Something to talk about with a guy?

what to talk about with a guyMen and women are wired differently, they have different interests, mindset, thoughts, and positions. But, of course, there are points of contact, and in the face of a young, handsome guy a girl can find a perfect interlocutor, the friend or your life partner.

Many girls dealing with the opposite sex feel uncomfortable and not know what to talk to a guy, so the conversation was interesting to both of them. And the society of women’s talkativeness somehow disappears somewhere, the words confused, and voice a sense of uncertainty.

Dear women, is actually no any specific framework in dealing with men, and there are plenty of topics to talk about with a guy. The main thing-to determine for themselves who is the current interlocutor: the unfamiliar person, friend, person with whom you want to build friendly and strong relationship.

Consider all the psychological nuances and terms of communicating with men.

Communication with the «stranger»

So, if you had to carry on a conversation with unfamiliar person to you, it is right to show themselves. You should be moderately restrained, but not somber, to find a middle ground in this case, it is best. If all the time for no reason laughing out loud, it may at least surprise your companion. But, to be extremely serious, is not worth it, unless of course the stranger is not your partner’s job, and you are discussing a new important project.

There are many variations on what topics to talk with a guy who you still have «unexplored». We can talk about preferences in music, movies, Hobbies, the weather, work, sports, the list can be long.. most Importantly, taking a topic, be patient, tolerant and attentive to the opinions of others, even if your tastes in this matter are radically different. If a stranger in the conversation raised «male» subject, which is not quite interesting, you also have to show respect, not worth it to snap off, hear me out guys I appreciate in women the ability to listen.

Anyway, your first conversation should be friendly and pleasant to both parties. Try to behave honestly and freely, men often experience a «simulated» emotions, and such conversations are very exhausting.

Something to talk about with a guy in the VC

Today, virtual communication is the perfect complement to real life. In addition, in online correspondence, is often the first to speak or raise a topic, sometimes easier than in person. So much to talk about with a guy on the Internet?

To obtain the first view of the interlocutor, will help his page in social networks. You might find it interesting photo where it shows your Hobbies, or links to interesting pages. So, you can create in mind the overall picture of a person and make a rough circle of common interests.

There is a win-win themes for correspondence with a guy is:

  • Movies, when you can discuss favorite genre, story, or favorite actor/actress;
  • Music is an inexhaustible subject, even if the preferences of the parties are not the same.

The beauty of social communication. networks still lies in the fact that the story can be extended with a variety of illustrations, videos, new tracks, links or photos.

Despite the fact that the Internet today is for us an integral part of everyday life, one will never replace live communication «eye to eye». So now think about what to talk about with a guy when I go out.

Talk on the walk

Of course, all of the above subjects may be included in a list of possible discussion during the meeting, but during a walk together, conversation boundaries and open spaces are more expanded.

Something to talk about with a guy on the walk:

  • Walking around the city, you can discuss its architecture and structure, or nature;
  • You can share with someone your favorite places for rest or privacy;
  • Tell where you grew up or that you have left childhood memories («I loved walking with my mother when I was little», etc.) ;
  • You can even dream up on what would be the city in a few decades or centuries.

The evening, which will be carried out in a simple and easy form will leave a pleasant impression, and, perhaps, such a walk will want to repeat again.

Anything to talk about with a boyfriend

When your relationship has crossed the line of friendship and you each other loved ones, in conversations, you can affect more already sensitive topic. It would seem that anything to talk about with a guy if you spend all your free time together, and all possible themes have long been revealed. But no.

You can talk about your feelings, because the subject of love is limitless. Say what you have in mind and at heart, love sayings and recognition would be appropriate at any stage of your relationship.

Close people at the meeting should share their impressions and emotions. So, tell us, how was your day and ask, what interesting things happened today with your husband.

Also a favorite can and should discuss plans for the coming weekend, and for the future.

Do you have a dream or a little secret, why not share them with your husband?

Remember, there is no established measures and limits, on what topics to chat with a guy and a favorite person. Discuss the next purchase, food, books, travel, plans, films, memories, impressions, all all all. Sometimes, it is possible to have conversations about sex and intimacy, because the relationship this aspect is no less important as romance and domestic issues.

Give your boyfriend enough time, men need need communication, support and advice. And even if it seems like nothing to talk about with a guy, find pleasant words, what traits you like in your favorite most. This theme is very nice, and show how you appreciate and cherish your loved ones.

Something to talk about with a guy on the phone

Before you start calling your boyfriend, you will be interested to know what psychologists say about men’s attitudes to phone calls.

The vast majority of the brutal half of our population, I do not like empty talk on the phone «about». As a rule, men are set up to telephone a specific, important information and then end the conversation.

Before making a call, think about what you communicate with the guy. Maybe you want to know how yesterday we had sporting events or on any topic he writes on that paper. Men like to talk about what they know and love.

And remember that you should listen to your interlocutor, you should not completely take over the conversation when the guy only occasionally manage to insert a couple of words.

In addition to phone calls, not less popular SMS correspondence. A lot of options about what you can correspond with a guy. Of course, guys don’t particularly like to poke the buttons of the phone to send the message, but what an intriguing topic just compels him to write you an answer. Write about her feelings, pleasant or kind words, wishes of good day, or just a funny poem.

Modern girls, are often bolder and more enterprising men, and thus, are able to meet first and have a simple conversation. Don’t forget that you are the most wonderful, interesting and unusual, and any decent guy will appreciate your sincerity and openness. If two people are right for each other, always find what to talk about with a guy when I walk or just exchange messages on social networks.

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