How to make a bootable USB flash drive

Many modern computer users are interested in the question how to make a USB stick with recorded operating system? This is done in several ways, each of which you will find detailed instructions on the video below the article. Bootable flash drive is necessary to familiarize with the operating system without installation: you need to run the media test, and to get back to work with the OS that you have on your computer. In addition, this storage medium is important in cases where you need to install the operating system, and the drive is broken or missing.

How to make a bootable USB flash drive with Windows 7/8/10/XP

To install the operating system or boot disk or USB flash drive. The latter is very common and is almost everyone, so it is more convenient to do it. To create there are many programs (Daemon Tools, Alcohol, Virtual Clone Drive) and ways, but the most popular is Ultraiso. Before to make a bootable flash drive, you need to download through any Downloader download this software, install it on your computer, download the operating system image on the hard disk.

A less common method is the use of command line Windows. This method does not present any difficulties, no need to go into the BIOS, to be a professional in the field of computers. Its lesser popularity is due to the fact that you need to specify commands in sequence, and the first method requires little or no user action.

Create using Ultraiso

Before you run the program you must insert the flash drive into the appropriate usb connector and follow the instructions:

  • Open Ultraiso via run as administrator.
  • Open the image of the Windows operating system, designed for recording.
  • Select the folder with the image the right versions of the Windows opened.
  • Choose the bootstrapping of the item record to the hard drive».
  • Select the USB flash drive, recording method and press the «Burn»button.
  • It will automatically format the drive, i.e. all the information will be deleted from the stick. It is necessary to confirm by pressing Enter.
  • The recording process of the operating system will take a few minutes. At the end a window will appear with a message about the end of the recording. You have to press the «Back» button to close the program.

For Windows 7 I programs include UltraISO

What is ISO image

The disk image or disk image is a file with a particular format (zip-archive). It is a copy of the CD/DVD disc, but can not repeat the structure of the file system of the original source. There are many different image formats, including ISO is generally accepted. An ISO image is an informal name of an image of an optical disk with a file system.

Video instruction

If you are using Windows operating system can cause unexpected problems: she can start to malfunction or just cease to boot. Such problems can surprise everyone, but you can insure yourself by creating a bootable USB flash drive with recorded therein the operating system image. Why not a dvd? And because such storage media is susceptible to mechanical damage, after which comes the faulty state.

Therefore, the best way – use a USB flash drive. This media is protected from mechanical damage, has a smaller physical size, can easily be moved without fear. To work with disk images Ultraiso is the program designed that you can use to create a bootable USB drive. How to do it, you will learn from the following video, which clearly and explained the whole process.

How to make a bootable USB flash drive with Windows via command line

To install the operating system, you need to make a bootable usb flash drive. This you can do without using special software via the command line. Before operation, make sure that the flash drive has no useful information for you, as it will be formatted. If you have the necessary files they need to save elsewhere. Step by step instructions:

  • Start a command prompt, enter diskpart window.

The diskpart command

  • Command list disk to list the disks.

The list of drives at the command prompt

  • Choose the number that received your USB drive by typing select disk 1.

Select the number of the bootable USB drive

  • Enter the command clean, which will clean the flash drive.

Wipe the stick clean command

  • Enter create partition primary.

Enter the command create partition primary

  • Select the partition by typing select partition 1.

Select the first partition

  • Command active to active the selected partition.

Activation section

  • Want to format by typing format fs=NTFS.

Formatting bootable USB drive

  • Ask Z to avoid confusion with the command assign letter Z.

Assign the drive letter Z

  • Enter Exit.

The output from the console

  • To write operating system files by copying the contents of a CD-ROM or unzip the downloaded image. Boot usb ready.

Video create a bootable USB drive with Ubuntu Linux

Optical drives become obsolete, so many laptops are available without them. The device can be used only for the purpose of installing the system, however, it is possible to avoid this by creating a bootable USB flash drive. Such media are quite compact, convenient, does not deteriorate. Bootable USB drive are very popular and appear multiboot, which allow to record from multiple systems and make the firmware.

In this video you will see how to record using the Ubuntu program Linux Live USB Creator. The latter is very easy and intuitive to work with. There is a special utility UNetBootin and others. To create bootable USB drive Linux you will need an operating system distribution, the program Usb Creator. A clear and accessible manual allows the video to deal with this problem, even for beginners who are facing this for the first time.

Bootable flash drive mac os

The following video will talk about how to create a bootable flash MAC. This is a very handy thing that allows you to load the operating system on any laptop or personal computer with the appropriate connector, share with your friends. You will need a distribution drive with a storage capacity not less than 16 GB. Consistently, step by step follow the video instructions, not forgetting to do a reboot of the system, and you will have a ready written mac os.

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