Hangouts — what is this program

Every major manufacturer of equipment, software trying to provide the modern gadgets their applications. Google is not lagging behind in this issue, so users of the new smartphones on the Android operating system can detect the label with the name Hangouts. What it is, will be described below.

What is Hangouts on Android

One of the frequent questions new owners smartphones: Hangouts – what is this program? This application is in the standard build of the OS with Andriod, Google Play, Youtube and maps. This is special software that helps to share messages, make regular and video calls to all users who have a Google+ account. It is a modular variant of the three other products from Google:

  • Google+Chats;
  • Google Talk;
  • Google+Hangout.

This service collected the best parties described above functionals and expanded them. Through Hangouts, you can create a video conference for a large number of people, which is useful for webinars. To pay for this service do not need anything to use it is only necessary to have an account in Google+, but you can add profiles from other systems to attend a conference.

Mobile phone with a starting page Hangouts

The pros and cons of Google Hangouts

When a person is looking for a convenient way to communicate, he always pays attention to the positive and negative aspects of the program. If the first is significantly dominated the second, the choice becomes optimal. In the CIS the Hangouts has not gained much popularity, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Below you will find the pros and cons of this program by reading which you will be able to make a decision.


  • free use of all functionality of the service;
  • flexible adjustment of communication;
  • full translation into Russian language;
  • to use the utility on the computer, phone, tablet;
  • to start a chat, send an SMS or make a video very simple, even a novice user can handle this task;
  • if you have an account in Google+, no additional registration is not required;
  • the company may conduct webinars to unlimited number of listeners, the record is immediately saved.


  • instant messaging is only possible between accounts in Google;
  • video limited, time with you in conversation can be 9 (not to be confused with video conferencing);
  • if the room is more than 5 people with cameras, the video quality may fall;
  • mobile device long-term communication through the camera may start to heat up through the load;
  • configuration is carried out via webinars Youtybe, can not be called simple.

The Logo Google Hangouts

How to use Hangouts

The new Hangouts was launched in 2013 and presented a consolidated version of the other functionals by Google. The messenger has become very popular among Western users, because many of them already used other programs from this Corporation. The plugin opened the opportunity to communicate with friends through short messages, video call. If you want you can send the photo, stating your location.

When writing a plugin message in chat it will be delivered to the person immediately once it appears on the network. Universal instant messenger, so can be installed on your phone, computer or tablet. The story dialogue is stored simultaneously on all devices. The popularity of the program has become to a greater extent due to the possibility of free video communications you have access to the Internet.

How to use Google Hangouts webinar

Previously Hangouts was given the opportunity to create a conference directly from the profile using the tab «Events». Now the broadcast settings has changed and is via Youtube channel. For this reason, you need authorization on this website. Use one account for all products from Google. This system has two important advantages:

  1. For signal transmission, use the player from Youtube. This allows you to embed video on any site page to send a message about it in the social network. You will have the opportunity to get comments and likes to the video.
  2. The broadcast will be recorded, so almost immediately after graduation will appear on the channel video that can be saved or uploaded to other sites.

Girl in headphones at the computer

The procedure for creating a webinar is a little more complex, but the basic functionality of the messenger remains the same: the screen sharing, audio settings (mute/unmute participants), use the functionality of the computer, phone, tablet. Statement on the launch broadcast:

  1. Go to your Youtube channel.
  2. Click on «video Manager» menu under the cap.
  3. Left click on the «live broadcast». You need the «All broadcast».
  4. Click «Schedule a new broadcast».
  5. Specify the name, create a description. To start the conference immediately or specify a specific start time. If you want you can make the video available only for those people who have the link to the event or to open a joint viewing.
  6. After entering the necessary data in the lower part click on «Start live» or «Create event» (if it will not start immediately).
  7. You will be redirected to the plugin’s window Hangouts where you will have access to all program functions.

How to install and run the Hangouts app

This is a free program that is installed automatically on all modern devices with Android. Check first if you have utilities in your phone. If you had to reinstall the system or you use iOS, Windows, you can install the Hangouts, follow these steps:

  1. Run Google Play.
  2. In the search box write «Hangouts».
  3. Select the official app.
  4. Click on the button «Install» and wait for the end of the procedure.
  5. Run the program, enter Google account credentials (if need be) and start communication.

Google Play

How to remove Hangouts Android

This free program does not start automatically, it does not load the system, so most users will absolutely not interfere. If you still have the desire to remove Hangouts from your device, then executes it as follows:

  1. Open the «Settings»section.
  2. Select «application Manager».
  3. Go to the tab «All».
  4. Find the name of the program.
  5. Click on «Uninstall updates».
  6. Click «Confirm».
  7. Go back to the application, click «Force stop» and «Disable».

Some smartphones support including root-rights. This is a special mode that helps developers to adjust the system device, test code. There are instructions for enabling this mode allows you to completely remove the program from your phone. If you do not know how to do this experiment is not worth it because your device may even stop working.

Program Hangouts on Android

How to download Hangouts on the computer

This program is not a standalone application for your operating system. It is used only as a plugin for the browser you use. Best work it with Chrome, but have the option to install FireFox, Yandex.Browser. The installation can be produced in two ways:

  1. Go to the official app store from Google. Type the name of the utility and click «Install».
  2. Go to your Google+ profile. Click in the right corner on the icon with the application (looks like one). Click «More» and «Hangouts». On a new tab you click on the icon with three dots and choose the option to install apps to Chrome».

Video: what is Hangouts phone

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