How to Facebook delete page

Social networking is a great opportunity to chat with people around the world online. So many people find their destinies, make useful contacts, not to lose old friends. However, not everyone uses a previously created account online, and then the actual may be the next question: how does Facebook delete the page? Perhaps your life has changed dramatically and requires to reconsider all their acquaintance. To solve this situation you will be able to perform certain actions. More information about this below.

Like on Facebook to remove the page

In order to completely remove my Facebook page, you will need not just deactivate your account on the website (delete data recovery), and to erase forever. You’ll also need to remove the installed social network apps on other devices (e.g. smartphones, tablets). These steps will give you the opportunity to play it safe and remove all their data and photos from the social network. How this is done, see the detailed instructions described below.

Forever to get away from Facebook

To learn how to delete Facebook page permanently, use the following step-by-step actions. This algorithm will erase the personal account without the possibility to recover any data. Completely disappear all your photos, contacts, comments left anywhere.

Remove a page in Facebook forever

  1. Open from the removal profile on the website Facebook:
  2. Here you will see a window titled «Delete my account». You will immediately be informed about that, along with deleting your profile, you will not be able to obtain any information from the site and restore any data.
  3. By adopting a final decision, click «Delete my account».
  4. POPs up a window to enter your password which you entered in the profile and code in the proposed picture.
  5. After completing the above steps without pressing any buttons, for example, «Share». Within 14 days support Facebook will erase forever your profile.

To remove an account from your phone

Remove a personal profile in a social network is possible via the smartphone. This requires that the program «Facebook» was installed on the phone. Perhaps delete all the data permanently you will not work, but you will be able to first, though, just deactivate the page. It will serve you as an additional way to quickly hide all the information about yourself. So, how does Facebook delete your page using your phone:

Account deleted Facebook from the phone

  1. Open Facebook on your smartphone.
  2. At the bottom right you will see three horizontal lines, click on them and you will reach a small menu.
  3. Here below, click «Settings» and then «account Settings».
  4. In the opened window select «Security».
  5. At the bottom you will see a line called «Account», click on it and the profile is deactivated.

How to close page in Facebook

As an alternative option to completely erase your profile, just hiding the access to data only to those users with whom you do not want to communicate. It will have to make some changes in their privacy settings. This question is not uncommon for developers site of Facebook, so they have carefully worked this point. So, read further for step by step instructions how to Facebook to remove the page and just close it:

How to close page in Facebook

  1. In the upper right corner of the website, click on the small triangle and a menu POPs up, here choose «Settings».
  2. Click on the Privacy section. Here, read the points of all the questions and change them settings. For example, the words «Available to all» means that a personal profile is available to all the users of Facebook. Change the status to «Only me» and your data will not be seen by anybody. This way you disable your profile from the network, but all your data is stored (just nobody could see them) and immediately restart once you return status. The only remains of General information about you: name, belonging to the floor, place of work, study.

Video how to remove yourself from Facebook

If the previous instructions left you in some points are not clear or you find you need additional information, please review the instructional video. Here you clearly see how in Facebook may delete the page in several ways: a full cleaning of their data from the network or the method of deactivation and shutdown profile.

Delete the account

Deactivating and deleting Facebook in

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