How to get rid of ads in browser

When you use the Internet for unnecessary information as pictures or text may jump, to prevent nuisances, flashing. It does not irritate the user, it is useful to know how to get rid of ads in the browser. To programs Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex will have their own removal methods, but they are equally effective.

Advertising on Internet sites

How to remove ads from browser

Spam meets us every day when working with Internet, does not allow normal things done, annoying or sometimes even blocks the work. This can be a pop-up info when you run a banner or a looming huge saver. Then the question arises, how to disable ads on the Internet on the computer and on the phone.

Users may encounter other undesirable information when it POPs up automatically when clicking on the icon. Reasons for this may be several: the virus, the installation of unverified applications, and others. Interest how to get rid of ads by browser familiar to many. Need some action which is individual to each program.

To understand how to remove ads in the browser, you need to use the default settings. There are in each program, and greatly facilitate the user’s life. Applies specialized or universal utility for cleaning. If after these ways spam is not lost, it is recommended that:

  1. to check your computer for viruses;
  2. contact the professionals who will use special methods.

Ad blocker

Via settings

The first step in a situation, how to remove ads in the browser will search for files that could cause this problem, and turn them off. To do this:

  1. On the icon of your desktop browser, click the right mouse button, select «Properties».
  2. On the Shortcut tab, verify the name of the destination file that is called a link. It must end with “.exe».
  3. If, instead, you see the extension .url, find the menu item «file Location on the disk, locate the folder with the name of the desired program and enter the correct link.
  4. In each folder find a file with the extension “.url», remove them.
  5. After removal, return to the shortcut tab, make sure that it refers to a program (the extension is “.exe»).

Other ways:

  1. For Internet Explorer go to select «Tools», tick the «Block pop-up messages».
  2. For Mozilla, you can apply a stage of «Tools», «Extensions», «Extensions», «Off» for suspicious items.
  3. For Orbitum select settings menu, delete all extensions installed automatically without user intervention.

In addition, you can use a cleaning gadget with the help of «start», «Programs and files», «Remove programs». Open the folder where you have find suspicious names with the extension “.exe» to remove them. In such executables often long uninformative names (generic names). You can still advise to clean the temporary folder Temp. Another option: hold down the Win+R, type msconfig. A window will open. Locate the «system Configuration» – «startup», disable the suspicious files.

You can clean the folder – click «Computer», «Organize», «folder Options and search», «View», uncheck the checkbox «Hide protected operating system files», tick «Show hidden files and folders» and confirm the selection. Open the Temp folder (Users-AppData-Local), then delete all content. Then repeat items to My computer, click the checkbox «Restore default values». The advertising message will not appear.

To remove spam from phones with the Android operating system use AdFree or AdAway. You can download them through the app store to run on the phone to check. After cleaning phone is working again properly. For Firefox will help utility Adblock Plus. For Safari you can use the same Adblock or go to your browser settings to disable pop-UPS.

How to disable ads in Yandex

For many familiar with Yandex has its own way of solving the problem of how to get rid of unwanted ads in the browser. Load Adguard, Adblock its extension, select the file, activate it:

  1. Open Yandex, press the «Menu» button, select «add-Ons».
  2. Click «Secure Internet», turn the slider to «On».

You can go the other way and remove unnecessary ones – apply Settings «Yandex browser», «Settings», «personal data Protection», call «Enable phishing protection». Select the tab «add-Ons» click «Enable» under the «block flash banners and video.» Work with Yandex is fast, convenient, safe, secure.

Pop-up ads

In the Opera browser

Quite popular the program is and Opera, but because the information, how to remove pop-UPS ads will be relevant. To do this go to settings «General», «Key», «Modify data processing», «OK». You can still use the in-built Adblock Plus extension – to install it go to the menu, select «Extensions». At the center of the page click on «View the gallery extensions,» locate the utility. Beside her is a hyperlink «add to Opera», click on it. After installation, click on «Disable» for advanced settings.

Remove ads in chrome

Browser from Google helps to protect you from spam menu selection «Options», «privacy», «content Settings», and «Block popup Windows». Sometimes we need a very different way: the icon via right-button click «Properties». On the tab «Shortcut» find «file Location», go back, delete a malicious file with extension «.url» and return to work.

Free program for blocking ads and pop-UPS

Protection from advertising in the browser is much easier with specialized tools, Adguard AdFender, Adblock AdwCleaner, Avast Browser Cleanup. Used placing individual settings for each program. Download utility on official sites of the manufacturer. Popular called HitmanPro, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, socialwise as trial version for free.

Utility scan computer, detect unwanted items and remove them without disability. On the reviews they read from other network users, who with their help get rid of unwanted spam and unpleasant annoying type of advertising Windows. Every year to develop new ways of eliminating superfluous information that hinders the normal functioning of the gadgets, so choose the right and happy work.

Video: how to remove a virus which opens a browser with ads

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