How to format a flash drive on a Mac

Today, the flash card performs the function of storing information: working documents, playlists, and movies – a list of user its. Sometimes you need to clean it from unnecessary files. If in Windows, there is a special command, then format the flash drive on a mac is different.

How to format a flash drive in a format OS X

Removable device OS X

Every day, Apple products gaining popularity. It’s not just iPad and iPhone, but Apple computers iMac and MacBook, are running non-Windows OSes. It’s called Mac OS X. the Most sold format of flash drives have a Windows format FAT 32. If you plan to use the carrier only with a MacBook, then you need to alter it to this computer. To format the flash drive on a mac in OS X, you can follow this instructions:

  1. Insert the USB media port.
  2. Open the analogue of Windows Explorer under the name Finder.
  3. Select the menu item «Programs» or Applications, then utilities section. The path may be and such «Programs» and then the tab with the service.
  4. When the list of applications, locate the disk utility, or Disk Utility.
  5. On the screen that appears, select your drive, click the Erase tab, before putting it in the format section Extended (journaled).

To format the flash drive with OS X in Windows

If you used the previous method, how to format a flash drive on a mac, connect it to your Windows no longer make sense, because it will not open. For these devices, you will need to go to one of their supported format. Among the latter are several main:

  1. FAT. This is an old format used in DOS. When it is impossible to record files larger than 4 GB, but it is compatible with almost all OSes down to Linux. Advantage can be considered a smaller amount of space than in NTSF, and the ability to reformat in any operating system.
  2. ExFAT. Is a modern version of the previous one and has no such restrictions on writing files. Best suited for separating the space into multiple partitions, the size of which can reach 32 GB.
  3. NTFS. This file system is more versatile, but it can’t run OS X, so cleaning the drive will have to download a special driver. Advantages is less likely to require fragmentation and compression information.

Logos Mac and Windows

Here’s how to format a flash drive on a mac for use on Windows devices:

  1. Connect the portable drive to the device according to the above instructions, run disk utility, and then click the Erase tab.
  2. Under formats, select one of the 2 – MS-DOS FAT or ExFAT.
  3. Confirm the operation.

How to format the flash drive to NTSF with OS X

As mentioned above, the MacBook has formatting NTSF. To solve this problem you have to download a special driver. If you don’t know how on a mac you can format the drive to NTFS, use easy instructions:

  1. Download driver Paragon NTFS or NTFS Seagate for os X and install them.
  2. Correctly make the computer restart.
  3. Connect the drive to USB, open disk utility.
  4. In the list appears NT Filesystem – select it for implementation of the compulsory formatting and confirm the action.

How to divide the drive into multiple drives

A man holds a removable device

If the drive has plenty of space, reformat it into several sections. Each of them comes with its own file system, which is convenient for use, do not need to spend time on formatting. One section can be done ExFAT, and the other Extended. Note that during this procedure all data media will be completely removed. The first step in the instructions how to format flash drive on mac, connect it to a MacBook. Then you need again to access the utility for operation with disks. Further action are as follows:

  1. In the sidebar click on the flash card. Press here is not the tab «Erase» and «Partition».
  2. Adjust with the mouse the number of partitions – just drag the divider between them up or down.
  3. For each part correctly determine the name and the file system. Just press «Apply» and wait until the medium is formatted.

Video: how to format a USB flash drive on Mac

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