How to change the file format

Every day you listen to audio, view hundreds of photos online, but when it comes to downloading, your computer refuses to open any file. Automatically installed programs do not support a specific format on the PC, or the phone does not open the file with your favorite image? To despair, and moreover, to remove the documents is not necessary. Learn how to change file format to avoid losing data.

What is the format of the file

Information about the content of the document for you and the operating system of a personal computer is the file format. When you see a certain title, you already imagine what it is – music, picture, ebook, text, video. Operating system Windows works on the same principle: by defining the format, it opens the file using a specific automatically installed program. This information is separated by a dot in the name of the document. In older versions you could notice it, but in the new OS such data hidden.

Text documents can be of the following types: txt, doc, docx, PDF, excel, fb2, epub, djvu. Some are created using Microsoft Word, suitable for writing articles, abstracts, diplomas. Other formats are more like to read books electronically. The types of graphic files: jpg, jpeg, png, rav. The first couple suitable for viewing conventional raster pixel images on your computer, phone, and one for large format printing. The video files can be: avi, mp4, flv, mpeg, wmv. Audio audio track – mp3, wav, la (Lossless), m4a (Apple Lossless).

How to change the format of the text file on Windows 7, 8, 10

To manually rename the file names of electronic document formats will not work, because Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 will automatically hide this information. Remember that further changes must conform to the document type. For example, «doc», «docx», «m4a» to «m4r». Otherwise, the computer will give an error. To change the extension, follow these steps:

  • You will need a menu. Go to start / control Panel / appearance and personalization / folder Options.
  • Open the window «View», scroll to the bottom, where we find «Hide extensions for known file types».
  • Remove the check mark.
  • Yay! You can easily change text files in the title.

Using Converter online

There are more simple solutions which are invented by programmers. If you don’t want to dig into the settings to untick and you are more comfortable when the extension will automatically be hidden (after all, it is not necessary to edit if you change the name), use the special software converters that will be able to translate the extension in a matter of minutes. Here is a list for PC:

  • WinScan2PDF – turns all text files into the PDF format.
  • Total PDF Converter – converts PDF to Doc, Excel, Text, HTML, or CSV.
  • ABC Amber Text Converter is a program that processes a huge number of formats: WK4, RTF, PDF, HTML, TXT ANSI and Unicode), RTF,. DOC,. SAM,. XLS, and others.
  • BookReader – fits avid readers, especially when you want to learn a new work on the way to work or school, and to take the e-book is not possible. The program does read the phone formats DOC, FB2, HTML, RTF, WRI, TXT, CHM.

If you don’t want to download the utility on your PC, no problem! You can choose online converters that make converting a file within a few minutes. Most often they only need to register and download text, audio, video file. Here are some examples of services to convert e-books:,,,

Online file format Converter

Programs to change formats of audio and video files

While you have not downloaded a conversion program, you can change the display of music files like text documents (remove the check mark to the highlight extension). The only thing that stops quality can be lost. It is very sad, if you downloaded a song in the excellent charge resolution, and the computer determines the format as unknown or invalid. Use Format Factory (Factory layouts). It is universal in application and the question of how to change video file format, audio, DVD, MP4, decide instantly.

Program to change the format of the audio file

The conversion of graphics file formats

You have several options. The easiest is to click «Save as» and choose the desired format of the new document. If you have a PC there is a graphics editors, such as Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, conversion can be done as follows:

  • Open the program, load up your photo.
  • Click «Save as», select the desired extension.
  • Don’t forget to set any image size.

Corel Draw is for vector graphics, logos in excellent quality, conventional photo formats better not shipping. If you don’t like this option, use the special software converters (Format Factory, Paint, Microsoft office) or on-line services:,,,

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