As in the Mozilla clean cookie

Existing browser – specific software packages that help users to obtain, use information contained on the web sites. Modern browsers are free, is part of the software for your computer, tablet or programs that work with any operating system. So, Mozilla Firefox is successfully operating on their own or comes with Linux. To customize your own settings you need to know how to Mozile to clean cookies, delete history of web surfing and other features of the program.

In the browser the Mozilla clean cookie

The term «cookie» is a concept which met users of the world wide web a little less than twenty years ago. At the end of the last century a member of one of the famous IT company suggested the use of a certain amount of information containing information necessary for exchange between web sites and programs to access the Internet. Since then, the «Magic cookies» (from the English. Magic cookies), facilitate our access to a network, while retaining the familiar settings, helping to make online purchases.

The interface of the browser Mozilla Firefox

Most browsers you can download for free from the official websites of manufacturers: they offer free access, based on the common processing standards, visual representations of data. Opening the desired page of the website, your browser sends the text file information about individual preferences and the user’s preferences, personal settings (passwords, addresses, phone numbers) web-server. This is cookies.

They are responsible for authentication of users of the network. To protect sensitive data there is the option to clear the browser search the Mozila, Yandex, Google Chrome, etc. – information about the web surfing for a certain period of time. Besides, experts recommend to carry out such procedures with a frequency of at least once per month. Why and how in Mozile clean unwanted cookies, cache, deleting information about the browsing history using the browser history?

Where are the cookies

A distinctive feature of Mozily is the Union of all cookies in a single cookies.sqlite that is in the folder personal profile. In addition, the browser creates a copy with the extension .bak in case of damage to the original file. Clean your browser cookies Mozilla you will be able to:

  • If you upgrade, or rather, zero out the entire history of web surfing over time.
  • Produce selectively deleting the cookies in Firefox.

How to open and delete history in Mozilla Firefox

Your visited websites, downloaded games, videos and photos presented in the history list of the menu browser. To completely clear history in Mozilla visits, searching, downloading and addresses, follow these steps:

How to open and delete history in Mozilla

  1. Downloading window Mozily Fayerfoks, in the upper right corner at the end of the search string, you will see an icon with three parallel lines. Click on it.
  2. Next, go to the history menu by selecting the appropriate tab.
  3. Clicking the » clear your recent history, you need to decide what part and for what period of time to do it.
  4. Then, to find out how to erase the history, clipboard data, check the sub-item Details.
  5. In the pop-up window, Mozilla will ask you to choose what you want to remove.
  6. Mark the line, for example: History of downloads, Cookies, Cache, Active logins and passwords. After you just press Delete now and browser Mozilla Fayerfoks he will perform all the necessary actions, and the window will close.
  7. It will take a few seconds or minutes (depending on the length of the period for which you want to clean the Log).

How to clear individual cookies

If the goal is to get rid of individual cookies, by which Mozilla communicates your personal information to servers, the procedure goes like this:

How to clean individual cookies in Mozila

  1. Locate the Tools tab, place the cursor at this menu and press the left mouse button.
  2. On the top bar you will see the sub-items of the main menu control Mozilla. Selecting «Privacy», go to this bookmark.
  3. Carefully other options for action, check the link Remove individual cookies.
  4. Tab opens your Cookies, and in the window below you will see a list of all cookies stored by Mozilla on your computer.
  5. Alternately, adding the necessary to remove, click in the lower left corner of the floated window button to Remove the cookie.
  6. Similarly, you have the option to clean the memory of the computer from all existing cookies at this point by clicking on the button Remove all cookies.

How to clear the cache

To clear the cache in Mozilla is possible in several ways:

How to clean cache in Mozilla Firefox

  1. Using steps similar to delete individual cookies, click Privacy.
    1. To do this, select the sub-item to Clear your recent history by clicking on it.
    2. Mark first check the period of removal, and then in the lower window select the Cache, removing all ticks from the other items.
    3. The last step is pressing the button Clear now. The window closes, but Mozilla will execute the specified actions.
  2. Through the purification of the Journal, opted for a menu Journal.

Special additions for Mozily to clean

A special website with additional opportunities Mozily contains a variety of programs that help users to manage pop-up blocker, clearing cookies, cache in Mozilla with one click. So, remove the traces of web surfing will help a simple programm BetterPrivacy: it will clean all cookies durables. FEBE will keep on your preferences settings, passwords, cookies, and if necessary the whole profile.

Videotutorial: how to clear cache and cookies in Mozilla Firefox

Address visits, cookies can be stored for different times: by default, they will be dropped immediately after you close your browser or become permanent, which you can remove upon request. Including the rejection of use of cookies, you only worsen the possibility of visiting some sites. The optimal solution is periodic cleaning of cookies and cache. Want to know how to reset the Mozila, zeroing all the settings? View our video tutorial which will clearly tell you how to clear cache memory in the Mozila, get rid of unnecessary cookies, and speed up the browsing speed.

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