The husband’s mistress. What to do?

My husband has a mistress. What to do?As my husband has a mistress? Can not be? As you can, even if you are a beautiful mistress with her husband so devotedly loved each other. It was always going to happen. Whether we like it or not men, unlike us women are polygamous. They are by nature created these and they need more than one woman. Support this assertion 100% of men.

For them cheating is a small thing, a point in their favor. For women it is a blow, terrible pain, but most of all resentment. Resentment over the fact that you chose another. And here many questions arise: «What should I do?» «How to conduct yourself?» «To pretend that you know nothing?». Who has not experienced it, nothing will burn to understand that bitterness and a lump in the breast that smokes. One woman neither when nor will be. And where is the guarantee that you will not wrap the whirlwind of life, and you yourself will not be in place of a mistress. It seems to me that there is no man who has not changed. Well, if there is, they should be put in the «Red book». If the secured men who have achieved success in work. Occupy high positions, then why not to have a mistress. Everything is there, but it is not. Home again the same wife, children that will require attention, and so want to relax. So they relax. The woman in this situation is difficult to control yourself and to think soberly, as in the soul of raging fire that breaks out. It is not necessary to act according to the rule: «you and I». That will only bring you more bitterness. It is not necessary to take revenge on the mistress – it promises anything good, the extreme will still be you.

If the husband still come to their senses, do not remind him of his exploits. To cope with this, however, is difficult. But we, wise women. How can act if there are signs of infidelity and suspected that my husband has a mistress. Here, as ever, fits the saying: «someone else’s misfortune handed divorce, and to his mind I will not put». If there is a sincere and loyal friend, share with her my sadness. Weep together. Tears ease your soul. Share this with relatives is not desirable. Will start the threats, the reproaches, and that for men like a red rag to a bull. All these squabbles, the jealousy of pretty Pat your health. But your man will enjoy life. Whatever it takes, try to keep yourself and weigh the pros and cons. Women cling to their men, if you love or depend financially. If you have neither one nor the other, think about whether or not to return it.

Family happy life, you have to forgive a cheating husband. Even if the resentment is eating at you. From it the harder it will be to you only. If family life, something goes wrong, you blame both. Therefore, you should understand all the nuances. Something pushed him into the arms of another woman. Reasons why men have mistresses, it happens a lot — it’s sexual frustration, the desire for new sensations, a sense of usefulness. People are always looking for proof. Try to change your way of life, just change yourself for the better. All the pros make their mistress. And the husband will look at you with different eyes and understand why he, if he has already a treasure.

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