How to find motherboard on computer

On the market each year, new PC parts, and many users at some point decide to update the system. Before replacing major items of equipment, for example, CPU or graphics card, should find out what motherboard is on the computer.

Motherboard information

The purpose of the microcircuits, connectors and capacitors

Not every user know how to find motherboard on computer. Information about it should be the starting point when updating the configuration of equipment. On the market now presents two main manufacturer of processors – Intel and AMD. Both of these companies have developed their own connector for the motherboard (MP). To install the processor from the competitor it just will not work: even different product of the same manufacturer sometimes have different sockets (connectors). To do this, and should know how to see the motherboard model.

Many users when upgrading try to save on this part, buying a powerful video card, RAM, processor is the latest generation. Note that oregano is pervouraljsk factor in how all these parts work well, to interact, and will be able to develop their potential in 100%.

How to determine model

In MP necessarily part of labeling includes the manufacturer, which, at this stage there are about 5. The most popular brands include:

  • Asus;
  • Gigabyte;
  • MSI;
  • Biostar;
  • ASrock.

The second part of the device name is the model, which will be the identifier for the search performance in the Internet. Each manufacturer offers documentation on its website and all can be read online. You need to search around the entire name, not just the model or the manufacturer’s brand name. The obtained data will help you with further purchase details.

Where to see the name of the motherboard

Different sizes of boards

There are several proven ways on how to get the name of the motherboard. Some of them will have to disassemble the system unit and for which to find a box from the components documentation. In cases where PC was bought in a store already assembled, find the marking MP, is possible only by removing the side panel and after a visual inspection, or using a special utility to display the characteristics of the parts of the PC.

How do I know what motherboard is on the computer

In order to understand if your PC upgrade, you need to understand how to find motherboard on computer. Depends on whether you keep her or should be replaced. To define a model, you can use one of two methods:

  • physical examination;
  • the data from the BIOS;
  • find a box or technical documentation;
  • to download the program to determine the characteristics of the PC.


Boxes Lenovo products

The easiest way to find the motherboard on the computer to find the marking on the part itself. Disassembly of the system unit is very simple, but keep in mind, when the side cover is removed, the product warranty of the manufacturer of the hull (not the details, but just the body) will be removed. For identification card:

  1. Unscrew the rear panel of the computer bolts on one side.
  2. The sidebar should open and you will see all the details.
  3. You need a motherboard to which are attached all other parts.
  4. Find the big sign with the name of the manufacturer (Asus, Gigabyte, etc.). This is the model of the motherboard.
  5. Other smaller markings you do not need.

Motherboard BIOS

Another easy way to learn-coded motherboard – to reboot your PC. So you just need to use this action and arm themselves with pen and paper. When turning PC on the screen displays the name and model MP in big letters. Read and write fast because these data are displayed for about 2-3 seconds. If you do not have time to rewrite, you need to have to press the «del» button to navigate into the BIOS. But this method is suitable only to owners of new version of UEFI, it recognized immediately brand details.

Viewer for PC

The interface of the program AIDA64

Full information on the system configuration can be accessed through the program AIDA64, which displays the data model for all system components. Utility paid, but there is a possibility of evaluation work, which you quite enough. To determine the characteristics:

  1. Download, install AIDA64.
  2. Run the program and go to the tab «Computer».
  3. Locate the section «General information». It reflects all the data on your PC.
  4. ADIDA64 can offer to boot new drivers update the BOIS.

To get to the data using built-in Windows. The operating system is able to show all options, if you enter the correct command. To determine the model of the motherboard:

  1. Press the icon key Windows+R.
  2. Next you need to write a Cmd. A window will appear in the command line.
  3. To retrieve data you are interested write to: wmic baseboard get product. This reflects the model of the motherboard PCB. To obtain the manufacturer you have to write: wmic baseboard get Manufacturer.

Video: how to check what motherboard the computer

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