How to disable ads in the Yandex browser

In recent years the Internet has become a powerful and a large shopping area, which had a huge amount of advertising. It is often very Intrusive, stopping to view the page, closes the interesting content. If you are tired of unnecessary information, learn how to remove ads in the browser Yandex forever, no more to meet her.

Ad blocker in browser built-in

How to go to the advanced settings

A search client has built-in functions, which are able to remove most of the unwanted advertising information. This method is absolutely free and simple, but rough enough with pop-UPS and pop-up Windows, it can block the video content of the image. To use this method of setup should be in extreme cases. How to block ads in the Yandex browser:

  1. In the upper right corner click the button with three stripes.
  2. Select «Add-Ons».
  3. On the tab with the add-ons you must find the item «No ads».
  4. Click on the button «Off», so she switched to mode «On».

After that the Explorer will block pop-UPS, banners, Windows and other Intrusive ads, and direct will continue its work. There is another way how to disable ads in the Yandex browser built-in tools. This setting is more subtle, is present in new versions of the client. To unlock information:

  1. Press Alt+x».
  2. In the opened window, go to «Internet options».
  3. Navigate to the «Advanced»tab.
  4. Go to «Multimedia» and uncheck the items that are important to you: play sounds in web pages (if needed), play animations in web pages show pictures or something else.

How to remove ads in the browser by third-party plugins

How to enable ad blocker Adguard

Ad blocker for Yandex browser differs from the previous method for more delicate work, carries out the removal of undesirable content from the page. Most people prefer and respond positively to the extension «Adblock Plus». This plugin not only helps you to disable all the unwanted advertising network (banners, videos, pop-up virus blocks), but also protects users from visiting infected sites. To download, go to the Chrome store and:

  1. Type to search for «Adblock Plus» and hit enter.
  2. Find add-ons and click «Install».
  3. The conductor itself will install and automatically launch.

How to disable ads in the Yandex browser with the help of special programs

Girl working with laptop

There is a method that will tell you how to remove pop-UPS in Yandex browser and other clients. Are you using multiple programs to surf the net for different needs? Each of them is at risk of infection by viruses, or you may start to see extra ads. Disable them in all browsers (Chrome, Yandex, FireFox, Safari) will help the program Adguard (Adguard). The extension is able to clear all customers of banner, video ads, third party apps. It is continuously updated to improve the efficiency of removal of new types of teasers.

If you wonder how to disable ads in the Yandex browser with the program Adguard, know that it is paid. Annual subscription for 1 PC is 200 rubles. The rest is a great tool that will find and block all kinds of malicious blocks on pages in the Internet. Adguard has flexible settings that can be adjusted manually.

The choice in favor of this option would be appropriate, if you do spend a lot of time on the network, it is connected with your work or hobby. Adguard works in the background and does not directly depend on the program for the Internet, which is important in viral attacks, attempts to change client settings. In addition, the amount of affordable, accessible to many users.

Video: how to remove ads in the browser

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