How to enter the BIOS

A personal computer, a tablet laptop – many gadgets used daily by people for work, watching TV series, surfing on internet and for other purposes. Occasionally, you may need to reinstall the system, change PC settings, and the main question is how to enter the BIOS to make the necessary manipulations. Often on the main login page there is a clue, but such a simple task sometimes causes difficulties, since for different kind of bios brands of laptops and systems on the computer you need to press different keys or their combinations.

Why you might want to input in the BIOS

For many, the entrance to the BIOS associated with the solution of one problem – to reinstall, change OS. In fact, it can be used to solve several important issues to improve the functioning of a computer or notebook, to know some data about his work. Using the bios you will be able to carry out the following manipulation:

  • To test the functionality of the computer. It is possible to obtain data on the state of the COMPUTER e.g. temperature of processor.
  • To configure the system time and date. Performing this operation is necessary each time after you reset the bios settings, as change configuration date/time.

Setting the time and date in BIOS}

  • To enable or disable certain functions of your PC.
  • To change the disk from which to boot the OS. After opening the BIOS, the user can select and set the location from which to load the operating system. It may be hard disks, CD, DVD or USB flash drive. You can specify several options for storage, from which it is possible to start the OS. For example, if for some reason the download did not happen with the first media, it will be realized from the second.
  • To connect or disconnect components in a PC. For example, can be implemented by disabling the sound card or video card.
  • To overclock the computer. To improve the operation of the device, improve its performance or speed, speed of the processor can be specified non-standard indexes of frequency, voltage.

Modifying CPU settings through the BIOS

  • Reinstall the operating system, to identify and correct malfunctions in its work.
  • Check the package contents PC and the normal functioning to do the initialization of all of its components.
  • To fix the problem, if your android tablet hangs or gadget does not see the connected device.

BIOS and its principal

A once heard about bios, even roughly understand what it does, but what it is, how can I enter BIOS, what are its species – remains unclear. Before considering entering the system, fine workmanship it is necessary to understand the meaning of the word. Bios – basic input/output, which is responsible for loading the OS and the performance of individual PC components, interaction with the hardware.

Bios chip

In fact, BIOS is a large number of the firmware recorded on the Board. Distinguish between these types of system in which the main differences are the interface and method of input:

  • Award (Phoenix-Award). This BIOS has a working area of the blue window.

BIOS Award

  • AMI (American Megatrends).
  • AMD.
  • Phoenix.
  • DTK (Dalatech Enterprises CO).
  • UEFI.
  • ALR (Advanced Logic Research).

How to enter the BIOS of the laptop or computer.

To enter the BIOS you need to press a button on the keyboard or a combination. What key to start the bios, depends on the type of system and brand of laptop. Often when you boot the PC the screen displays information about the computer and the hint is that you need to press. As a rule, is the message in the middle of the screen or at the bottom and looks like: «Press Del to enter Setup» instead of delete may indicate a different key or combination. Press the button immediately after switching on the device.

Prompt to enter the BIOS on my laptop and computer

How to enter in BIOS:

  • For Award press Del (Delete) or Ctrl+Alt+Esc.
  • For AMI – F2, Delete.
  • ALR – F2 or Ctrl+Alt+Esc.
  • Phoenix — Ctr+Alt+Esc, Ctrl+Alt+S Ctrl+Alt+Ins.
  • AMD – F1.
  • DTK – Escape (Esc).

You can use other combinations of keys:

  • Ctrl+ Del+Alt
  • Ins+Ctrl
  • Ctrl+Alt
  • Ctrl+Alt+Enter

Key combination to enter the BIOS

The login feature on laptops of various brands

Depending on the laptop model and brand may vary, and the ways of entering the BIOS. Often a hint is displayed on the splash screen at every boot of the device, but sometimes to find the necessary key or combination, it is worth spending time for «trial and error» or searching for information on the official website of the manufacturer, the forums are programmers. In addition to the device model plays an important role of the system and its version.

How to enter the BIOS on different laptops:

  • Lenovo (Lenovo) to enter the BIOS press and hold the button «ThikVantage» until the menu or F12.
  • Toshiba (Toshiba) Portege, Satellite, Tecra – press Esc, Tecra with Phoenix BIOS – F1.
  • Acer – F2, F1, Ctrl+Alt+Esc.
  • Acer Aspire – F2, Del.
  • Asus (ASUS) – to enter Setup press F2.
  • Sony – F2, F3, F1 to Vaio – F2.
  • Dell – F1 or F3.
  • Hewlett-Parkard (HP Pavilion Tablet) – F1.
  • Samsung (Samsung) — F2, F12, F8, Del, Esc.
  • eMachine – Delete.
  • MSI F1, F2, F12, Delete.
  • Compaq – F10.

The key combination to enter the BIOS on a laptop

If you log into the BIOS the computer requires a password

Often the BIOS to put the password, it can be set to save settings or to secure the laptop, a block from changes by other system users. But memory is a treacherous thing, and it often happens that the secret code is forgotten and the login is simply necessary. After several unsuccessful attempts, the screen goes blank and the user starts to panic. But it is not so scary, there are a few options for how to enter the system BIOS without a password:

  • Find on the motherboard of the laptop or computer jumper «Clear CMOS», which clears memory, including the password. To find the location of the key is to read manual and diagram of the motherboard.
  • Removing the battery from the CMOS for at least twelve hours, and preferably for a day. After that, connect it again and start the system. The disadvantage of this option is a long waiting time.
  • Enter the engineering password for the motherboard instead of the code in the bios. Disadvantage of this method is the impossibility of using for older versions of the BIOS.

In the future to avoid such problems:

  • Set the password for entering the BIOS in exceptional cases.
  • Write down passwords in places where it will be stored securely and, if necessary, you can find it quickly.

Entry to the BIOS via the password

What to do if you can’t enter the BIOS

Often there are problems when I can’t log in to the system. This can be caused by multiple reasons:

  • Properly selected key or combination to enter. Check again if the model of laptop and version. You need to try other options, combinations.
  • Download OS started before he pressed the required button. Have to press it faster.
  • To address some of the issues you need to clear the memory, reset to factory settings with the button «Clear CMOS».

Clear CMOS - reset BIOS password

Video how to enter bios on windows 8

Some difficulties may cause the entrance into the BIOS on a computer with Windows 8. You’ll need knowledge of the interface and the main features of the operation of the device at this. How to enter the BIOS on the «eight»:

  1. Open the section «Settings» which is at the bottom in the legal side menu.
  2. At the bottom we find the button «Change PC settings».
  3. In the menu «PC Settings», select General settings and click «advanced startup». After that, restart your PC or laptop.
  4. Select menu: Diagnostics – advanced settings – Parameters firmware. After switching on the button appears to restart the PC. Click on it to go to BIOS.
  5. After the reboot, open bios, then you need to go through the menu. To see the order of entrance in the BIOS, and the steps to reinstall your operating system, view videos with detailed explanation and screen shot:
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