Dial my number or why men don’t call?

reasons why a man does not callHave you forgotten itself, how much time you Borovichi your phone that it is ready to disintegrate into small parts of your hypnotic gaze. Electronic your call trill is given to each area of your brain from the slightest noise. Instead of the famous tune «Call me, call me…» now you can hear: «Dial my number, let’s keep quiet…» or «Well come at least a smiley!». Property time to fly and not to slow, changing one age different but feelings and emotions do not change and do not give quietly to sleep, interfere understand why a man doesn’t call?

Believes that this is not necessary

For centuries, the opinion of men and women differ in many ways regarding the importance of certain occurrences. And we can not explain the indifference of men to important for you things. And a simple phone call, an important time for us, for them it’s another source of information. The phone they always keep to themselves, just talking to us they regard as mere chatter. Among all the important men of Affairs conversation with a girl is in last place. The important thing for us women is the feeling, and for men before its own self and business, business. So they are our cute and do not realize how important their call. Well, we, of course, it hurts, and above all our pride. And how can there be a showdown, if so it will be pretty surprised and outraged by your accusations.

Shows a significant

Often a person consciously tries to avoid calls. They, the selfish, I believe they control the relationship and retain a dominant role. As we women understand that all this is sheer nonsense, but such games they like. Promised to call and never does, and then we begin to think, and to dream wildly: «Why is the man calling?». Our own imagination can lead us so far that we sometimes surprise ourselves. And he, dear, I realized that caught you in their nets and he wants as many to interest you. To create an image of a certain Lovelace, which is surrounded on all sides by beauty. And we sometimes do not realize that it is a test for us. Looking at how you react, dear will know your attitude to the beloved and how you can get out of such situations. Well, if you already are burning his tender feelings, then get ready – this is the perfect opportunity to manipulate you. Creepy? But in detail, and for them a phone call, you know, just information.

Decided not to call

You couldn’t hurt him? It happens sometimes. But even in the most horrible dungeons in this he is not recognized. It may hurt some word or imposed in shock by your behavior, too relaxed or the opposite of arrogant. He is most likely to find out will not, and will fall to the bottom. And while his EGO did not soothe his taboo phone calls will continue. And sometimes he just decides not to call – this option is. The reasons can be many. And should you and I be sad, isn’t it better to look for another worthy candidate.

Doesn’t want to look dependent on you

What can I say, we are not without sin. Just feeling the love in our dear us, we immediately begin to twist from it cords. Man loses his lead and becomes the shadow of his ladies. The anarchy and the complete report is not the dream of our current men. And here begins the show for everyone. They begin to hide their love, to show their importance, so much so that all saw him independence. No wonder everyone’s lips quote the great poet Alexander Pushkin: «the more we love a woman, the less she likes us». So men try to hide his heart behind lock and key, and in any case not to speak, which holds the keys thereof. For all time of its existence, the men got good experience and, you know, most likely, the woman will choose the man who will make her suffer than a quiet love. Question! Why we love bad guys?

When you’re not expecting a call, the phone somehow calls. Because you freed the space around a single question: «Why men don’t call?». Go about your business – it will bring more benefits to you and others. Mankind and so many different dependencies, don’t add another one. Our life is a continuous swirl, dive into it head first, and the phone rings and a sweet voice say, «hi, honey, my!»

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