As for the laptop enable touchpad

Reasons why does not work the touchpad on the laptop very much. The resolution of the problem will not take much time. The main thing you need to pay attention to is the model. Knowing this, you can easily solve the question of how to set the touchpad on the laptop. This will help you below.

How to enable touchpad on laptop function keys


The concept is called touchpad built-in touch pad of any laptop. By moving the finger over the surface the cursor on the screen. If the user prefers the mouse, then the sensor has to shut down. Whereas on the laptop to enable the touchpad, if he want now? In most portable computers the manufacturer of this part is the company Synaptics. Unblock any of them is very simple. Often you only need to press a special combination of hot keys on the keyboard.

One of the keys Fn and the other depends on the brand of laptop, but in any case, it is taken from a number of F1-F12. For example, in portable PC HP i.e. Hewlett-Packard, to enable the touchpad in a separate key. If it does not, then activate the sensor by double or long tapping the upper left corner of the panel. For ASUS this can be a combination of Fn + F7, and Lenovo is Fn + F5. Although these brands, there are other combinations. In these and other popular brands of laptops are the following keys:

  • Samsung Fn + F5;
  • Asus – Fn + F9;
  • Toshiba – Fn + F5;
  • Dell – Fn + F5;
  • Lenovo Is Fn + F8;
  • Sony – Fn + F1;
  • The Aser – Fn + F7.

How to adjust touchpad on laptop through the BIOS

Often cause problems when not working the touchpad on my laptop acts as a one-time mistake. In this case, do not try to enable and disable it. To return everything to the former condition will help a normal reset, it does not matter what operating system has the computer. If the previous tips do not help, then learn another way on the laptop to enable the touchpad.

Here you will have to open the system BIOS. To go there, you must turn off the laptop and at startup a few times to press a certain key. It will be written on the bottom left next to Enter Setup. It can be F8, F12, F2 or Del. After you open the BIOS, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Advanced tab.
  2. With the arrow keys, select a section with the name of the Internal Pointing Device.
  3. Set in front of him feature Enabled.
  4. Save the settings by pressing F10 and confirming with Y and Enter.


How to enable the touchpad through the control panel

The last thing you can do when the sensor does not work on the laptop, is to open the computer control panel. This method will help when the touchpad disables itself if you connect the mouse. In this case, use the following statement:

  1. Open the «start menu», go to «control Panel».
  2. Top right switch the view to display small icons.
  3. Click on «Hardware and sound», then «Mouse», go to «device Settings».
  4. Turn off the option to disable the sensor when you attach a mouse or touchpad, simply move the on mode.

Most importantly – don’t forget to save the applied settings. Here you can configure the touchpad for themselves, for example, to scroll without holding down the left button. The problem may be that the driver has stopped responding the system requirements. Then in the third step, select «device Manager» and then use the right mouse button: click her at behalf of your touchpad and go to properties. There you can install the driver updates.

Video: how to enable touchpad on laptop

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