As in Google Chrome to disable ads

In our time, without advertising, none of the successful activities. People are faced with endless streams of information, which crashes and blows about the latest news, services. Internet here is used as the main tool, so almost every page popping up lot of banners. It’s very annoying and more and more people anxious to learn how to Google Chrome to disable ads. The issue is not a problem because there are several special programs setting that you will forget about annoying banners. How to do it, see below.

How to remove ads in Google Chrome

For Google Chrome there are some ways that allow you to disable the ad from the page of any website. They are additionally installed on your PC and work effectively as a blocker banner Windows that pop up wherever you clicked the mouse. For information, what is this program and how to install them, see instructions below.


The program is a free extension for different browsers that allows you to completely eliminate all types of ads. With Adblock your computer will work safely, thanks to the additional functions of the program – protection from harmful information. «Adblock» is equipped with options that you can customize, for example, prohibit or allow display of contextual advertising. This efficient utility for Safari that uses a mac.

To learn how to Google Chrome to disable ads that are constantly popping up, use the installation instructions for «Adblock»:

Adblock to disable ads in Google Chrome

  1. Upload on PC, free tool in Chrome, Internet Shop on the official link
  2. At the top right of Google Chrome, locate the button with the three stripes.
  3. Select «Tools» then «Extensions», enable the app.

Adblock plus for Chrome

Another utility that allows you to clean Google Chrome from banners is Adblock plus. Another effective extension that allows you to get rid of the annoying banners and pop-UPS. It is analogous to the «Won» and has minor differences compared to this app. For example, the lack of settings in the main menu. The advantage is that here you can create your own filter to select prohibitions on certain types of banner information.

As in Google Chrome to disable ads with «Adblock plus», see below:

The Adblock Plus for Google Chrome

  1. Download the free extension on your PC, by clicking on the link: .
  2. Open the menu by clicking on the button at the top right of the browser with three horizontal lines.
  3. Click on the «Settings», then «Extentions».
  4. Find a tool, at the bottom of its description click «Options».
  5. You will get to Adblock plus settings and will be able to see the letter of an installed filter. To install a new filter, click «Add filter subscription».
  6. Here you will see a list of the most popular and recommended filters. Choose one and click «Add block».

How to free download ad blocker in Russian

Almost all free sites to download applications that block banner window «Adblock plus» is in English. Not all convenient to use tool which has a foreign interface, so most look for a Russian version. You have the possibility to download the ad blocker in accessible language. Use the link: Find the line called «Download Adblock plus for Google Chrome, click Download and install.

The program Adguard to block banner ads in Chrome

Among other known methods to remove the banner window in Google Chrome you will promote the program Adguard. This extension helps you to block completely all advertising materials, ranging from animated banners and unwanted pop-up Windows to various text ads. By installing this app, you will save bandwidth and speed up page loading, protect your privacy and your computer from malicious sites, viruses.

In the browser Google Chrome to disable ads, which constantly appears, you will learn using the following instructions:

Adguard to disable banner ads in Google Chrome

  1. On the home page in Google Chrome click the button with three stripes at the top right.
  2. Select «Settings» at the top left and «Extensions».
  3. At the bottom click «extensions», in the field «Search» enter: antibanner.
  4. There will be programs, including Adguard. Click The «+Free».
  5. The program will tell you how to activate the extension.

Download Google Chrome no ads

The latest version of the browser developers have provided all the undesirable points that might face them, and created a Google Chrome without promotional materials. There are many solutions to protect PCs, providing continued safety of the Internet. The latest version of Google Chrome has phishing protection with flashblock, which blocks all malicious software, plug-ins (when downloading music, for example) and text ads on YouTube. You can download it here:

Videos how to disable ads in Chrome

To disable ads in Google Chrome, to help you all of the above utility functions with negative publicity. They are installed quickly and optimize the process of working on the Internet, due to blocking all unwanted ads. To the installation and operation of antipandemic programs were more understandable, use the videos below.

To block ads in the browser

If you do not want to install on your computer special program to hide the banner window, you can configure certain functions directly in the browser Google Chrome. To do this, you will help the video attached below. Here you will find detailed instructions on how to Google Chrome disable annoying ads and learn additional tips for effective use of this feature.

Install Adblock plus

To more accurately consolidate the information above is about installing «Adblock plus», use the tutorial located on. Here you will find detailed instructions on how to download the utility and install it on your computer. And learn how to manage all of its required settings to set filters to select the desired or unwanted websites.

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