How to connect laptop to TV via hdmi

One instead of ten – that’s the advantage of HDMI to transmit video and audio signals in high definition. If some eight years ago, this connector only equipped with TVs, iPods, gaming consoles with the SOURCE engine, media centres of the latest generation, in our days it has become a standard. Any modern device to play mul’tikontent without hdmi looks like a Museum exhibit, because since the introduction in 2003, the Protocol to transmit high definition signal, combining quality and space savings have surpassed other standards.

The advantage of connecting laptop to TV via HDMI cable

The undeniable advantage of this cable when connecting two devices remains the high quality of simultaneous translation of video and sound whereas other types of connections are inferior to him in characteristics. To connect PC (Lenovo, ASUS) with any of the most popular home devices – Philips, Sony Bravia, Toshiba – it is possible in two basic ways: with the help of cables and wires.

To view any of the content on the big screen with the comfort – if attached-large plasma screen via a cord. To make the signal clear, you can watch youtube video. Secure plug provided, connect two devices equipped with an HDMI Jack. If at least one such port is missing, you will have to use other standards connections:

  • Through a rectangular connector, with beveled corners VGA (this port is present on the rear panel of each device). With its help it is easy to transfer on a regular (analog) TV picture but no sound, so you will need an additional cable for audio.
  • The RCA input is available on all new TVs, but to connect the laptop via a Tulip» will not work, since this connector is in them – a rare phenomenon. But even if in the PC there is a place for plug-yellow (composite video), the audio will need to connect headphones.
  • To do without HDMI will work if you use port and a USB cable. The TV must be equipped with such connector, and the laptop to be able to connect new equipment, or the video preview is not available. There is another option – connect via USB adapter, but you need to purchase a set of Q-Waves Wireless USB AV. To the electronic device with a large screen TV it connects via a VGA port or HDMI, and the PC is inserted into the adapter. This device works with a limited range, so the TV with a laptop should be next.
  • Without cable to connect a laptop to a TV you can via wifi, if the latter supports this connection and with an adapter for wireless connection.

Varieties of HDMI cable

For computer playback content at the highest quality level, when the connection due to certain conditions or restrictions, it is possible to use different types of HDMI cable:

  1. Standard. Represents a simple form, characterized by a small bandwidth. For home devices this type of cable is optimal if only the quality of video and sound blending. These properties significantly affected by cable length as well fixed plug, and what video card is installed on your PC.
  2. Standard with Ethernet. This is an advanced type of cable that provides two-way data transfer, but provided that both devices support Ethernet HDMI.
  3. High Speed – the type of cable that ensures maximum resolution, bandwidth, and features a multipurpose characteristics. With it you can connect any household appliances.
  4. High Speed with Ethernet high-quality high-speed cable with an additional data transfer function according to Ethernet technology, HDMI.
  5. Standard Automotive cable designed for use in vehicles. The essential difference of this type of cable from the previous is its resistance to vibration because the special connectors rigidly fixed connection. Even the latest type of HDMI cable are protected from extreme temperatures and exposure to high humidity.

ViDi HDMI cable

How to connect the laptop to the TV

  1. Make sure you have the appropriate connectors. To connect your laptop to the TV each of them should be the appropriate socket otherwise you will have to look for alternative connectivity options.
  2. Connect the HDMI cable to the connector on the laptop, the TV, pre-disconnect from the power source to both devices. Insert the plug, turn on the PC and electronic device with a large screen for further settings.
  3. Set the TV to the correct input source through menu settings using the remote and selecting the appropriate item that appears in the drop-down list HDMI.
  4. Configure the TV screen and laptop to pick the best option for themselves image.
  5. The hardware method involves simultaneously pressing keys on laptop fn + f4 (Lenovo, the other is a button with a picture of the TV on quick panel) and then select one of the four connection options to the blue screen. To activate the appropriate mode you just press the Enter key, selecting the desired item.
  6. Programmatically connecting two devices provides the setting through the display of laptop and desktop, where by pressing the right mouse button need to find the line «screen Resolution». Navigate to «Multiple displays» and then pick the best play mode in the pull-down list.
  7. Adjust the sound manually if you are connecting the image appeared, but audio does not. On the laptop via the «start» tab, locate «Sound» and then «Play». It for use the right mouse button should find two lines: «Show disconnected devices» and «Show disabled devices» below next to each is ticked. Then turn off the PC speakers on the tab «Speakers» to the audio signal is transferred by cable to the TV. The sound will be heard there.

The laptop connected to the TV via hdmi

Video how to connect a laptop to the TV via HDMI

If the diagonal of the monitor of the laptop becomes small, and image quality or sound ceases to satisfy, to correct the situation you can with the help of connecting the device to the TV. The best option at the moment is the connection via HDMI port. To enjoy high quality picture and sound, connect two home device with a single cable, configure the screens and sound with the help of step-by-step video tutorial below.

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