As for MegaFon, disable subscription

None of the owners of mobile phones are not immune from the uncontrolled withdrawal of money from the account. Often, operators offer free services, but after a couple weeks they go into the category of fee and off balance without warning charged. To avoid such trouble, one should know how a Megaphone to disable the subscription. This can be done in several ways that take a closer look.

How to check list of connected paid services Megaphone

Fraud mobile connections with each passing year more and more. Subscribers, without knowing it, fall into the trap, when without their consent sign SMS content, or charged for the downloaded program without warning. Many users come to the message which contain links to the sites. Some just put them in the category of «Spam», but there are subscribers which pass on this link, and then wonder what happened to the money from the account.

Mobile operator Megafon offers its subscribers a variety of services, among which there are both paid and free, for example, melody, balance check, roaming and so on. To find out which distribution is connected to your number, you should call the operator who will provide you with comprehensive information. To do this, you need to dial 0500 from your phone.

A list of active features easy to learn using the answering machine Megafon. The benefit of this service is that the information the subscriber can listen to repeatedly and at any time of the day. To obtain such a statement:

The subscriber learns about the connected paid services and subscriptions Megaphone

  1. To make a call, dial 0505.
  2. Dial *105*11# and then «Call».
  3. To make a call to the number 0500559.

How to disable all subscriptions for MegaFon

Now you already know how to test the mailing Megafon. If the phone is connected to your content, then you need to turn it off. There is a service «service Guide» which work in two ways:

  • send a request to *105#, then wait until you receive detailed instructions and follow it;
  • download the app «Service Guide» from the official company website in the Internet.

Personal account

Entrance to the private office Megaphone

As for MegaFon, disable the subscription in other ways? Through a personal account from the official website of the company Megafon. For this you first need to log in by entering your mobile number, then read the information at the end of the page is about services that are connected to it. If the operator withdraws money for any newsletter, go to section «Services and rates» select your option, such as «Mobile portal» and delete it.

Also from unnecessary content to give the subscriber may contact the official website of company support. Find it under «Support» – «FAQ». Ask a question in chat and immediately get help. Or e-mail to the specified address and then the answer will come via e-mail. Ask question you can, in all the social networks web page addresses which is specified on the website.

Disabling via SMS to 5051

If you do not know, MegaFon disable subscriptions, you can easily do it via SMS. Really need to know the service ID provided by the operator, which consists of 4 or 5 digits. Download code (ID) should visit the company’s official website or ask the operator. After the identifier is found, send from the phone SMS to 5051 with the following content: «Unsubscribe HH» or «Stop » XX», where XX is the code number distribution.

In addition, the company Megafon has the function to alert its subscribers once a week on how to eliminate unnecessary content and on what code. If you do not find your ID, wait for weekly alerts from the operator. If advertising and news will come to you in automatic mode, it is likely that the service «Kaleidoscope», which is activated automatically for each network subscribers. To remove the service, open your phone menu, locate the application «MegaFonPro» – «Kaleidoscope» – «Settings» – «Streaming» – «Off».

How to disable paid services for MegaFon modem

The modem of the Megaphone is connected with the paid services

Using a modem, subscribers of Megafon through the Internet, downloading videos, listening to music, communicating in social networks. Clouding the picture is the constant advertising and spam. But what do the users like the Megaphone the modem to disable the subscription? This is done in any of the ways mentioned above or through the «portal Megafon PRO», if the SIM card supports this feature. Pull out the sim card from the modem, plug in your phone. From the menu select the appropriate option and delete all or only some services with a single click.

If the card does not support this feature, please contact the nearest branch of your mobile operator to activate it or replace it. To further the modem did not come paid posts and other unwanted content, disable the device output to the official website of the company. Users who are not well versed in phones and Internet, remove unwanted TEXT content may in any branch of the company, telling staff about the problem. Only do not forget to take with itself the document proving the identity.

Video how to unsubscribe from all subscriptions Megaphone

The Megafon company cares about its users, constantly offering great rates and new security options. Now anyone can protect themselves from unexpected costs, connecting service «Stop content». Dial from your phone dial *105*801# and wait for TEXT messages and more from paid posts, not to worry.

On the tablet with a 3G module receiving unnecessary content is removed in the same way as on the phone, which on the keyboard to dial numbers: *505# and press the call key. After that will come SMS, which will include all services connected to this number. Find out how on the Megaphone to turn off all subscriptions, you can videos that we have selected for your ease of assimilation of information.

To disable the subscription through «my account»

Paid subscription Megaphone ABOUT

To return the money for the subscription

Pay is an automatic subscription from a Megaphone

Management of paid services in a private office for Android

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