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In every home, the Internet becomes a mandatory attribute, and through him not only visited websites, but also connect a TV. Company Rostelecom for many years providing these services throughout Russia. The operator usually provides equipment rental for all subscribers, conducts the initial setup of the connection.

How to connect a router Rostelecom

Wireless WiFi router

The equipment Rostelecom, which is issued when a connection is not private product provider, they just pasted the logo of the company, and release them well-known companies, for example, D-link, Sagemcom. Employees of the company for the first time to independently connect all required cables to the router. If the user changes the self device turns on the computer operating system, should know how to connect, and then how to configure Wi-Fi router Rostelecom independently.

How to configure the modem Rostelecom

Universal modem QBR-2041WW

The need to reset the configuration or re-enter the settings may appear for different reasons. You will need to open the interface that allows you to make the necessary connection information. Some callers don’t even know how to log into router settings Rostelecom. Each manufacturer creates special software, and the device can be configured in two ways:

  • automatically using the installation disc;
  • manually via the web interface.

Through the WEB interface

Consider this option necessary, starting from the model version of the router. Configuration settings for D-Link DIR-300 and The line will be different. This method for many complex, requires attention. Each wireless router has its own network http address through which you can enter the settings panel and execute all the necessary actions. Below are the step-by-step instructions for the most popular models of router.

Using the installation disk

Installation disk

Some manufacturers of accessories include special installation disk that helps you to automatically configure the network connection. The program opens by default after you run the disk. The user just needs to go through is not complicated step-by-step setup procedure, enter the login and password that will be provided by Rostelecom.

How to configure the router Rostelecom for example, common models

Configuring the router Rostelecom will be slightly different in different models, different firmware. One generic way to do this is not, so below are the most popular modems and their settings.

Sagemcom F@st 2804 v7 and F@st 2804 v7 Rev. 1:

Company sagemcom f@St 2804 V7

  1. To log into router settings, type in the browser. Typically, access is controlled by login admin and the same password.
  2. Under «advanced settings», select «WAN service», remove the factory adjustment.
  3. In this section, go to «Interface of the second level», go to «Interface ATM PVC». Remove the DSL ATM interface.
  4. In the same unit, look for «ETH interface», select the eth0 port with the connection mode «VLAN MUX».
  5. «Advanced settings» locate the «Wan Service» and click «Add». Select the previously-created port eth0, and click next.
  6. Select the connection type PPPoE. Click «Next» and opens an interactive login window.
  7. Enter the PPP username, password, check «retry PPP with authentication error»
  8. In the next few Windows always press «Next», no changes are necessary.

D-Link DSL-2640U:

  1. Configuring the router Rostelecom this model is at Username, password – admin by default.
  2. Go to «Network» and click on «Click’ ‘Connect».
  3. There are two types of connections: PPPoE, or through a dynamic ip address. This manual describes the first option.
  4. Enter issued Rostelecom username, password, click «Next».
  5. When connected to the ADSL line to the router, the router will show the successful connection. To configure the Wi-Fi you have to press the «Next»button.
  6. Locate the parameter «Mode» and put «Router».
  7. In the next window you should enter the SSID, use Latin letters.
  8. Go to the following window, under «Network authentication» select «Protected network».
  9. Create and enter your password in the «security Key», click «Next».
  10. On the next window confirm saving.

D-Link DVG-N5402SP:

  1. To configure the router Rostelecom this model, enter a network address
  2. On the login page to enter anything it is not necessary by default, just click «Login».
  3. Go to «Settings», select «Internet Setup».
  4. Select connection type «PPPoE Dual Access».
  5. In the form, enter a name in the «PPPoE Account», create a password and write in the fields «PPPoE Password» «Confirm Password».
  6. On the contrary, «Second IP Access Type» choose «Dynamic IP», check «VoIP Over Second Access».
  7. On this page locate the section «VLAN». Check the box for «Enable VLAN Tagging».
  8. For the field Wan1 set the value to 0, click «Apply» below and hit the «Save & Restart».
  9. You will be redirected to the section «Maintenance» on page «Backup and Restore». Make sure that the item «Save all Settings» is highlighted. After that, click «Reboot». Wait for a reboot of the router and continue.
  10. Next you need to visit the menu «Setup» and «LAN».
  11. Select the line «Enable Wireless LAN Interface» and click «Apply».
  12. Go to «Wireless Security» set to «WPA2» and «WPA Authentication Mode» set to «Both».
  13. For the field Pre-Shared Key» create and enter the code for your Wi-Fi network. Click «Apply» click «Save & Reboot».

Qtech RT-A1W4L1USBn:

Qtech RT-A1W4L1USBn

  1. The address of the network this router from Rostelecom is Use the username, password is admin.
  2. Sometimes after login, the service will immediately be asked to change the default access on your personal that you can invent your own.
  3. In the menu of the web interface for manual configuration of the router, go to «Interface Setup», subsection «Internet».
  4. You need to select the type of connection. Now consider the option ADSL connection, so select ATM from the list of «Transfer Modes».
  5. «Virtual Circuit»: select the first connection index 0. Check that the status was «Activated», otherwise the connection will be inactive.
  6. Section «VCI» and «VPI», you need to enter data that provides the branch of Rostelecom.
  7. In the «ATM QoS», set the value «ubr», and section ISP it is better to select the «PPPoA/PPPoE».
  8. Click on «PPPoE, enter in fields «Password», «Username» data that you have provided Rostelecom.
  9. Next you need to select the «Encapsulation» — «LLC», «PPP Authentication» — «AUTO».
  10. For permanent connections the «Connection» must have option «Always On».
  11. Click «Save».

This router has a special built-in utility called «Quick Start». This feature will be very helpful if you are not sure that you can do configuration through a web interface. The program is very simple, realized that many users did not pose any difficulty. Utility to conduct basic setting of the device.

An instructional video for configuring the adsl modem Rostelecom

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