How to get rid of feelings of jealousy

How to stop being jealous of her husbandThe most common emotion is considered jealousy. Writers and poets jealousy find inspiration, but most of the people subjected to the jealousy of harsh criticism. As all know, what can cause bouts of jealousy. How to force yourself to stop being jealous of her husband and whether you can hold this feeling within? How to overcome jealousy is to not turn your life into a nightmare. If you become concerned with these issues, then it’s time to think and begin to control your life. I think these tips will help you with this.

Jealousy – sister jealousy

First of all, ask yourself: why are you jealous? Maybe because someone you consider yourself better which is a great success than you? Here it is safe to say that jealousy – sister jealousy. Wanting to achieve, whose heights and take someone else place, you not noticing, turn their lives into a race for someone else’s standards.

Your friend kind with a colleague at work, gives her a smile, ride. And you have a plan – urgently one mind-blowing suit, make a haircut, make your gait like her.

Stop and inhale and exhale, and try to calmly analyze the situation. And then it all falls into place: suit – fake hair – already unfashionable, a little vulgar. Your outdoor view, charming voice, engaging smile are worth a lot more than this uncharacteristic coquetry.

Deeper hide their envy away in the depths of his soul and may she never shows. You are the only one and you are better than others in that you do not like anyone. Strength in the struggle with jealousy will give you confidence and will give a good impetus to become much better than your opponent, even fictional.

Jealousy is the fear of loneliness

Remember your childhood, you had a baby. You are surrounded by care, love, kindness if you did not get a portion of petting and love. In both cases, the probability that as an adult, this person will be a great jealous man is a disaster for a loving person. In the first case the person will always be missed love, tenderness and you will constantly torturing doubt that your lover gives these feelings to someone else, not him. Otherwise, the person deprived of love in childhood, feeling inadequate, not worthy, to be loved, and he will feel that love and attention go to someone else.

Both of these are cases of fear of being alone. If you find the roots of jealousy in childhood, you should seek the advice of a therapist who will help you to get rid of this problem forever. One get rid yourself from the problem will not work. If you have decided to overcome jealousy, you should return to the past. Discuss these issues with loved ones: father, mother, with those with whom spent my childhood and who can give you good advice how to get rid of children’s complexes. Those that do, even if your family never will discussed their experiences and emotions. Do it to further your life was calm, without jealousy.

For impressionable natures, this method will seem too emotional, so you should enlist the support of close friends or girlfriends. Who will be able to support you and listen when necessary.

How not to be jealous of the beloved

When you have established a stable and serious relationship with someone you love. How to maintain yourself and do not be jealous of his relatives, friends, colleagues and even to your favorite car? Try to constantly, every day, remind yourself that your loved one has other interests. Do not attempt to transform the life of a loved one in the meaning of your life and require him to notice you and no one else. It is pure selfishness!

The man you love shows you that in addition you have other interests. You should make sure that you have a new hobby. Gather together close friends and invite them to meet together at a slumber party. And you won’t believe how these meetings will diversify your life. The vital topics for discussions at these meetings will be typed a huge variety. Men and children to these meetings, do not let that create an atmosphere of looseness and freedom.

How to stop being jealous of a guy if there is still reason.

What to do the woman, if there is reason to be jealous. Not one of the women is not immune from her husband’s infidelity. And although this is mainly a fleeting affair, but it demeans the dignity and hurt pride. How to behave? To pretend that nothing happened? You can’t do that.

If you keep quiet about what everyone knows about his infidelity, you are going to give him the road for new adventures. No one knows anything, so you can continue to have adventures. Here should be approached diplomatically and talk to him openly, not to reveal their cards. Try to find out what is not good in your relationship and what needs to change. Maybe your relationship needs a new fresh emotions and experiences. Maybe you need to take a vacation and go somewhere, change of scenery. Thus your husband will be far away from the opponent, and you will be able to stand before him in a different perspective, the winning for you. What is harder to achieve in a conventional home setting.

Don’t be jealous to the past

Jealousy of youth and student Hobbies is considered a very common mistake. Your favorite here and now with you, not with a girlfriend of his youth. Children and youth attachment rarely break out in adult life with renewed vigor. People tend to change both externally and internally. Everyone has a life experience that is completely different from what it was many years ago.

In small portions of jealousy can be useful in order to enhance sensations and way of life. A little powercam loved that he was a little more attention paid to any woman at the party, you will remind him that he is interesting for women. Men will be pleased to hear this, because they also need praise and compliments. And you can keep your jealousy and not let it to escape. It will be your victory!

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