How to format a hard drive using BIOS

In the BIOS there are no formatting functions. This system utility is only a tool in the purification bypass loading the operating system. This question arises because the «inside» media is not formatted, because it contains the version of the OS. Below you will find the main ways to format a hard disk through the BIOS, and instructions.

How to format a hard drive with a boot disk or pendrive

Boot disk and USB flash drive

A full format of the hard disk is equivalent to the operation to destroy all the data in its internal memory. After this procedure, you can re-install the operating system, without fear of errors or other unpleasant things. Just before you clean a hard drive completely is to check whether all the required files you copied. To restore the information is difficult, and in some cases completely fail to do it. Formatting the hard disk through the BIOS in several ways:

  • with an external device;
  • with the use of special tools;
  • during the installation of Windows.

The first method how to format a hard drive using BIOS provides for booting from any drive. As it uses flash drive, CD or DVD. One of them must be written a special wrapper for purification. Often used Live CD designed specifically for this purpose. To copy it you can use the popular utilities UltraISO. After the preparation of such a boot device, follow the instructions on how to completely format a hard drive:

  1. When the computer is off, insert the prepared media in the drive or USB port.
  2. At the start of the note, which key will be listed next to «Enter Setup». It can be F8, F12, F2 or Del. The latter is more commonly used in laptops. Repeatedly press this button.
  3. When you navigate in the BIOS go to BOOT menu and adjust the priority with Flooppy on CD-ROM or USB-FDD, given your bootable media.
  4. To save the settings press F10 then Y and Enter.
  5. Then restart the computer. If the action was performed correctly, will load the program, where you will be able to clear the desired section.

Formatting the drive using software ERD Commander

The second option is formatting the disk via the BIOS based on the use of a special program called ERD Commander. It helps even when your system fails to boot. Need to download the ISO image which then burn to a DVD or USB flash drive. If you could perform these actions, use the following instructions:

  1. As described above enter the BIOS and change the order of download, which depends on the external media with recorded program.
  2. Then restart the computer. In menu, go to the MicroSoft Diagnostic and Recovery Toolset, and then click 2-3 times on «Next» in the window «Cleaning».
  3. Select the desired section.

Format your hard disk when you install Windows

Schematic of formatting disk partition

The following method how to format a hard drive using BIOS. He is in the process of reinstalling the operating system using the Windows distribution. While this procedure has the ability to clear any of the sections. The peculiarity of this method is that you have removed all programs that were used previously, as well as updated operating system itself.

The concept of distribution is a form of software distribution. It contains a set of utilities needed for initialization of the OS. Distribution you can download your own or use attached to your computer’s disk drive to restore. The first option would have to burn the ISO image to a CD or USB flash drive. Further actions are:

  1. As described above, the first set to boot CD-ROM or USB-FDD.
  2. After a reboot to start the recovery console – as a user, select the OS, you will be logged.
  3. Enter the password of the administrator account. If not, hit the enter key.
  4. In the appearing command prompt, type format c:, then confirm by pressing Enter.
  5. Optionally, specify the file system NTFS or FAT. Choose between fast and complete method of cleaning. As a result, the command can be like this – format C: /Q /FS:NTFS. Here Q refers to the quick cleaning.
  6. Wait for the completion of the cleaning operation, and then follow the system prompts.

Video: how to format a hard disk in Windows 7

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