Why married men have mistresses

171Let’s look at why married men have mistresses? That’s the lack of extreme, lack of passion, revenge wife for something, or just searching for a relationship without commitment?

Who would not say that men often behave very illogical. Even yesterday swore eternal love, swore on my knees I would never betray. But a pretty girl walked by… And what does he still lack?


Revenge wife


You probably heard how not flatteringly many wives their husbands? Well, of course — is not earning as much as she wants, forgets about her birthday and other dates(first meeting, first kiss, the day proposals of marriage), in General does everything wrong. And the mistress? She always praises her husband, for her it is always the same, and even if it does something is pointless, it turns it into a joke. All possible and not possible ways of trying to attract the attention of her husband. Her man feels like a king, a God, a hero. With her no problem, what to wear children what to buy today, and tomorrow, what we need to save money, etc. Many wives forget about respect to her husband, considering that if there is a stamp in the passport and a ring on her finger, then she his mistress and he’s not going anywhere. Even the most patient and loyal man, sooner or later, or run away from a wife or find a mistress who will become his Comforter, and counselor, and listener.


Appearance wife


Most often the husband sees his wife after several years of marriage? Greasy Bathrobe, curlers, a mask of cucumber or some not clear him of the mixture on the face and eternally dissatisfied expression. And that’s the wife asks the question — «why men have mistresses?».

And it looks like the mistress? She always greets her man beautiful, well-groomed, smells good, not borsch and cutlets, and good perfume, sexy dressed and always smiling. She shows how she was waiting for him and how happy to see him as she needs him!

No matter how many years lasted the marriage, whether first month or 10 years of marriage, a man wants to see next to a beautiful well-groomed woman. And he needs that would be met at home, always with a smile on her face.


The variety in bed


Why married men have mistressesThe truth is that each person has his own temperament, libido, my upbringing. In addition, the wife very often a headache, her sexual excesses, her head increasingly busy with domestic problems, problems at work, problems with children (friends, relatives). Here she replaced a talented lover that is ready for anything, just to bind to a man, and then the combination of the pleasant with the useful. Mistress will not allow myself to complain of a headache, because she knows how anxious the man will have to wait for the next meeting, received today amazing sex. What gives a wife to her husband? — 5 minutes in the missionary position, for the «tick». Well, it seems like not much strained well and her husband well, so thinks the wife and the mistress brings a man pleasure not for the sake of. Now a lot of women are not burdened by moral principles and problems, and even the most experienced man sooner or later you will want something new, and if the wife will be the principles that will not let is something new to try, my husband would find a mistress that will give him a new sensation.




The hunter and the prey


For anybody not a secret that most men are by nature hunters. Nothing will stop him, if there was a good, young, etc. «production», even if his own wife is no worse than her. «I came, I saw, I conquered» here’s how the rule at this moment is to master the male brain. So little for a woman to be a beautiful doll and is tasty to feed the husband should always remain a mystery, leave a moment of understatement, that «prey» was his own wife and then the man just won’t chase another, it’s still not «lassoed».



«Midlife crisis»


Imagine a 40 year old man, who in the circle of friends can not boast of a high salary, expensive car and other material goods. But the presence of his mistress, clearly raises his rating and the respect shown to him by his friends — is the man!

The question is why married men have mistresses, you can discuss a long time, and every family is its own reason or number of reasons. We have resulted only some of them

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