Unequal marriage is happiness?

Unequal marriage: reasons, pros and consMost people believe that an unequal marriage is simply unacceptable. For some it causes confusion and laughter and some sympathy. However, it is not so, and intergenerational marriages have some advantages and sometimes even be much more successful than marriages between peers. There are several reasons for the creation of an unequal marriage, which become the basis for a long and happy family life.

One of the most popular options unequal marriage is when a man many years older than his young wife, and enough to be her fathers, and sometimes grandfathers. The reason is quite obvious. We all know that male sexual attraction is an integral part of life. So when age begins to fade, it leads men to depression and panic. At this moment, a young wife can be the only object of a strong passion and adoration. The woman is certainly more hardy, because periodically had regular sexual relations as a result of pregnancy or childbirth. Many people think that in such marriages the young wife to hunt for the inheritance of their elderly husband, when he’s gone. It is not, because the person who has been put on a cross and was tired of life, when to marry a young woman, just beginning to live a full life, enjoy every moment, work and communicate.

Sometimes after a heart attack or suffering a serious illness, one is faced with the idea that he hasn’t long to live. In such cases, few people adhere to conventions when on a subconscious level hope to change your life and become happy. And if the man suppressed for many years their sexual fantasies and suddenly in old age, they just begin to erupt, the young partner will be able to translate his dreams into reality. The more that an experienced man can deliver more pleasure from sex in comparison with young age. In addition, modern-old «bride» quite bright, creative and rich personality, which will be interesting. They have all the rights and accordingly the funds to start a happy family life with a young girl.

When a person is not able to implement sexual needs, because of his age, he can give his young wife is incomparable with anything Platonic love. Because elderly men is much more important than ordinary naked sex. He becomes gallant, candles, gifts, beautifully cares for a woman. Such actions usually delight any lady. At the age of 35-40 years, the woman usually has grown-up children, so can realize her maternal feelings on her husband. It will also give him my love tenderness and care. Do not forget about the fact that old age brings people together more than blustery, full of crazy youth.

Very often we hear that the young wife has only Mercantile interests, marrying an elderly man. But it’s not always bad, in some cases, such interests contribute to a strong relationship in the family. Imagine that it is not the young man aged about 70 years marries a woman of about 40 years, and they often appear in society together. Isn’t this proof that the wealthy man in all respects. Moreover, ladies at this age want stability, confidence in the future, in one word, quiet and measured life. Since, in unequal marriages, sexual intimacy is relegated to the background, there is a feeling of mutual respect and relationships are remarkable, the envy of other couples.

The unequal marriage, this is quite a serious and responsible step. To some extent this is a challenge to society. And many are looking for such people, to put it mildly, as the insane, partly due to the fact that they are afraid to delve into themselves and their lives. Everyone has their secret wishes, and believe me, no one is immune from unequal marriages. Although, such a move deserves understanding and respect, one might even say, worthy of a full existence.

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