How Skype remove ads

Communication via Skype has become part of everyday life: it is difficult to find a computer connected to the Internet, which would not have downloaded this free program. Video conversations, regular phone conversations because it can lead as long as you want. The only thing that worries a large amount of advertising. Well, to get rid of her even for a beginner. Methods of how Skype remove ads, not one or two. There are many methods, all of which are known available to everyone.

How to disable ads in Skype

The main methods of blocking advertisements on the main page of Skype three: change the settings of the program, computer, use special software – noads blockers. You can use one of this method by waiting for a positive result, or resort to all three at once: the problem of how Skype remove ads, to decide one way or another succeed.

Disable ads in Skype by selecting security Settings

If your Skype have not been updated, receiving annoying ads actually turn off, readjusting the parameters of the program. To do this, locate the program settings, option Settings, untick the instructions, «Allow the display of targeted ads from Microsoft on the basis of age and other data specified in the personal account of the Skype user». The program will cease to use your personal information as a guide to finding commercial banners will not show them.

This method worked until the recent update of Skype. The last time version of the ad in this way is removed only partially. Annoying messages keep popping up on the screen after adjusting the internal settings of the program, though not in the same quantity. But to want get rid of them completely! How to solve the problem in this situation?


One of the possible options to remove ads, install the AdBlock program. In fact it is an addition to browsers that is appropriate for any of the search engines operates on the basis of special filters. Automatically updates program against advertising and spam, identifying new sources of unsolicited information, immediately block them.

Off advertising program AdBlock

To use the program AdBlock really in minutes.

  • Download the app for free from the official page
  • Find the settings of the program filters, check all the offered items.
  • Don’t forget to uncheck the option «Allow some non-Intrusive advertising».
  • The program will start to operate immediately after installation. Restart the computer when not required.

Full blocking ads

To cope with the flood of commercial messages will help the internal settings of the computer. For this you will need a file called hosts that apply to operating systems. The opening handle any text editor. The last line, according to Yandex, it is necessary to prescribe: and a new paragraph They represent the advertising server Microsoft.

How to remove ads from Skype permanently using the hosts file

With this minute addresses will be recognized by the operating system of the computer as a local, so when you meet them an Internet connection will not happen. No connection between the source of the annoying messages and the computer will not install. It turns out that the critical issue in the Skype remove ads, pop-up menu: it would not even boot!

How-to videos: how to remove spam in Skype

Get rid of commercial information on the main page of Skype the easiest, step by step following the video instructions experienced Internet users. The following videos detail how to deal with ads by using internal settings of Internet Explorer, the Skype and the hosts file. Explaining pros share their screen, clearly illustrating their actions. With such support you will not be able to make a mistake!

Using Internet Explorer

Blocking via the hosts file

The ads in the menu of the Skype

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