How to put music on the video

Music completes the idea of the video. With the help of sounds convey the special experiences that change perception, make the footage more exciting. Add some music can not only a qualified sound engineer. Modern software offers many simple ways that solve the problem, how to add music to video, using various devices.

How to put music on the video on the computer

Programs for sound clips are constantly being improved. With their help the fans realize their ideas on the design of the clip without long training, as well as painful thoughts, how to edit videos. The creators of Windows put simple video editing software in a standard set of operating system, but there are free easy to use program, and from other developers.

The program to install music on the video

The most popular and easy handlers is Movavi clips, Videomaster, video Editing. With their help, cut off the superfluous points added footage from other suitable materials and audio series. When you first look at a program many people understand how to edit videos, if not, you should use the easy instructions. But first, apps you need to download and put on computer.

The Movavi to overlay music on the video

  1. When working with Movavi – you need to click «Add media», select a video processing and an audio file for background music. After this open the tab «My files» and drag components are added to the timeline: for clip the appointed video, music / audio (next to it is the icon with a note). Don’t forget to save projects.
  2. In the application Videomaster uses a different, equally simple scheme. Before how to put music on the video download captured by the camera or the material: double click on the button «Add» — «Add video» button. Then off to the section «Selecting audio», tab «Replace audio», and the program starts working for adding audio to click: «Replace now».
  3. While running the program Editing the default user is on the page «Add» in the left window which displays the folders of the computer. Among them selects the desired clips and drag to the lower window pane. To add the audio should go to the tab «Edit» and choose «Replace audio». Opens a directory with a set of different compositions, with the function to add files from your computer. It remains to choose the audio track from a folder and save the clip.

Video editor

In Windows there are several programs to add sound to the video, the right to use them, the user gets, acquiring the operating system. Movie Maker – installed on Windows Vista and updates for Windows XP (SP2) and service pack 3 (SP3). To download this program separately is impossible. If you have installed other versions of the operating system, the official website provides a free package of «Windows Essentials 2012» Windows movie maker Life.

Editor Movie Maker free putting music on the video

Video editing in Windows Movie Maker, it begins with clicking «Import», and then selected the footage and file with the sound. The sound appears in the center of the screen and drag it to the storyboard. After the music was put on video using Windows Movie Maker, its move, cut, do whatever it is formed within the sequence.

How to insert music video online

Now, many are trying to make videos for your own viewing, but also sharing them in social networks: Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and YouTube. The latest site has become synonymous with available for watching movies and videos. YouTube not only offers its users to upload created videos, the developers have created programs by which are mounted the rollers online.

YouTube Video Editor to overlay music on the videos online

To connect the visuals with the audio track using YouTube Video Editor need:

  • to open your channel.
  • click «Editor» on the page that appears shows the functions for processing video;
  • to select a clip for editing, drag it to the timeline;
  • click on the icon with the music notes coming off the list of available songs;
  • click on your favorite tunes and drag it to the storyboard.

The scientific Discovery channel has created its very nice application for processing video Discovery Video Mixer and even created a training course for him, but all in English, not Russian. If you are not afraid of difficulties or speak English well, can use another app to edit your videos online: It supports recording multiple tracks, they sound the clip with his voice and add various effects.

How to add music to video on Instagram

Instagram users eventually get tired of only sharing photos. I want to create a memorable presentation with musical accompaniment. The service has not yet developed a user-friendly functionality of the overlay audio, but the owners of mobile devices running with Android system, you can use the app Flipagram. To make videos with music in Instagram, you need to perform the following steps:

Flipagram for putting music to video on Instagram

  • select the original photo;
  • choose from your favorite ringtones the relevant clip;
  • start Flipagram;
  • click on the icon with the note and start downloading your desired audio.

When Flipagram download a piece of music, he offered to add photos and videos from different sources. After the file of the video will be available for programs, pictures and videos rearrange in the correct order, is processed by the graphical editor by changing the size or angle, if desired, put the inscription. When the clip is ready connect with the music, re-clicking on the note icon. After that, the video and audio auto-merge.

To substitute the sound in the video on the IPhone

Owners of IPhones can create mini-movies using the app: Clipper, Replay, provides them With the help of these apps, assemble various pieces of footage, and then impose on the music. Created clips stored on your mobile device, send a mail or share in social networks Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Video how to put music on videos

Creativity is a continuous process. To share your best shots music, missing printed instructions. But it’s easier to understand what and how, if you see a picture with an explanation or watch a video describing the process. Video reviews of the best way for those who want to quickly learn how to add music on the video and spend just a few minutes.

How to insert music

Program to add music

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