How to find out your rate on the Megaphone

This mobile operator offers many different tariff plans (TP) throughout the country. The customer may forget which specifically connected to it. Communication services have different costs and package determines this factor. There are several methods how to find the rate on the Megaphone. Mobile subscriber can use any of them.

Services MegaFon

What you need to know the tariff plan MegaFon

The company constantly develops and selects packages that would best meet the needs of the user. If you don’t know how to find out your tariff plan MegaFon, then perhaps you are not the most optimal service. Over time, the cost of services can vary, but the operator is not always reported about it and figuring out the moment have.

How to check the fare on the Megaphone

If earlier the only way to know your rate on the Megaphone, was a service call where there was a need to wait for a response 5-15 minutes, now the question can be solved much faster. To obtain information in such ways:

  • with the help of the official website in the personal Cabinet;
  • using a USSD request;
  • via SMS;
  • to go directly to the office of the company;
  • support.

With the help of USSD-request

The easiest way how to find out your fare on the t – mobile USSD request. This combination of numbers is sent using the call button displays a message about the title, bonuses and account balance. In different regions these numbers may vary, the following are options for the city of Moscow:

  1. Enter instead of the phone number combination *105#, then call button.
  2. On the screen a window will appear where you need to go to the tab «Rates» by pressing 3.
  3. Next go to the tab «Rate» with the button 1.
  4. To you on the phone will receive an SMS with all the information on the package.

To find out your TP, you can immediately gain *105*3*1# and call. Happens the same action as in the above-described method, only you don’t have to use the menu and go from different tabs. This method saves time of a person to carry out these operations. As a result, you again will receive an SMS with all the data about the connected package.

The subscriber MegaFon

To contact consultants in the company’s office

If you have the time, desire to explore, it is possible to know the tariff MegaFon by phone number right in one of the branches of the company in the city. Employee will provide all necessary information upon client request. You will get advice from existing packs, and maybe switch to another tariff.

To send an SMS to the short number of the operator

Another option to find out your tariff to send sms to the number 000105. The body of the letter need to enter 1003 and send a message. In reply sms you will not receive the detailed data, it will only indicate the specific TP name. Learn that if you blocked the function of sending sms to a short number (to prevent fraud), then this method will not be available and are you can’t.

Call the toll free number for hotline support

This option is how easy it is to find out your rate on the Megaphone approach, if you don’t like soulless messages – you can use the telephone support service. To do this from your device, dial 0500 and call button. Then you can use the voice Navigator to find the answer to the question, or wait for operator response. If you decide to use an autoresponder, you need to enter 1,1,3,1. You will again receive an SMS with all necessary information for your rate.

My account megaphone

To use your personal account on the official website of MegaFon

If for some reason not working the previous methods, the only way to see the fare on the MegaFon service guide. This is a free service that will provide the opportunity to learn all the data from your balance, TP and bonuses. The service functionality will allow you to remove some unnecessary options, order details by phone number. To use this method, you must:

  1. To go to the browser to the official website Here will automatically determine the city where you are.
  2. Click on «my account». Opens the login window. If the username and password is still no, then you need to dial *105*00# and press «call». After 1-5 min. you will reach to SMS, which will access data.
  3. After you log in, you need to change the sent password, the one created by you personally.
  4. After that you will be redirected to the main page. In the left corner at the top to display your fare. Full details can be found on the «Settings»tab.

How to know the tariff of the MegaFon Internet Modem

A lot of people use their card to get Internet connection via modem. To determine TP, it is not necessary to disassemble the device to extract the SIM. To determine the perfect plan «MegaFon-Modem» — a program launcher which provides the option to send sms. To transfer the necessary combination need:

  1. Go to «Balance». To write code in the appropriate field and then click «Request».
  2. To send SMS go to the menu «Text» click on «New message», enter a destination number, text and hit «Send.» This method is similar to obtaining the message on short number.

Videotutorial: how to know tariff plan MegaFon

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