As for Beeline to disable subscription

Nowadays advertising is everywhere: on billboards, on TV, the Internet, magazines, and even on smartphones. Many entrepreneurs have used any means to bring their services to every potential buyer. For these purposes, they do the newsletter in the form of SMS messages to any phone number. It is not like all the subscribers, and then it becomes a pressing issue as on the Beeline to disable the subscription. What you need to do and how to get rid of the annoying advertising messages Beeline you learn further.

How to know paid services at Beeline

To try to turn off any service Beeline, you first need to know what paid apps you have connected at the moment. This will allow you to obtain more information about this opportunity on your mobile phone and decide which of them should be abandoned. So here are a few ways that can easily help to verify such information.

The entrance to the personal account Beeline

  • Use the official website: In the «My Beeline», located on the main page, enter your details and immediately receive detailed information about the existing offers, options and rates.
  • If you have a smartphone (IOS, Android, Windows), install an additional app «My Beeline». After logging in, use this utility, refer to «Connected services» and disable unnecessary.
  • To find out what paid services are connected, the dial on your combination of numbers: *110*09# plus call button.

Manage subscriptions

Mobile subscriptions is operator services, which provide complete information about various news, weather, and other services. However, it often happens that the proposal has a number of negative aspects, for example, one of the subscriptions have been automatically connected to your room and causes it to activate your account regularly to withdraw money. And you don’t even know about it. This unpleasant situation can be avoided, it is only important to know how to Beeline to disable the subscription. For this study the methods of deactivating some of the subscriptions described below.


Subscription fotomir Beeline

This service is fee is 3 rubles daily deductions from the subscriber’s account. Through this service, be available actual photos collected from around the world. This service can not be attributed to the services of the first necessity, and the main most of it is just unnecessarily. You can find her and free for the first 7 days and then this app automatically gets paid. To control the «Fotomir» use the following features:

  • Enter from your mobile this number: 0862 and challenge. So you plug this option.
  • To unsubscribe, dial the next number with call button: 0684210325 or send a text with the word «STOP» to the number: 6288.


Paid service Chameleon from Beeline

This service is also paid, and it connects to your phone automatically as soon as you activate a new starter pack. «Chameleon» is a periodically popping up on the screen of the mobile information advertising text. Most of the users irritated and trying to find a way for Beeline to disable a subscription. This will help the following methods to deactivate the service:

  • Disable this advertising with the help of USSD-command *110*20# and call button. In response you will receive an SMS confirming off of paid service «Chameleon».
  • You can remove the subscription directly on your phone: go to menu and scroll to the «Beeline», here select «Chameleon», open the «Activation» and set the checkmark at «Disable».
  • Use of a private office, which is located on the company’s official website in order to unsubscribe from this paid option:
  1. Run with your phone USSD-command: dial *110*9# and press the call button. In return you will receive a password.
  2. Go to the official website and in the «Name» enter all your phone number and password below.
  3. Find the section «Services». Here you will see a complete list active in your phone the paid and free options. Look up the «Chameleon» and disconnect.


Subscription Videomir from Beeline

Other little options may include «Videomir». This is a paid entertainment application that gives the user access to a special website with a possibility of use of the content. Keep in mind that using such a service, you go online, and this may be expensive, which will result in a long account with a considerable sum. So check the Beeline unsubscribe «Videomir»:

  • With the help of a personal account. To do this, repeat the sequence of actions described in subparagraph «Chameleon» with a detailed user manual deactivate the same way.
  • To remove the tick for «Videomir» from the list of unused but active apps, send a message with the word «STOP» to the number 6506.

How to disable all subscriptions

With the aim to optimize the use of its funds on a cellular connection, take the opportunity to disable all paid services of the operator. Because, in the opinion of the subscribers, Beeline often activates a subscription without asking the customer about their needs, in most cases they are set by default. However, the mobile operator always allows you to manage these options. So you can disable any you need a subscription using one of the following methods. So, as for Beeline to disable all subscriptions:

  • Dial on your mobile number: 0684006 and make the call. After get the response that all active option has been disabled from your package.
  • Contact technical support of the Beeline, by calling the number or 0622 0611, then select «zero» and you will be connected with the operator. Find out if you currently have any active program and ask to cancel in case of their presence.

In the personal Cabinet

As an alternative, use a personal account on the official website: To do this, follow these steps:

Disabled subscription in the personal Cabinet Beeline

  1. In the line «Login», enter their full phone number.
  2. To receive the password to the personal account, send request to *110*9#. You mobile will receive a message with the code.
  3. In the bottom of the page, find «Services» by logging in you will see a full list of existing programs.
  4. Tick «Disable» next to each enabled service.

Via SMS to short numbers

You will need to disable the subscription if you send a message with the text «STOP» to all short numbers from which you receive unwanted information. In response, you will immediately receive an SMS notification about the deactivation of the service. However, this operation can take a long time in case you have these services very much. Therefore it is necessary to use a more best and fastest methods of refusal of one or the other paid apps that have been described above.

Video how to disable subscription Beeline

To learn more about the ability to control applications and methods Beeline rejection of them, take advantage of additional recommendations. You can find in the video attached below methods unsubscribe via personal Cabinet or through the lifting of a function using shortcodes. Carefully review the video and repeat step by step the recommended action to disable all unnecessary programs and subscriptions.

To unsubscribe through your personal account

To remove subscriptions via shortcodes

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