How to consolidate in Excel table header

Today for the creation and processing of documents, there are many special editors of the text, illustrations and tabular data. With the latest allows you to work Microsoft Excel. For easy editing of large files you should use the instructions in Excel to fix the header of the table.

As in Excel to fix the header of the table


The program itself is designed to handle huge amounts of data using multiple functions and formulas. It can be small plates, and complexes consisting of thousands of rows and columns. In such files there is one serious problem. It is represented by the fact that when you scroll down the data becomes incomprehensible, column name which you are viewing the cell. This situation is easily solved with the help of how to consolidate in Excel the header of the table. It is based on the following simple steps:

  1. Open your document that you have to work.
  2. On the top of the task pane, select the tab «View» and click on it.
  3. Locate the sequence number of the header plate located on the left side of the sheet. Highlight the entire row by clicking on the figure.
  4. Open the View tab turn the gaze on the part of the taskbar called «Window».
  5. Click «freeze panes,» then select the top item.

This method is suitable not only to «freeze» the header plates. They can solve the problem as in Excel to lock the row, and with the overlying cells above it. On the third step it is necessary to choose another number. If the title is the first, you can use another way to fix the header of the Excel spreadsheet. On the fifth step you need to choose fixing the top row. The result will be the same – underneath these cells is a black stripe. It displays the area you have chosen for fixation.

If you could implement one of the methods described above, as a result, receive a so-called cross-cutting line. They ensure the accuracy of the document, and also protect you from improper labeling of data. In addition, they can be made constant even for printing. To do this:

  • in the task pane, click the tab «page Layout»;
  • find a window called «page setup»;
  • click on the «Print headers»;
  • where you see the field «rows», list the part number.

How to fix Excel row and column simultaneously


When working you may need another statement that helps to solve not only the question of how to consolidate in Excel the header of the table. It is often necessary to freeze still and column, not just the line. At the same time to consolidate the 2 main elements of the signs go through the following steps:

  1. Define the cell that is the first time the right of the column and below the row.
  2. As in the previous instructions to commit, go to the tab click the first item.

After that there will be 2 black lines that delineate regular and fixed ranges of structural elements of signs. The feature of this how to fix a cell in Excel, is that fixed be those that are above or to the left on the sheet. It is impossible to fix both the row and column that are at the center. This feature works with this program.

Video: how to fix header in Excel 2007 or 2010

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