3 tips on how to survive the separation from loved ones

How to survive a breakup with a loved oneThe feeling of love makes our life bright and happy, so to leave a person you love is always painful and difficult. After all, when the object of our affection near, and we share her joys and feelings, it always gives us strength and inspiration in everything. However, we become vulnerable, starting to depend on a loved one. And when there is a breakup, some may not go ahead and release your heart after a breakup with a loved one. But do not forget that the one who makes the decision to leave, is also difficult. He takes responsibility for this step and heartbreaking, undermining all credibility. But staying with someone out of pity, it is too cruel. Happy in a relationship needs to be both. If this happened to you, you have to make the ultimate choice and learn to live without him. There are three not difficult ways to survive the separation from loved ones and to leave crisis with the least losses.

First, try to soberly assess your attitude to your loved one. Sometimes many women confuse love with the usual affection. There are many different motives that are beautifully disguised as a unique sense of love. In fact, to cause suffering true love can not. Analyze the situation, you may be worried, not because of parting with the beloved, but because unmet feelings of ownership, wounded pride, fear of being lonely, emptiness of the inner world, the desire to live someone else’s life or just low self-esteem. Take courage and admit honestly to their weaknesses and make every effort to how to overcome them. Remember one important rule in life, don’t blame others, no you do not have, just as you don’t owe anyone anything. If you are going through so much the parting with her husband, so have you got any hidden problems.

Second, write on a sheet of paper a brief history of your love and the anguish that was at the end of the relationship. Also write a few times the phrases «it was in my life,» after a tear and discard. This way you restrict yourself from unrequited love. On the second sheet, describe the results of your reflections that arose in the process of fighting for his identity. What qualities led you to a fatal affection, and what do you need for self-sufficiency. Save the second sheet to complete healing, denoting everything that you have overcome. Be patient and make yourself strong and not pathetic.

Third, after such deep soul-searching, heal wounds. Often read books, not romance novels. Great heal travel books, overcoming difficulties. Drink at night soothing tea, forget about the pills. No heartbreaking conversations over the phone. Do not forget about healthy sleep, sleep well. In short, don’t be bored alone.

Once said Bertolt Brecht, «unhappiness comes from wrong calculations». You realized your mistakes and never to repeat. And your «tragedy» about the separation from her husband, is a vaccination that will protect you from setbacks and disappointments in the future.

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