What to do if you threw favorite

8824In this article we’ll talk about what to do if you got dumped by boyfriend.Only a small number of girls can move when they jumped favorite. Most handle disappointment and emotional pain, always asking myself: «why?». To relive a lot of stress, after you threw favorite, you will be more effective recommendations. You need at least a month to understand that it’s not so bad to cope with his emotions.

How to behave if the guy left

The first week the most difficult period. Feelings and bitterness on the brink, so to avoid health problems in the future, release your emotions. I want to cry, cry, don’t hold back the tears. Drink some Valerian tincture if not in forces to cope with negative emotions. Do not even think to solve the problem of alcohol. It still has never worked. You are a young charming girl, and you should not spoil your health alcohol. Drown sorrows in alcohol only losers, in the hope to forget. And not run to the friend who has everything perfect in his personal life, not to go into a deep depression. Better talk to that friend who has similar has happened in my life, and she optimistically coped with this situation. A friend will tell you from my experience, what to do if you dumped the guy you love.

What if the guy left

The second week need quiet to think and to look at the situation from the other side. Crying enough already, the first week was pretty tears and sobs. Think maybe the fact that you threw favorite, was inevitable, and you don’t want to miss. Accept the fact that if he made this decision, then it was a weighty argument. Do not make yourself hurt even more, don’t call him and don’t try to meet him. Why would he want to know how much you care, believe me no man is worth that. You need to escape from the sad thoughts, read interesting book or watch a good movie, just avoid the melodramatic.

In the third week you need to find yourself a hobby. It helps with stress. If you love to move, walk to a workout at the gym or sign up for a dance. In case you are a supporter of peaceful Hobbies, I do some embroidery or knitting. You can even go shopping and buy myself new clothes, it pleases any girl. Change your hairstyle, experiment with new make-up, just take care of yourself. Afterwards you will be easier. Many in such situations, having a pet, care for it far away from sad thoughts.

And on the last week of the month often try to walk-in guests, communicate with positive people, meeting guys can be a little flirt. However, to start a new relationship until the time, you still have not fully recovered from the incident, and the guy should not start a relationship with you with regret. When meeting with those who have recently quit and went to another, don’t try to talk to him, do not show your weakness, just be easy and relaxed.

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Maybe you will not realize until the end that your ex is not the man which destiny has chosen for you. Most importantly, don’t be disheartened, feel that the world around is beautiful and you will soon meet a real mutual love. Share your stories in the comments on how to survive when the guy left.

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