How to change the wifi password on the router

Wireless network brought the concept of comfort to a new level. In offices, homes, apartments, personal computers, phones, tablets with the capability to support WI-FI through a router have access to a worldwide network. But the constant contact method that provides around the clock connection and access to the Internet, there is a weak side safety. If the wireless network is not protected, then privacy is at risk. One regularly cares about changing the wifi password, and how to do it we will understand more.

Why put a password on wifi

Personal data protection is one of the main reasons why you need to put a password on the access point wireless network. That isn’t password protected Wi-Fi open network access to anyone, and it automatically reduces the speed of the traffic: bad loaded page of the Internet becomes inaccessible other content. There is a real threat of criminal punishment, if using a free hotspot was undertaken criminal activity, in this case to answer before the law to be the owner of IP addresses, and attackers will go unpunished.

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How to change Wi-Fi password through a Web interface

To change the password will with router settings, and you can do it via the web interface. All you need is Internet access and any browser and will have to start with the following steps:

  • Open the configuration page of the router using Google Chrome, Firefox, Yandex.Opera, Explorer), locate at the top of the address bar and manually enter the IP address of the router (the router). Alternatively if the router is unknown, suggests that you need to type «» or «» in the same browser, and one of them is to find your access point.
  • Enter the user name and password. In the dialog box on the screen the program will ask to enter login and password to the router. After clicking «OK» you will be able to navigate settings.
  • Tab Wireless. The Web interface of the router is a remote virtual platform, to which you’re connected. List to the router, which becomes available after entering the site will allow you to change the password for Wi-Fi when you go to the appropriate section. Its name varies: «Wireless», «wifi», «Wireless network» – here is what to look for when examining a web resource.
  • Locate the window titled «Password» to change password. Depending on the model of the device that provides your wireless connection to change the password go to the tab «Security».
  • Enter your new password. Think in advance about how to make it reliable by combining symbols using option shorter than eight characters. Don’t forget to save the new settings of the router to reconfigure some models the password must be entered twice.
  • Check type of security is a necessary item which will allow you to learn more about your router. To reliable methods of authentication applies WPA2, if your router is using WEP – it is reason for concern, because it is easy to hack.
  • Save all changes and reboot the router. The last step involves saving the new data when you make sure that everything is done correctly, will leave the website and restart the router to its subsequent exploitation.

Manual for popular models of routers

A universal statement that would fit for all models of the routers does not exist. The device provides access to the wireless communication differ in features, interface, IOS, even within a model series of one manufacturer. To begin with you should determine the type of router, because it can be connected to the Internet through a telephone line, a twisted pair or modem (3G, 4G). The second point – the company-the manufacturer, the list of the most popular no more than a dozen.


To constantly stay connected, be informed, and protect your personal information, the speed of traffic or more serious threats to the owners of the routers it is necessary from time to time to change the password. Such opportunity is given by the Huawei device from Rostelecom, the password change to the new is almost indistinguishable from the standard.

  1. The first step to change password – type in your browser «».
  2. In a new window «login» to enter «admin» which is the default, and in the column «password» is used at the moment, the secret combination of characters.
  3. To change the password on the universal devices Rostelecom in the settings section go to section subsection WLAN, and then find the Security tab.
  4. A new secret combination of characters prescribed in the «WPA/WAPI password».
  5. Next, new data is saved when you click «Apply».
  6. After a reboot of the router to use a wireless connection you must enter a new saved password.


Home users wireless network Beeline, and MegaFon company provides routers with predefined settings. To change the password the owners of devices that serve as an access point to the virtual network will not have to experience any difficulties. They can change the password on wifi at any time, by following the same simple scheme through a Web interface.

  1. To change the settings type in browser or
  2. The settings are carried out after the introduction of «admin/admin».
  3. From the list of settings, select the section «Wireless network» and then the «tab key». Here we introduce a new key (password).
  4. To make the changes available, you must click on «Save».


On devices that provide convenient access to the Internet, all settings set to default. Users MTS connect no difficulty if you wish to change the key and enter the new password. The reconfiguration process will take several minutes if you follow the following instructions:

  1. Go to «Network» among the sections, locate the tab «Wireless connection».
  2. Choose among the tabs «security Settings», click on it to change the password.
  3. A new key must be entered in the field «encryption Key PSK».
  4. Upon completion of the migration changes is to maintain. The router will operate the new code.


Their device offers the customers and the company YOTA. Produced her devices that provide wireless communication, operating on the basis of LTE technology on the standard frequencies for the RF. In routers Yota password is set by default, and the data specified on the rear panel of the device. Change settings to change the key for a new one, will be released through the WEB interface.

  1. Open browser enter «».
  2. When you enter an account name and password use «admin/admin».
  3. Among the settings and find «Passport» to enter a new code, select the type of WPA encryption.
  4. The value of the new password must be retained by pressing the «Save»button.


Enter new settings on the routers D-link to protect the device from unauthorized connections will get if you make several consecutive actions. The only difficulty will be coming up with a strong password so that others could not pick up. Set new value of password is possible through the web interface:

  1. Type in your browser″.
  2. From the bookmarks list, select «Wireless settings», then click «Manual Wireless Setup».
  3. When you see the field «Pre-Shared Key» here you must type the new characters.
  4. Click «Save Settings» to save the new password value.


About the same order of enter a new code valid when you change devices TP-Link. The difficulties will not arise for those who take advantage of Web-interface and take care in advance to come up with a complex password that protects your wireless network from unauthorized access.

  1. Type in your browser «».
  2. Find in the bookmark list «Wireless», then in it find the «Wireless Security».
  3. To change the password in the «Wireless Password» it is necessary to enter new data.
  4. To save the changed password is retrieved using the «Save»button.


With the change of the password on the Asus router from the owners of devices that provide wireless communication, also no problems. The easiest way is to enter a new password using the Web interface. Enter and save the new value takes only a few minutes, but the owner of the router will be able to securely protect your personal data.

  1. To set a new password for the Asus router, you must do the following:
  • In the browser enter».
  • Among the tabs with the settings to find the «Wireles», and then in the «WPA Pre-Shared Key» enter the new characters.
  • Save the new password using the «Apply»button.


To block access to those without permission from using your wireless network, owners of ZyXEL routers must use the Web-interface. Only with its help will be able to reconfigure the device, to introduce a new, more reliable code, blocking unauthorized access. For this you need to follow some steps:

  1. To go to the address by typing it in the browser.
  2. Then find the tab «Network», and in it to find the section «Wireless LAN».
  3. When you see the window «Pre-Shared Key», here enter a new password value.
  4. Click «Apply» to save the changed data.


Routers The does not cause difficulties in the migration. The owners of these devices that provide wireless and Internet access, you will have to use the web interface. Schema migration is a little different from other cases, and takes a few minutes.

  1. The first step is to open the browser in the address bar, type «».
  2. To visit the site, input your login and password «admin/admin».
  3. From the list of menu tabs to select «Basic settings».
  4. Where it is necessary to specify a key, enter a new password containing at least eight characters.
  5. Mandatory final step is to save.

Video: how to change password on wifi router

It is convenient to have at hand a detailed instruction when you need to change the password on the router. But the newcomers making the first steps or users who do not wish to delve into the details, the simplest method is the video. Change the password for the access point, the specialist can last less than a minute, but I will need to see a picture to understand the complicated issue. Using a video get to protect your wireless network from unauthorized access. How to change the password on the wifi, look at the video example below.

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