Gift your loved one on Valentine’s day

Gifts for Valentine's dayHoliday Valentine’s Day — February 14 is celebrated around the world most people. Recently this festival has been celebrated in Russia. If in the Western Catholic Church is a religious holiday in our country it is secular. Just nice when you give gifts and declarations of love.

The history of the holiday

If you want to know where did this holiday, in the history you will find several interpretations of this event. But we are closer to the heart of the story, which happened many centuries ago.

The Roman priest, preaching Christianity, Valentine secretly performed marriages, despite the law of Emperor Claudius II. The law forbade marriages between young people. The Emperor believed that young men not related by marriage, are more willing to fight. Claudius was told, and he sentenced the priest to death. In prison, Valentin met with the daughter of his jailer Galilei and fell in love with her. Before his execution, he handed her the last confession on a small slip. This piece is called Valentine. On 14 February 269 years BC executed enamored of the priest Valentine. Valentine’s day began to be celebrated in a few centuries, when Pope Galassi I declared a Holy priest Valentine. Valentine’s day in Russia is celebrated during the last 15 years. This is a good occasion to congratulate your loved ones, give simple gifts, Declaration of love.

Gift options

The main tradition of this holiday of giving Valentine cards – colorful postcards with confessions. But still, what else can you give on Valentine’s day beloved husband or girlfriend in addition to traditional Valentine cards. No Valentine of course not do, as it is the main symbol of this holiday. Choose bright colorful card and recognition that fit your mental state. And their own poems will not leave anyone indifferent. A gift as you can choose any flower room that you can decorate with colorful poetry. You can give scented candles, candle holders, your picture in the original frame in the shape of a heart.

Mostly men prefer useful gifts, so give him what he will have always at hand every day and be reminded of you (business card holder, key chain, disc with your favorite band or artist). You can give a t-shirt with the original inscription or a picture, a mug with a wish or General photography, advanced users and travelers on the Internet exclusive a computer mouse or a flash drive in the shape of a heart.

Ideas of gifts for your beloved on Valentine's day.Make a romantic candlelight dinner, prepare all sorts of Goodies, decorated accordingly to the holiday. On the table, add candles and your gift, such as a digital photo frame with your photos.

On this day, as ever, you can please your loved one different surprises. Decorate the door of his apartment with balloons and stickers hearts with confessions. Mobilizing all their imagination in this day. Send him text messages during the day, for example on the topic: «Why I love you.» But the best gift to your beloved will be you. Radiant look, smile, your mood will show your attitude. Let any gift, given to your husband is to you a pleasure, as it is from the heart. Protect and develop your relationship, don’t be afraid to admit to each other in love.

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