How to enable flash player in Yandex browser

Found online video, and video is not available in your browser Yandex? The first probable cause is not enabled or incorrectly configured flash player. Flash is a special software application for your computer that opens wide prospects when working with Internet resources. View of colorful animations, movies, online movies, games – all of this you can look at the sites due to flash player. To start the module is easy, but many do not know how to do it. How to enable flash player for a couple of minutes, read on.

Features settings for Adobe Flash Player in Yandex browser

Every modern person has a computer, a laptop, a modern phone or tablet which they use to connect to the Internet. For example, youth often in Yandex viewing videos, listening songs, playing online games. It is impossible to play without certain modules, such as Adobe Flash Player. This player has its advantages and disadvantages.

Of the benefits are:

  • The app is free, does not need activation.
  • The ability to play audio, video, flash files in Yandex.
  • The product installation does not require special skills-she’s fast, clear, easy.
  • Flash is used to play more than 50 percent of the total stock of modern Internet resources.

The disadvantages include:

  • Excessive load on the processor of the mobile device or computer.
  • Frequent crashes of the flash content.
  • The need to constantly update the player.

To correctly configure the player in Yandex, consider some features:

  • Always before update or a new installation, check you have the latest version of Yandex.
  • Do not use the player.
  • When you enable the module, set to update automatically.
  • Download the program only from the official website.

Step-by-step manual settings of the Flash player in Yandex browser

Player for each browser is configured differently. The inclusion takes only a minute or two, but many people lose a lot of time, not knowing how to do it. Before you proceed to step-by-step settings of the player, you need to know that this module is built into the engine of the default browser and is installed automatically with the first update of Yandex. But if you can’t view the video on the website, chances are that Adobe Flash Player has been disabled. To configure this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open Yandex, in the address bar, write the string without the quotes «browser://plugins» (modules).
  2. You will see a page listing all downloaded and installed additional modules to the browser. On the same page on the right is a Details button, when clicked, will display full information for all installed applications.
  3. Review the list carefully and find the line with the name of Adobe Flash Player.
  4. Once you have discovered the application, first of all look how many modules are loaded. If one, click «connect» and restart the browser.
  5. If you have two players (old and new version) and both are enabled, the video may not work, so you should disable the older version and the new to keep working and to restart the browser.

Page extensions are installed Yandex browser

How to install a free plugin latest version

Another reason why your browser can’t work the video may be outdated version of the player. In Yandex there is a setting automatic updates of flash player, but if he was disabled, it is necessary to carry out the update manually. For a correct installation use the following method and instruction:

  1. The first thing you need to check the version of the player and the need for its update. Open Yahoo, click on the icon in the upper right corner — «browser Settings Change».
  2. Go to the «extras» menu, select «about Yandex browser».
  3. In a new window page opens, begin checking the relevance of Yandex and its modules.
  4. If the update will be done automatic installation.
  5. When there are no updates, and the browser says about the older version of the player installed the latest version yourself. Before that you need to get rid of all the «tails» of the old player, to avoid unnecessary load on the system and it worked fine.
  6. Close Yahoo, go to «start menu» and select «control Panel». We need the item «Programs and features», open it.
  7. You will see a list with all installed programs and add-ons. Looking for Adobe Flash Player, click on the «Delete»button.
  8. After uninstalling do a reboot of the operating system to avoid possible software conflicts.
  9. Open our browser and go to the official Adobe Flash Player. Only from the developer’s site, it is recommended to download the product to be sure that the flash player will work properly and together with it the computer will not boot viruses.
  10. After downloading, Player, close the Yahoo and open the downloaded installation file.
  11. Install the program by following the instructions in the window that opens put a «tick» under the license agreement.
  12. After installation is complete, click «Finish», restart the laptop or computer.
  13. Then go to your browser «Yandex» and already known method include a flash player.

What to do if you fail to include Flash Player

Sometimes on a number of different reasons for possible failures of the flash player: a new version, and the module is loaded only one, and activate it does not work. Consider the most common causes of failure of Flash Player and options for their solutions:

  1. Other modules included browser (ad blockers, firewall) that interfere with the flash player. Try from the list of plugins to disable some apps.
  2. Improper installation of the player. Often due to carelessness of the user during the installation of the player and forget to close the browser or reboot the system, and the result is an incorrect module is installed. Solution is to reinstall the plug-in, strictly following the instructions step-by-step instructions.
  3. An outdated browser. If your Yandex have not been updated, it may not support the new version of the player. First remove the plugin, update the browser, and then make a new installation and setup of Flash Player.
  4. An outdated version of the Java platform. Java provides many online applications, if the version is not current, please update.
  5. The module is locked by an antivirus program. Frequently to ensure system security antivirus is blocking the flash. To solve the problem, make the Flash Player in the antivirus exceptions.

Video: how to upgrade flash player plugins for yandex browser

Unforgettable positive experience watched the movie or clip in the Yandex will provide a correctly installed current version of flash player. If you don’t know or are not sure that you remember how to update the plugin yourself, see the following video tutorial. Here details the steps that must be implemented for the stable operation of all the flash apps in the Yandex.

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