How to disable updates on Windows 10

All users of personal computers are confronted with the fact that the Windows operating system asks you to download «updates». This is necessary in order to provide powerful PC protection against viruses or hacking, because over time there are new spyware programs, which legacy OS fails. But the new version of the operating system boot to Windows with no messages and automatically that often becomes the cause of various problems on the computer. Let’s see how to disable the updates yourself.

Is it possible to disable the automatic updates of Windows 10

Windows 10 will be released in seven editions, which are adapted to all applications and types of devices: PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones. Now available in 3 versions: Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 PRO, Windows 10 enterprise. The first is designed for home use and it is cheaper. The second and third versions offer users useful applications for small and large enterprises.

— Windows 10 PRO

Windows 10 PRO is a more expensive operating system designed for professional use, therefore, as follows from the license agreement, the owners get some control over Update. Under settings, download new drivers manually chosen not only for their order and type, but also time to establish new programs or cancel them.

— Windows 10 Home

This is a cheaper homemade version, which was not originally designed for self-configuration management – download drivers was done automatically, to ensure system safety and quick access to new features. But the developers version of Home went to meet customers with a new store, to make it possible to cancel the automatic download software. Although now using Windows 10 Home the user has the possibility to completely disconnect the flow of drivers, but may postpone loading them indefinitely.

The way to disable system updates in Windows 10

By default, to disable downloading new drivers users Windows version PRO 10. But we are not talking about complete failure, but only to postpone downloading and installing programs until better times. Whatever edition of Windows 10, completely removed from the system windows Update is not possible. But advanced users methods available to stop unwanted downloading new programs, which we describe.

The transition to the limit in the settings of the Wi-Fi connection

Many users have rates of the Internet with limited bandwidth, so the auto update leads to additional costs. The perfect solution is to transition the operating system on a metered connection, which Windows 10 to download it is impossible, but can download manually at any convenient time. To set a metered connection, go to the menu:

  1. «Start» – «Settings».
  2. Next, select «Network and Internet Wi-Fi» – «advanced settings».
  3. Then set a metered connection.

Limit in the settings of the Wi-Fi connection

Settings update windose

In Windows 10 the format of the center is transferred to the system settings, which are also manually adjusted. Disabling the Update, users should be aware that they bring important fixes including security, which will cease to be updated. Your computer will not take a different means of checking for the presence of dangerous malware and rootkits. Disable downloading new drivers is easy in the security settings of the system to do this:

  1. Left click on «start» – «Settings».
  2. Then go to «Update & security».
  3. Then select «Windows update». Here you will see that there are new drivers which are automatically installed on the computer.
  4. Go to the menu «Additional settings».Window update Windows
  5. Then click «Choose how updates are installed» and then search for sections «to Notify about scheduling reset», «Defer updates», click on it right mouse button.Advanced options menu
  6. Return in the «Update & security» – «Windows update». Here you will see that the new program is no longer loaded automatically, and are waiting for permission. To install the download, you should click «Install now».

To disable a driver Update through group policy

Group policy is intended to define the computer configuration and user groups. It defines the format for the following items:

  • system policy registry, which include the group for applications and all components of vindovs 10;
  • network security, domain name, computer.
  • maintenance and installation programs;
  • scripts for computer startup and shutdown;
  • folder redirection allows the administrator to send them to the network.

Windows 10 is a great option to manage settings using group policy, which are regulated in this way:

  1. Open the group policy editor: start at the bottom, type gpedit.msc , «Start search», «Enter».
  2. Go to «computer Configuration», navigate to «Administrative templates» and then find «Windows update».
  3. Double-click in the right part of the editor, automatic updates.The window group policy editor
  4. The status is set to «Enabled» and «block Parameters» to configure the most suitable option of download, verify and install «updates».The options of safe mode boot and update messages
  5. To set parameters in force, you need to click on «start», go to «Settings», then open «Update & security», then choose «Check for updates».
  6. After all changes are applied automatically retrieve new drivers will be disabled, and in order to set it up again, then you need to re-enter the policy configuration.

The way to disable through registry editor

Disable Updates in Windows 10 the user can use registry editor. It is a database that stores a variety of configuration information and installed applications, user profiles, document types. All third-party programs also save the settings in the registry to change the settings easily with its help. However, when you edit the registry have to be very careful, because incorrectly modifying keys, there is a risk of serious harm to the operating system and completely block the computer.

So, to disable automatic downloading of new software using registry editor, perform the following steps:

  1. Click «start» – «Run», type regedit.
  2. After opening the registry, locate HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and click on «Windows» – «Create» – «Section».
  3. Enter the name «WindowsUpdate», then right-mouse again and choose «new» – «Section».
  4. The name of the section enter «AU». Next, select «Create», find «DWORD (32-bit)», which should be called NoAutoUpdate by setting the value to 1.Change the settings in registry editor
  5. Save the settings by clicking «OK».
  6. After this operation, restart the computer, log in to «Update and security,» then select «Windows update». Here you will see that a new program installation fails.
  7. Enter the menu «Additional settings» and see that you were unavailable all versions auto installation.

How to remove the icon with an offer to upgrade to Windows 10

If the annoying message, our instruction will help to further disable her appearance:

  1. Click «start» – «control Panel» – «Programs and features» – «View installed updates».
  2. Locate Update for Microsoft Windows) with the name KB2990214, KB3035583, KB3014460 and remove them.
  3. Restart the computer and Intrusive button you will no longer see.

Video: disable driver updates in Windows 10

To independently disable automatic download of Windows Update is easy if you are already an experienced user. If you are just learning the computer, it is better to invite an experienced Adjuster so as not to harm the safe operation of your operating system. But if for some reason you can’t call a professional, our video tutorial will help you disable unwanted installation of new drivers quickly and without problems:

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