10 Excel templates that will be useful in everyday life

Over the years of its existence, Microsoft Excel has become an indispensable «workhorse» for many millions glued to the chair of the workers. Often in the minds of users Excel is synonymous with the work itself. Let’s break the stereotypes and adopt 10 different Excel template for each day.

It is encouraging that Microsoft all the forces coming towards us, giving absolutely free access to its office products for mobile devices. So you can quite conveniently use the powerful tools of Excel on your slim iPhone, iPad and Android gadgets with larger screens.

Do not forget that the proposed templates can be modified according to your wishes and printed if you prefer screen to paper. But before dealing with adjustments, read up on effective techniques, secrets and common errors in Excel. With this knowledge you can defeat this powerful monster!

1. Task list

Even the light head with a clear mind and memory will one day fail, and you forget. Well, if it’s buying feed for the fish, congratulation mother-in-law on mother’s Day or watering violets your second half. They will pouliot, buzz and pokvakaesh, and your conscience will remain clean. But what if you don’t pay for the necessities — the Internet? You will be ashamed to look at myself in the mirror. And in that day you will break and will promise to make to-do lists. And while you suffer the choice for electronic schedulers, try to start with a simple list of tasks.

Assign tasks, set their priority, set the deadline, choose the responsible person, follow the progress and leave notes without leaving Excel. The template is already configured for quick sorting by date, importance, status, and other parameters.

2. Budget travel

Theoretically, even unrealistic (and thus complete) trip can do without financial investment from your side. It is necessary to enlist the support on the crowdfunding site, to find free places to visit and do a little work for food and a bed. Such success is accompanied by only seasoned travelers with a fair amount of luck. Although to be honest, even they have to look for a few coins to call to report mom about your health. Therefore, any movement outside the place of residence is accompanied by a provisional planning and budgeting. So you don’t have to dirty the sheets of paper and no end to twist, twist numbers, we propose to seek the assistance of the calculator of the trip.

How to calculate the cost of the journey to Excel


In addition to the calculation, the template can display the estimated spending in a pie chart. Splitting things into categories as a percentage will understand what item of expenditure the most voracious.

3. Inventory list

What unites fire, flood, theft and the arrival of relatives to visit «for a week»? Correctly, a high probability of loss integrity of your property.

It is human nature that pissed not for the fact of the loss of grandma’s socks, but for the fact that you actually can not think of all their accumulated belongings. Under such adverse circumstances will rescue you a description Housewares. And in addition, not be amiss to take a picture of his mansion with all its contents.

Behind the jokes, can you recommend a template to people who rent housing. Taking guests for a long period of settling, don’t forget to familiarize them with the painting under the act of held inventory. It will stand you in good stead during the eviction of tenants.

4. Contact list

No matter how hard the technical progress, but he can’t win «dinosaurs» who do not want to know about the existence of convenient tools for organizing your contacts. Diaries, notebooks and simple scraps of paper — all of them. Usually in such cases we say that the leopard change his spots (Hello, wife!). But let’s not give up and will find a compromise variant — notebook.

Electronic list of your Dating is good for at least two reasons: they are easy to share and just sort forces Excel. Therefore, not superfluous to his fallback even for those who completely trusts Google Contacts.

5. Gantt Chart

Good Russian tradition to shake hands, skip the advance, relax and do the work the night before the day reporting — a risky business technique, significantly affecting quality. Only planning, breaking tasks into steps and a firm adherence to a schedule is able to save your reputation.

Gantt chart is a popular type of bar charts (histograms), which is used to illustrate the plan, schedule of works for any project.

Of course, the power of Excel allow you to create these same charts. Their horse — visibility and accessibility.

The Excel template Gantt chart


And even if you do not have your own business, try to plan the repairs in the apartment, in preparation for entrance or marathon according to the method of Gant. You will appreciate the power tool.

6. Family tree

Crown wedding — fight — will go in the right scenario, but only if you clearly separate the warring parties into «us» and «them.» And to prevent you to understand the situation can not only alcohol, but also banal ignorance of their relatives.

Of course, the reason for the creation of a family tree selected is not the best, there are far more compelling reason. If the pattern will seem to you incomprehensible, switch to the worksheet Example, which presents the family tree of the Kennedys.

7. Schedule

«Lapses of memory» accompanied humanity since then, as there was a distribution of responsibilities. The disease is especially characteristic for children’s age. It smalls more often mom and dad forget to wash the dishes, clean toys and take out the trash. The disease is treated without the use of medicines: it is sufficient to print a weekly work schedule and to write under it the alleged punitive measures.

Enter the names of the households in the template cells, dividing the work by day of week before and after noon. And don’t forget to hang the printout on the most popular place in the apartment — fridge. Now no one will refer to my forgetfulness.

8. Log maintenance

One day, after years of operation of the vehicle, you may get the impression that the car was not a native of the part. Except the janitor, of course — he is Holy and inviolable. Is it really so? The answer can be obtained only in the case when buying a car you have made a habit of recording each act of maintenance in a special log. The application template provides the ability to calculate the total costs associated with the repair of the vehicle.

9. Log mileage

Born Elon Musk in the vast Soviet space, we have you now ride on the electric machines with low-cost travel. But who am I kidding, this would not have happened. Elon would have smashed his forehead against the wall of bureaucracy and have long drunk.

Therefore, car owners the old-fashioned scroll before the eyes of funneling dollars under the flashing digits gas station. But human nature tend to quickly forget all the bad, saving you from thinking about soap and a rope. Of course, I’m exaggerating, but why not see how much money you spend on the constant refueling? And to make it easily with the help of mileage log.

How to calculate fuel consumption per kilometer in Excel

Fill in the form, odometer reading, number of litres filled and their value, and you will appreciate the cost of one kilometer run. Similar functionality is implemented in mobile applications, such as Car Logbook for Android.

10. Diary

Only members of the society living by the principle «in the morning drank — day free», the list of cases ends with the opening of a nearby store. The rest have to spin at times worse than a squirrel in a cage, stubbornly lying in a limited time frame. And not to forget in the turmoil of your list of plans, people prefer to fix it in the diaries. The proposed template is good because it allows you to break every working hour into 15-minute segments.

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