, enter the name into the search bar. Upload any picture and complete the text.

Buy ready-made images, made in photoshop

On the Internet there is a special database of photographs and images, is protected by copyright. To use this picture for your cap, you can buy it at one of these sites. An example would be sites such as, There you can buy a stylish, high-quality image that will enhance your channel and attract users.

To order a professional designer

A great option is to order the hat for the youtube channel of a professional designer. For this you can consult the freelance exchange or to find the website Creator the pictures on the Internet. On finansovih resources the cost for such work may vary from a few hundred to a thousand rubles – the final price will depend on the professional experience of the designer of reviews and the quality of his work.

Step-by-step instructions for creating hats on YouTube in Paint

Paint (Paint) is a standard program for the Windows operating system, which need not be downloaded from the Internet. With its help you can create cute hat for your channel, which will contribute to the increase of its popularity and the influx of new subscribers. Step by step guide will help you to easily cope with this task. As with the standard service to make a beautiful background for the page on youtube:

Section channel design

  • Go to «start», click «All programs», then «Standard». Start Paint.
  • In the upper left corner click on the arrow, a menu will appear, where you select the tab «Create». New document will appear. From the top you will see a button «resize», in the opened window select «Pixels» and then specify the size is 2560 x 1440.
  • Scroll wheel a new document down, click the arrow in the lower right corner to show the future picture is reduced and displayed fully in the program window.
  • In the upper left corner click «Paste», then click the background that you downloaded. It needs to be the same size as the document.
  • With the help of Google flamingtext find a service that will help you to create the logo channel. On the website, find the desired font, click on the button with him. Select the text style (the options you see on the screen). Click on the chosen design of the font in the window you can type words that will reflect the theme of your channel. Click «Create logo» (a logo), then «Personal use» («Personal use»). Upload the picture.
  • Return to the Paint program, click «Insert,» select among the pictures logo. Place it in the center of the document. In the tab «Select» to select «Transparent selection».
  • Save the resulting image, and then decorate them with the channel. Ready! Step by step instructions again look at the video:

Video tutorials: how to make a hat for YouTube on your channel

If you want to create a good hat for your own channel, you can use a variety of tools. Image made with Photoshop, look efficiently, and to attract the attention of visitors of the page will help an animated image created in this program. If you have no high requirements for the channel, then an assistant will be, for example, a simple Paint editor. Besides, you can always create a header for your youtube channel, without using any additional tools. Read more about all the ways you see in the video below.

Making hats in photoshop

Photoshop is a professional program and using it, you can create stylish, beautiful and high quality hat which will guarantee the influx of new subscribers. Thanks to the following video, you will not only learn how to make a original picture for the youtube channel, but will learn collage – a combination of two or more images into one. Such images will look interesting and will appeal to users of the site, but the process leading takes no more than fifteen minutes.

How to make an animated hat

Installing Photoshop, you can create not only a beautiful and crisp image, but also to make animated, that is moving pictures. This option is ideal for channels associated with games, movies, cartoons. Remember, however, that not all users may enjoy a picture that is changing or moving, especially after frequent visits the page this image may be bored. How to make an original animated cap, see below:

How to create a header for YouTube channel without photoshop

There are situations when it is impossible to use programs such as Paint or Photoshop to create channel art. Then come to the aid of online editors by which you can make an excellent picture. One of them – online Photo editor whose tools are similar to professional Photoshop. Thanks to the convenient editor, the end result is stylish, beautiful and original image. Manual video:

The cover design on YouTube with a program online

Online program will help you to create a cap for the channel without much effort. In the following video the presenter describes in detail the stages of preparation of the image that will decorate the top of the page. For this you do not need to download and install professional editors, all you need is an Internet connection and some free time. The picture is simple and concise. Watch the video instruction:

Cover channel YouTube without programs

You can create the main image of your channel without using any additional programs that you downloaded or found on the Internet. Youtube allows owners of pages the ability to do cap directly on the website. For this you only need to upload the image that will adorn the top of the page and then it should be placed in the corresponding boxes and apply the text. Video tutorial see below:

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