How to create a Facebook group

VKontakte – a Russian social network with the largest user audience. This is the first popular website of the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. According to the beginning of 2015 the daily number of visitors is 70 thousand people. How to create a Facebook group – an issue relevant to many active users of social media. Thematic community for free help to promote your product, company or service, or simply to collect user interests where like-minded individuals to meet each other.

How to create a group Vkontakte

To create in the vastness of the VK is a private community can only registered users. Before you begin creating a group you need to think carefully about the theme, the purpose. Truly successful competitive popular community with a large number of subscribers will be the only one that is not just another clone of the many groups of publics that are ready to offer users a unique and interesting content. For this it is necessary to regularly update the community with valuable information and work on its promotion.

If you are ready to work on support from the community, proceed to instructions –how to create a Vkontakte group.

My group Vkontakte

  1. Go to their Facebook page and find the tab «My groups».
  2. Click on the button «Create community».
  3. After that you have to choose between the group and public page and the event (event, meeting). We are interested in the first paragraph.
  4. Enter the name of the group (later if necessary, you can change it.

Community settings – the next stage. It is recommended to change the address given for the default ( where 000000 is the number of the club), more is known, for example,название your organization, services, etc. (required in English). The user can choose to make the wall open (and leave her messages can, all the participants), or to hide, leaving read-only (open only to the administration). The same applies to photos, documents and other content.

After a community becomes available the opportunity to invite participants. Users are more willing to enter into a group with an attractive avatar; beautiful, comfortable, combined menu design; regular surveys, discussions, voting; thematic hashtags; music, video and other entertainment. Content group content is not a difficult task special secrets here and there you don’t have to be a guru SMM (Social Media Marketing – the marketing field, specializing in the promotion of social networks) to promote your group.

Online advertising through social networks has a high efficiency when integrated with other services. It will be useful to create accounts in Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. This will ensure a wide audience reach, and sales in a natural way will grow. Creating your own community or public, specify the administration contact, in which the user can write message in case of those or other questions.

How to create a page in VK

To make your own community VC, the required registration process, which is simple and does not require advanced skills:

How to create a Vkontakte page

  1. Go to the address
  2. You will see a login form that prompts you to enter the name. According to the rules of the site, it must be real data, but you can enter fictional.
  3. After entering the name click «Register». A window will appear. Necessary to fill in the real phone number that will receive SMS confirming the registration procedure.

After confirmation, the system prompts you to enter data about yourself, date of birth, educational institution, etc. If you purposefully create a page and community for business promotion, you need to specify on the contact information page address, work telephone number, Skype username, a link to accounts of other social networks. The main photo of the community better to make the official logo of the organization – this will provide visibility of the group and will impress users with a certain authority and confidence that they are dealing with a fake.

What group can do

When you understand how in Facebook to create your own group, not the superfluous will learn, what kinds of communities envisaged in this social network. Users are grouped by the following topics:

  • Automotive (motorcycles included).
  • Tourism and recreation in all its forms.
  • Security issues.
  • A business segment.
  • Graphics and design.
  • Family (home, kids, relationships and more).
  • Cats, dogs, hamsters, and other Pets.
  • Health and treatment of diseases, prevention.
  • Communication (Dating, carrying out of joint leisure, marriage).
  • I. T. and all sorts of games.
  • Movies and all about movie (festivals, clubs and the like).
  • Fashion trends, beauty.
  • Recipes, products and cooking in General.
  • Art, cultural phenomena, interest groups in this direction, and more.

Choose a theme for your group Vkontakte

To see the full list of themes, you can the pop-up menu of the «Subject community». Ignore this option is not recommended. With this feature, the target audience can easily find your group, participate in it. More recently, groups, public pages Vkontakte has become a new tool available «Goods», which with the help of the community to really open the online store. With this feature you will be able to sell their products directly through the social network.

Menu group

Factor predisposing to the user community to ensure its convenience, is the design menu. It is necessary to create a special technical album that will contain pictures that serve as navigation elements. They must be prepared in advance – these can be buttons, referring to the materials community. You must use edit mode to rename the item «Latest news» in the Menu to insert links in the form of pictures on sections of the community. If done correctly, when you click on the word «Menu» will pop up a picture box.


Main photo page or avatar – another important design element. Choosing the right image, to install it is not difficult. You must perform the following procedure:

Avatar Vkontakte group

  • the right of the main menu is a button «Upload photo», click on it;
  • in the window that appears, click «Choose file»;
  • uploaded selected image with the computer;
  • select the border of the image;
  • click «Save and continue»;
  • set the border of the thumbnail;
  • click «Save changes».

How to create a theme

The topic of discussion is a great way of getting feedback from the audience. To create a discussion, you must perform the following procedure:

  • click on the «Add discussion»;
  • in the «Header» referred to the subject;
  • fill in the Text field, more details revealing the subject;
  • if necessary, attach these or other materials using the button «Attach;
  • click «Create a theme».

How do I transfer the group to the public

In accordance with the latest trends in social media management, large attendance do not use community, and the public. Translate your group in the form of a public page very easily. To do this:

  • to log in with administrator rights;
  • in the top menu, select «convert to page»;
  • in the window that appears, choose one of the page types is «a Place or small company, Company, organization or website», «Famous personality or team» or «Product or products».

Video: how to create a Facebook group

Use the videos below, which detail and shows you the necessary steps to ensure the rapid establishment of groups. Actual problems of people who planned to move in Vkontakte, but still don’t know what you need to do will be explained in the videos with details and details.

What better to create a group Vkontakte

Create groups in the VC

Banner in the menu

How to configure a group

The selling group Vkontakte

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