How to tell the guy in the love first

How to tell the guy in the love firstDeclaration of love to a guy, and how to do it better, the question from the category of «tricky». So many factors play a role here. First you need to think carefully whether it is really love, can be only the feeling of love, or gratitude for some act, or because you want to fall in love, and just turned up the right guy? Of course, there is no test that 100% determines the state of love, in my opinion, this test may become or time, or force majeure, but I urge you to make them artificially.

So, you are sure in your feelings, and feel butterflies in the stomach. And you are faced with the dilemma, to confess your love first or not.

Discard the superstition, there’s nothing wrong with the initiator of the recognition of his feelings will be you. But then we must remember one Golden rule, the fact that the male and female logic, do different things. Men do not tend by nature, to pay much attention to feelings, they practice. Your boyfriend may even forget when I first kissed you, what you were wearing, your first gift, and all the nice things that you attach great importance. By the way, before recognition, try to draw attention to themselves by finding common interests, or a small gift, very casually will be in the same company and charm and obvorozhitel him with her charms.

Has a value and age, sorry, but it is. If you have it first love, because of your inexperience you can’t judge objectively about the object of their affections. Advise not to rush to confess his feelings, suddenly after some time all feelings are gone, and you realize that it was just a hobby. It may be the opposite, the young man himself will show you sympathy. Ask out, or draw your attention. And then it’s up to you to maintain the intrigue and flirting at the same time, be playful, interesting, desirable.

In that case, when you are together for a while, and you don’t know what to do, we strongly advise you to follow his behavior, and make unbiased conclusions. Attentive to you? With pleasure that he introduces you to his friends? Interested in your plans and desires and opinions at all? Is it easy for you to communicate? In General, it can be a lot to ask myself questions important to give them truthful answers.

And of course love itself is a miracle, and mutual makes us happy. Almost all of the girls, if you try to listen to yourself, you probably in the shower know how it relates to their guy. Because who does not want to knock on the closed door. Now enough time has passed, and you still think about him but he does not give even a hint about what idea about your feelings, then go right ahead!

You decided to tell the guy in love and hope for reciprocity, but now you should choose the right moment. I do not advise to send the acknowledgement over email. email or text message, because at the time of recognition so I want to just search for the beloved in the eye and learn much from there. The time must be appropriate, in many ways, your guy should not something to get distracted, choose a deserted place, feel his mood, it should not be depressed or upset. Again, listen to your heart, and mutual love.

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