Psychology of men in relationships and love

photo psychology of menSometimes men are the mystery of life, not women. Psychology of men is built in such a way that other people, with his behavior, seems like an oddity. Every woman wants not only to understand the man, but also to anticipate his behavior and actions. Unfortunately, it is not allowed to anyone. The young men are told: you can not cry, must always protect the younger girls to offend and can not be beat. But almost always little men do the opposite. How to understand the psychology of men?

The most interesting and unpredictable psychology of men is to relations with women. Man and woman is like fire and water: they are attracted to each other, interested in, and if a strong collision one subjugates the other. Man always thinks that he is the head over the woman that she really needs it. In this matter, her husband said. But only if the woman will allow him to think so.

There is no doubt that every man has a favorite female. For someone — a wife, for someone — a daughter, who does not appear to be life without a mistress, as some men put at the head of his mother. To all these women man is different. How?

Psychology of men in relationships with women

psychology of men in relationships with women

  • The woman — according to her husband, the woman should love and take care of her. But it is, in most cases, only in the mind of men or in conversations with friends. Almost always it happens that a husband comes home from work, lie on the sofa, and lovely woman who is also already came home from work, feeding him, listening to stories about her day, or just silent around, and then puts him to sleep. The psychology of men to women is simple: he took care of her all night. The same thing he tells and friends: she was tired, they had dinner and he spent the whole evening with her. Of course it is, no doubt. It is clear that there are other situations: a husband took his wife from work, they went together to the store, then I get home, together, made dinner, ate, lay on the sofa in front of the TV, and then, embracing each other, went to sleep. In this case, the psychology of men is clear for everyone: he loves and cares for a loved one, but at the same time, and receives a return in response.
  • Mom — men’s psychology in relation to women-mothers are different. For some, the mother becomes all the most important in life: without her advice and Council he can’t move. Husband right about this: it was brought up to depend on mom — it is not altered. And is it necessary? There is also the opposite view: older people are fully moving away from mom. She had grown, reared, educated. Thank you! Then he. Mother for a man does not become a stranger, she will always beloved and respected, he just grew up, now it’s his turn to give mom what she requires.
  • Daughter relationship with the little man in this case, almost all men gentle. Male psychology in a relationship with his daughter provides several main factors: protection, provision, care and affection.

Psychology of men in relationships with women I realized: of course, in life there are individuals who do not fall under any such act. But here is exactly to solve is not possible: each person is unique and not similar to anything else in nature. Especially it concerns men. Here are a few articles that will help you to form a portrait of her husband:

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Now let’s talk about what a man thinks about love.

Psychology of men in love

Men’s psychology women sometimes defies understanding. Choosing in life is the one that is needed, he does not cease to humiliate and even beat. In this case, man says: «I love her» Although it is likely he hates: is it possible to offend someone more than all on light? Male psychology is not clear in this case.

psychology of men in love

What man understands by love, and how he conducts himself at different stages of life?

  • Psychology of men in marriage, almost every man have difficult to enter into legitimate relationship with a woman. Of course! For him it would mean? The loss of freedom, separation from loved friends, domestic duties and only family night! But stamped in the passport and the person changes their thinking: now it depends on the family life and from his wife. If a man is satisfied with everything in marriage, it becomes calm, loyal, even lazy and reliable. But it can also happen that a married man opposes the marriage, then can we expect from him: booze, regular meetings with friends, departure to a long trip and, as a consequence, the appearance of the mistress.
  • Psychology of men in relationships with his mistress — although the word «mistress» and is the root of «love», most men are lovers just as entertained. Very rarely it happens that the mistress is the meaning of a man’s life. Most likely, this is due to the complexes or due to male stupidity. Often men do not value these women: will this — find another. And very often, when there is a choice: either family, or mistress, the person chooses first. Male psychology in a relationship with his mistress, a simple solution to sexual needs and a break from family routine.
  • Psychology of men after 40 years — women are very afraid of this age in men. 40-year-old male, according to statistics, again fall into when they get bored of what they have; they are not interested in the fact that was their main hobby and recreation; they do not protect those who was their main man to a 40 year life. The psychology of 40-year-old men realized soon comes old age, and I still a lot of things not done — need to catch up. Very often, making things, and then apologizing for them, from men can be heard: «Life is one». Of course it is, but the woman knows that everything needs to be done at the appropriate age, that is not a man to understand. Does not mean that all men fit this bar. Sometimes it happens that a 40-year-old man turns into a great family man. But, unfortunately, this happens very rarely.

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Psychology of men is not peculiar to women, and Vice versa. For this reason, two completely different people are attracted to each other and become a single whole, though each of them thinks differently.

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