Why do men cheat

prichinyi-muzhskih-izmenMost women believe that all men cheat on their wives. Cheating is, first and foremost, the betrayal of a loved and native person. Cheating will cause separation of families, couples. Cheating men is not only his fault, but to some extent the fault of the women. It so happens that women are sometimes encouraged men to change (constant treason, a man may not have cheated at all, mistrust; to whom pleasure that your partner doesn’t trust you). Importantly, in the moment, not to make hasty actions, and sit down together and calmly discuss the cause of the situation. So let’s look at why men cheat on their wives.

Reasons why men cheat on their wives

  1. There is in nature a type of men as a womanizer. They laid in the blood that they need to demand more women. And change such a man is difficult. Yes, they will love one and wish for many. Because men do not think it’s cheating, but only just sex.
  2. Sometimes, we men pay little attention to, underestimate, and so our dear men trying to find understanding on the side, hence the cheating. The man is a child, only larger. He also wants us warmth, affection, and just a friendly smile. Man, it is important to know that we need it, which is very important and very loved. Cute women! It’s so easy to make our lover happy.
  3. It happens sometimes that a man fell in love with another, and to blame anyone. Even we women can’t. This is the reason can be for those couples, perhaps, who first began to live together not for love, but out of necessity.
  4. why men cheat on their wivesAlso, the reason why men cheat on their wives can be constant quarrels in the family. Okay, we can greatly hurt a person’s word (he believes himself to be flawed, because they are vulnerable). Always want to dominate the relationship. And this is a very big mistake. Dear women, let the men will feel the main, and to do what they will anyway, as we say.
  5. The reason why men cheat may be the revenge. That is, the man cheated on his wife when he caught her in bed with another.
  6. Also, the reason why a man changes a woman can be pregnancy his lady. But it’s so low and despicable. Because expecting a baby is an important event for two. And only you can decide whether you need a husband and the father of the unborn child, and that if in the future will be …? Think about it!
  7. If your favorite man is unfaithful in adulthood, ostensibly to prove that they are capable of much more. But women are such great creatures that they are able to prevent this and to glorify men.
  8. Be careful sending your loved one on a business trip, especially for a long time. Far away from their wives they want a little fun, supposedly it won’t leak. And then return home as if nothing had happened, saying how much they love their mate.
  9. why men cheat on their wives, but do not go away Most of the men gets a mistress, arguing that they are entitled to by status (pretty much). And many women know about the existence of a mistress and put up with it, saying, «still coming home, and the money needed». But it doesn’t have to be that way. How to verify that the husband’s mistress, see the article signs of a cheating husband and watch your.
  10. Sometimes it happens that a man loses sexual desire for his wife. And to blame women themselves: don’t watch yourself, your appearance, figure. Dear women, try to change as often as possible, be always beautiful, even on weekends. Men like it that way.
  11. Also, the reason of male infidelity may be hereditary. Perhaps his father had changed, and so your man tries to imitate him, not seeing anything wrong in this.
  12. Now, in the modern world, there are women who themselves are hung up on men, and some of course can’t resist.
  13. Perhaps your husband is unable to obtain full satisfaction in bed is not enough new sensations. So ladies, use your imagination (and ours is great) and all is well. It is not something that to run, and to look to the side will not.

See the video, why do men cheat women:

But these are the reasons why men cheat loved, cannot become a justification of treason. Better try not to allow and prevent the adultery. And we only need a little. Just love one another, give more happiness, attention, heat, caress. And try not to suspect her husband for nothing until there are signs of infidelity husband. After all, trust is a component of a strong relationship. Be happy and never change each other. Because of the betrayal affects not only you but also your significant other.

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