How to please a man

236Don’t let on terms to please a man, how about something negative. In other words it’s just to do something nice for that man that you do care about. After all, to do pleasant not only to others but to the elect it is not a bad thing. There are several common and well-known wisdom that will help you to understand the man and make your relationship with him perfect and happy.

Here are some tips that will help You learn how to please a man:

  • Remember no man does not like scandals, so try to Express your requirements in a friendly and polite manner wishes. And to start such a dialogue is necessary with the words: «You’re right, as always, but the only thing that makes me doubt it…». Continue to Express its objections to the assumptions.
  • Let the man feel in charge. Consult with him on important issues, and sometimes even in trifles. Whatever he says, agree. Then do as you see fit, but when her husband asks why not as he is advised, nicely explain that you tried hard, but failed. And don’t forget that men often can give sensible advice, that they need to follow.
  • Men do not need praise. Most try to praise him, but only for the cause, not just for witty. Flatter is not necessary, they feel it and it good it will not. Of course, don’t forget also to thank for all kind and good at what he does.
  • It is not necessary to dissolve in the Affairs and life of the elect. Find dostojnoe better use of their skills and knowledge to make the man proud, and thus exalted themselves in the eyes of friends and relatives.
  • Make no mistake that every man should do all the chores, fix the electrics, change the faucets, Wallpaper glue, etc. is Not a reason based on the fact that he is a man to think so. If a man tired at the main job and not an expert in the target area at home, then don’t waste your time and nerves, try not to cut permanently the elect. Ask for help to the professionals — plumbers, electricians and repairmen are there in each housing office.
  • Do not deny your husband in intimacy, your bigotry no one will understand. If health allows, often engage in adult games and never criticize a man in bed.
  • Flirt with him often, he always feels attractive and interesting man. And You can become interesting to her husband.
  • Respect for the interests of his chosen, no need to run with him to the football and go fishing. Emphasize that you appreciate his personality young and nice souvenir on a topic related to his favorite hobby.
  • Listen and remember what he liked in a clothing store, or on what show he’d like to go. Then, in honor of your overall holiday, make him a surprise gift, exactly what he had long dreamed of. Thus, You not only please but will be able to win the heart of men.
  • At joint meetings with his friends, do not flirt, and behave exactly this way to your husband’s friends envied him that he such a woman, clever, beautiful.

As you can see to please man is not so difficult, everything is in Your hands!

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