List of tender words for beloved guy

affectionate and nice words manThe way to a man is through his stomach, and the woman loves the ears. It has long been assumed. But the fact that men are the stronger sex, our rear, and the defenders, this does not mean that they do not love praise, compliments and kind remarks. Even the most serious and desperate guys are not primitive creatures, they also have a soul, feelings, and surely they require your attention and love. So, dear women, refuse the existing stereotypes and cease to expect only beautiful words, it’s time to learn and to pick up and use pleasant words to the man she loved. Think, how would you characterize or what or who to associate with your sweetheart when you choose, how can you call a guy gently, unusual. If you don’t have enough imagination or courage, this article is for you.

Endearing words for men

To find the right words, you must be familiar with the nature and temperament of man, that they were correctly perceived and beautiful words for men are not meant extra baby talk or not caused a funny reaction. If you never (or very rarely) used a term of endearment to male, you can start to include in his lexicon the following:

  • responsive;
  • careful;
  • significant;
  • single;
  • special;
  • caring;
  • master of all trades;
  • beautiful;
  • attractive;
  • bold;
  • native.

So when we began to work and people are already prepared, it’s time to fight on the spot, to make your relationship more emotions, warmth and tenderness. It is possible to combine single words into phrases, and expressions. The heavy artillery of words:

  • exquisite;
  • brutal;
  • perfect;
  • with an impeccable sense of humor;
  • purposeful;
  • sexy;
  • a wonderful lover;
  • a true and sincere;
  • best.

Most favorite men’s ears with compliments and expressions:

  1. You’re driving me crazy!
  2. No one ever compares to you.
  3. You’re the only one in the world.
  4. You are the most intelligent and insightful.
  5. What’s your impeccable taste.
  6. About this like you dream of every woman, but you’re mine!
  7. You’re the meaning of my life…

This is only a small part of available plenty of options. It is important to use a gentle, beautiful words for a man to particular circumstances.

  1. What are your gentle hands!
  2. Your laugh is very contagious.
  3. I didn’t know you were such a risk.
  4. In bed you’re just magical!

All the compliments can be divided into several subgroups:

  • about his sexuality;
  • about his strength, masculinity and status;
  • individually selected, that is the basis of his personal qualities, merit or talents;
  • well, funny, make people laugh and smile.

It is best if you will pick the nice words to the man from a variety of categories.

The common mistakes you should avoid

It would seem that there is nothing easier than to think up gentle words favorite guy. Nevertheless, there are some tips and recommendations to make your spouse feel comfortable.

  1. Tell your man exclusively the truth. Your statements should come from the depths of your soul. After all the lies, the flattery is very visible and the compliments most likely cheer up a beloved one. Praise the guy for specific actions.
  2. Say it kindly and sincerely. Of course, if gentle words to her beloved man said with indifference, they not only enjoy, but likely to upset or alert. You must get pleasure from what you are saying, your eyes should burn, and on the lips at least glowing smile. If you have a bad mood or health, it should not affect your compliments, they saved the best until a better mood.
  3. Know the measure. Absolutely right that you introduced the tradition to praise and encourage your loved one, but it should be understood that if all day to say some nice words to the beloved guy, it could be too Intrusive and begin to annoy him. Or worse, he is so get used to them, cease to listen and pay attention to them.
  4. Be original. Try to avoid trite, hackneyed phrases. After all, your man is special and deserves the best words! Don’t disappoint him.
  5. Try to say nice words to her beloved boyfriend, being alone with him. After all, for most guys your tenderness is a very personal, even intimate moment. But you can Express your admiration and Express feelings anywhere: outdoors, outside, home, away, thing, that your testimony was not heard by outsiders, no need to embarrass a loved one. You can also whisper in your ear…

After all the nuances are taken into account, you can continue to experiment and come up with affectionate nicknames for a guy.

Affectionately called the guy

Ever fantasize what to call the man she loved tenderly, one should consider his temperament and habits. You will just have to find a nice affectionate nickname, after all, most likely, in your pair, as in others, there are features where you can play. If your relationship is in its infancy, it is better to put into practice a diminutive derived from his name, for example, Dima, Sasha, Maxim, Kolya, and the like. Man likes to often say his name. Can persuade him, would not be amiss to add additional tenderness, like honey, dear, love. If you are a couple with experience, here open horizons. Do not be limited to Bunny and kitten, appear more openly. To make it easier to understand, offer you some options:

  • tigrenochek;
  • sweetie;
  • lunacek;
  • my treasure;
  • lumpenpack;
  • dragon;
  • pepper;
  • Spitfire-thorn;
  • ‘s beautiful.

In fact, the word list has no end, the important thing is to find an individual approach. It is important to monitor the reaction of a young man, and if you invented a kind word for her beloved boyfriend seemed to him offensive, strange, he frowned, face changed, just keep everything on the joke, kiss the child and do not use such expressions.

Dear girls, women, wives, now you have an idea that you can tell the guy nice. Do not hesitate and do not be surprised, delight and spoil your loved one! There are plenty of options for how affectionately call the man, but the win will be just another to say the most precious words: «Honey, I love you very much!» Love each other, be happy!

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